*a guy holding a notepad walks out*

Narrator Guy: *ahem* Last time in the Closet-of-Doom-saga-type-thingy, some stuff happened in some place somewhere that had a TV showing some show. You know, I had a television once, his name was Wendy, he was a transsexual TV, you know. Wendy and I had a wonderful time in the far off magical land named Switzerland until Wendy was devoured by a pack of rabid snow camels. *sniff* WENDY!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! WHY? WHYYYYYY?!!!! *sobs*

Rio: *throws a shoe at Narrator's head* ENOUGH SOBBING!!!MORE NARRATOROROR-ING! Or- whatever!

Someone off camera: Hey, my shoe!!!

N.G.: But…..I don' wanna….*sniff*

Rio: Tough taffy, ya wig-wearin' recess monkey!

N.G.: *pout* Fine… After that, s'more kewl stuff happened, and then…more stuff happened, there was….some flashy pretty things, aaaand then some stuff about cards-

Yami: *appears out of nowhere* Did you say- CARDS? *looks around eagerly*

N.G.: Not those type of cards.

Yami: Awwwwww……

Rio:…*kicks N.G. in the crotch*

N.G.: *recoils* What in hell was THAT for?!

Rio: Because I have *thunder crash* AUTHOR POWERS!!!


Yami:….where'd that come from?


N.G.: But…Hel's a MEAN lady!

Yami: No, not Hel, hell.

N.G.: That's what I said, Hel!

Rio: NO!! Not "Hel", hell!

N.G.: That's what I SAID!

Yami: NO!

N.G.: Yes?


Kyra: Exactly!

Yami: O_O Where did you come from?!

Kyra:…the castle..duh.

Rio: T_T In other words, hell.

N.G.: Kyra's mom is Hel?

Rio:……DIE!!! *slams Narrator upside the head with a frying pan repeatedly*

Kyra: *eating candy* ^-^ Can-deh…

Rio: Candy?! *grin*

Kyra: *protects candy* NO CANDY FOR YOU!

Rio:……*pushes Kyra in a random ditch and runs away*

Kyra: CAND-EH THEEEEIF!!! *gives chase*

Yami: *poking NG with a stick*

NG: *is dead*

Yami: *looks around* So…I guess I'm doing the disclaimer. *ahem* GIR's Cupcake, Rio Starbright, and any or other aliases she has, does not own and of the stuff mentioned in this ungodly magnitude of sugar-induced idiocy. She also does not own a speck on common sense. *grin*

Rio: *in the distance* I heard that!

Yami: So, here it is, the long awaited sequel to Closet of Doom, Closet of Doom III: Legacy of PIE!" Now to get this corpse outta here…*pulls out wheelbarrow*