Rio: Aaannd- we're back!

Kyra: Yay!

Rio: YAY!! *does lil' sugar-high happy dance*

Kyra: Lookit! I turned Malik into a fuzzy lil' bunny!

Rio: *gasps and grabs the bunny* BUNN-EH!!!! CUTNESS!! *spine breaking hug*

Malik: @~@ spine…..shattered…..pain……….ow………

Kyra: *blink* So….wanna cook it?

Rio: *pulls out a spoon, pot, knife and chef's hat* DO I?!


Yami: ..go ahead and read the fic folks, you don't want to see this…

Rio: *busy sharpening knife*

Chapter 2: In Which Ants Own ALL the Pants!

The foursome are climbing a gigantic anthill, slightly resembling a giant volcano.

Sonic: How'd we get here so damn fast? We only started out last chapter!

Kirby: *shrugs* time warp?

*Kyra and Rio appear out of nowhere*

Both: Leeeet do the Tiiiiiiiime Warp agaaaaaain!!!


Mario:….Kaaaaaaay…that was…….peculiar

Crash: You know..this quest thingy's actually easier than I thought it would be

Sonic: *has an oh-crap-this-idiot-just-jinxed-us look on his face*

Crash: I expected something more..horrible. Like there'd be fire…

*the ant hill suddenly bursts into a raging green inferno*

Kyra: a GREEN inferno?

Rio: *shrug*

Crash: There'd be boiling hot lava….

*lava explodes from the top of the hill and tumbles down toward them*

Crash:..and something bad would happen to our equipment…


Crash: …and then we'd probably get captured or something by the horrible insect natives armed with powers and weapons beyond all mortal comprehension.

*horrible insect natives armed with powers and weapons beyond all mortal comprehension suddenly surround them*


Sonic: *slowly turns to Crash with an icy glare* I hate you…..

Mario: *hopefully* I'm SURE they'll listen to reason and we can all sort this out like adults…from random videos games.

cut to Mario, Kirby, Sonic & Crash chained to a dungeon wall*

Sonic: *glare* *voice dripping with sarcasm* I'm sure they'll listen to reason and we can all sort this out like adults. BAH!


Crash: *like a sheep* baaaaaaaah! ^-^

Mario: *points at him* Ok, you. No more from you today.

Sonic: You know..this really isn't completely his fault.

Kirby: YEAH! It's that damn authoress' fault!

Crash: What he said!

*dungeon is suddenly swarming with spooky looking ant guards*

cut to author

Rio: Aint I a stinker?


Mario: T_T Nice going idiots.


Sonic: Really? I didn't notice

Ant Guard # 2: Oh ho! So you came looking to stop the Colony's conquest have you?! Well, my friends while You were rotting in this here cell-thingy, we discovered ..a certain terrible, horrible secret.


Ant Guard # 1: Go on! Ask him "what terrifying, horrible secret?"

Sonic: *sigh* What terrifying, horrible secret?

Ant Guard # 2: We've discovered a secret channel in the mines that makes out kind grow big, powerful and meaty! MEATY!!! *spreads arms dramatically*

Kirby: Err…..that's nice..

Ant Guard # 1: Ah yes, the secret plans..

Kirby: …….I…..didn't say anything about secret plans..

Ant Guard # 1: Eh? Well, you were supposed to. It's genius really. We fill all the cities of the world with horrible buckets of salt and THEN attack with….*dramatic pause* SOAP BUBBLES!!!

*rest of the guards gasp*

Sonic: …that's it?

Ant#2: Well, there's a duck involved later…but yeah, pretty much.

Mario: That-that plan is horrible.

Ant#1: YES! Horrible and frightening!

Kirby: No. Just horrible, as in stupid.

Ant #2: As in stupid fly, yo! *strikes a pose*

Sonic: Nope. Just stupid and crappy.

Kirby: *points* You get an F mister!!

Ant#1: *tears up*

Crash: Go to your room!

*ants sulk off sadly*

Mario: Wow..there's actually someone dumber than I am.…

Kirby: Sonic, I'm scared!

Sonic: We're all scared Kirby

Crash: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Sonic: 'cept him


Yami: And that was chapter two. Be happy. *waves lil

flag unenthusiastically* Wheeeee….

Rio: ^_^ Be sure to review or I break your legs with my leg breaking machine!


Kyra: Ex-nay on the reakingbay achinemay…

Rio: O_O ACK! Did I say leg breaking machine?! I meant my…happiness probe! Heh..heh…no need for any government investigation to intervene, there is no plan for internet domination here……errr…. YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE COPPERS!! HA HA! *jumps out a window*

Yami:..the sad part is I don't find this even the least bit unusual.

Kyra: Not as sad as you stupid card game

Yami: What does THAT have to do with anything?!

Kyra: Your legs are stupid.

Yami: What?!

Kyra: That's right, buddy! Just remember that!

Yami: What in Duat are you talking about?!

Kyra: Exactly!

Yami:….Anyhoo…be sure to come back and read chapter three. That is if Rio ever comes back…

Kyra: *holds up a bucket of pixie sticks* don't worry, she'll have to come back for these. *holds up car keys* And these.

Yami:..but she can fly..and has her own stash of pixie sticks in Australia…

Kyra:..she does?

Yami: She does.

Kyra:…well..then…you readers comeback anyway. Or I'll send you into ten thousand years of darkness and suffering!