Prequel - information

Dear senior directives of Umbrella incorporated this file has been pieced together to provide you on the status of the 'hazard' virus and subject T-68 as per your requests.

You are aware of the growing unrest in raccoon city and we must soon act quickly to regain the research there before the outbreak becomes unstoppable.

Already operatives in the city have begun their search for Dr Birkins lab and it is only a matter of time before we regain the viruses.

Subject T-68 'biohazard'

Age- unknown

Occupation- B.O.W, biological weapon.

Sex- male

Weapons- crystalline claws, 7 foot long tail, fangs, 'electric field'.

Physical appearance- glowing yellow eyes, purple/blue scales, pointed ears, spikes along back and shoulders.

Height- 6,8 feet tall.

Weight- 15 stone.

Subject T-68 'biohazard' was the most successful experiment to date; he had little to no cellular decay and his DNA meshed well with the 'Hazard' virus, unfortunately due to the disappearance of Dr William Birkin and the outbreak in Raccoon city all contact has been lost with the status of this B.O.W, however special operative Hunk has been dispatched to determine the fate of this experiment as well as the current status of Dr William Birkin.

The 'hazard virus'

Splicing the T-virus and G-virus together created an experimental and very unstable viral strain.

This new virus once stabilised was called the 'hazard' virus due to the fact most subjects injected with the virus underwent a massive bodily system failure by their cells committing suicide.

Continued experiments with the 'hazard' virus continued despite the high death rate due to the factor subjects which survived the initial cellular decay retained their previous intelligence and as Subject T-59 pointed out their humanity.

The 'hazard' virus when meshed successively with the hosts DNA has the best traits of its two parent viruses.

Unfortunately the virus has only one weakness, its inability to reproduce.

T-virus and G-virus creatures can pass the virus over in their bites in the case of the T-virus or by implanting a parasite in a host in the case of the G-virus.

However tests prove that the 'hazard' virus cannot do either of these and that it meshes so well with a subjects DNA that it in affect becomes a part of their body if accepted by the hosts system.

Tests continue to see if another method of transference can occur.

Subjects exhibit increased strength, agility, intelligence, and constitution as well as the incredible healing gained from the G-virus.

Another highly useful ability that is only present in 'hazard' virus creatures is the electric field of energy they can create, at its weakest form it can deliver a fatal shock to any attacker and fry them.

In its highest form the B.O.W can become completely encased in a field of energy that will shock ant that come near the weapon and also melt bullets and other projectiles before they can reach the B.O.W.

Umbrella headquarters has provided many grants and additional support to Dr William Birkin to aid his continued research with this virus.

Recently the refusal of Dr William Birkin to submit his work to the umbrella headquarters for study has forced us to send a team of agents to recover the G-virus as well as the experimental 'hazard' virus.

I hope this information has helped answer most of your questions about the 'hazard' virus and any further questions you have I will be willing to answer.

Yours faithfully

Dr James Wilson.

Whhhhoooooooo, well what do ya think? Pretty technical crap I admit but I hope it provides a basic idea of the hazard virus.

Any further questions about the virus please submit in your reviews and I will answer as soon as I can.

P.s this story is set just before the outbreak in raccoon city began.