Chapter 5- with you

{Hazards p.o.v}

'Ok what truck hit me' was hazards first though when he woke.

Before he was even truly awake his nerves were joyfully singing out all the pain his body was going through.

His whole body tingled and he could smell burnt flesh.

Also the fact his stomach was screaming in pain didn't help.

Slowly forcing himself to ignore the pain he tried to feel his surroundings with his senses.

He could feel heat on his skin; warmth that probably meant a fire was nearby.

His back was resting against something soft, sheets? A bed maybe?

He could smell wood burning and a multitude of other scents, plants, animals and more wood, where was he?

Lastly he smelt that sweet scent that meant Lisa was nearby.

His eyes shot open, Lisa, William, the fight!

He blinked as his eyes took in his surroundings, wooden walls, a fireplace in the corner, there where several shelves with pictures, other junk and some plants.

He blinked again when he spied the huge head of a deer with large antlers mounted on the wall.

He twisted round ignoring the pain and spotted a familiar pair of dark brown eyes staring at him from a chair next to his bed.


Lisa gave a cry of happiness and launched herself at him, he grunted in pain and surprise as the two of them fell back onto the bed with her hugging him with her tentacles and her cuffed arms draped over his chest.

"Thankgodthankgodthankgod..." Lisa whispered fiercely.

He hugged her back ignoring the pain thankful she was safe.

"You were asleep for so long, I thought...I thought you were" she broke off and began to cry again, her head and masks leaning into his shoulder.

"Im ok Lisa" he grimaced at how rough and dry his voice sounded.

They both lay there for a while, Lisa refusing to let Hazard free of her grip (Not that Hazard minded) and Hazard rubbing her back, arms and the purple tentacles that wrapped comfortably round his body.

Growing tired and in desperate need for water Hazard tried to gently pry Lisa off.

"Lisa, Lisa I need to rest please"

She jumped off quickly babbling excuses and apologies, Hazard smiled as he watched her babble adorably.

"Im sorry I just wanted to make sure you were ok and then I didn't want to let go and then you sounded so hurt I just felt so sad that you got hurt so I wanted to make you better but maybe a hug wasn't the best way but I couldn't think of anything else so I just kept hugging you im really sorry"

"Lisa!" I said firmly, she blinked in surprise.

I smiled warmly, "Take a deep breath and relax, im not mad and im happy that you hugged me"

She smiled as I tried to stop the grimace of pain from sitting up so long.

Lisa noticed.

"Hazard what's wrong?" she asked concerned.

I lay back down and winced as my stomach began to burn with pain, "Nothing im ok"

She glared at me before stomping over to me; she looked over me some more before lifting up the covers and gently lifting up my shirt.

"Lisa what are you doing!" I squeaked, did I just squeak?

She gave a timid smile before lifting my shirt off completely, I was blushing but she was thankfully focused on the massive amounts of bandages round my stomach.

"You bandaged me," I stated quietly.

She blushed, "Im sorry that it took so long and I had to use a lot of bandages, it was difficult with, well you know."

She lifted her hands showing the cruel handcuffs and I nodded understanding.

She gently peeled off the old bandage, she gave a look of sympathy when I winced but she managed to get it off.

I looked down and thanked the stars for healing, the massive wound caused by William while not fully healed was only a small puncture wound of a few inches instead of the massive hole through my body that he gave me.

It was still oozing blood but only a little.

Lisa pulled a first aid kit from underneath the bed and began to pull out some bandages; I noticed that most of the rolls were very thin in amount.

She began to carefully bandage my stomach and I was thankful for the soft feel of her hands instead of the aching pain all over my body.

"There you go, its done," she said as she put the medkit back under the bed.

I was too tired to answer, but gave a weak nod.

"Do you need anything, food water? There's some food in the kitchen I could get you some" she said already rising.

"Just water please," I croaked.

She walked out of the room but my hearing tracked her through the small cottage.

Now that I was awake my senses began to make a mental map of the place, judging by the air currents and Lisas own movements there were two more rooms downstairs with 3 rooms upstairs.

The upstairs windows were open and brought a strange multitude of scents with them.

Various animals and plants. Clean water and sweet air.

A forest, that had to be it.

Strange ive never been in a forest before so how do I know what one smells like?

My thoughts were interrupted by Lisas return, she smiled at me as she gave me a glass of water. I tried to drink in one gulp but she stopped me quickly.

"Drink it slowly Hazard, your stomach still needs to recover" she said tenderly.

I drank the water and returned the glass; she placed it on the ground then sat back in the chair next to my bed.


She looked at me.

"I...I want to say, thank you. Thank you for caring for me" it was difficult to say but I felt better now.

She smiled and I felt much better seeing that.

"It was the least I could do," she said blushing slightly.

I smiled back and laid back trying to rest.

"What happened to William?" I asked, my memory was a bit fuzzy.

Lisa seemed a bit uncertain of what to say.

"When he...he stabbed you and I was knocked away he was ready to kill you but then, you killed him"

"How?" how could I have killed him? I had his fist in my stomach for Christ's sake.

"It was weird, you seemed to glow then all this electricity shot out of your body, you fried him and he let you go"

She shook her head; "Afterwards I pulled you into the elevator and took you to this cottage"

I nodded and looked round again, the cottage did have some umbrella equipment in it, some radios, guns and medical kits.

But where were we?

"Lisa where are we exactly?"

"The elevator stopped in this forest, the cottage was only a short distance away. I suppose it's lucky it was here, you were bleeding badly"

I shuddered as I remembered the feel of Williams's claws in me, which had not been nice!

I felt my eyelids become heavy as my body forced me to sleep; I tried to stay awake but Lisa's put a tentacle on my brow and gently rubbed me there.

"Sleep Hazard, ill watch over you" she whispered.

I mumbled a thank you then fell back into sleep.

{Lisa's p.o.v}

I watched as Hazard fell asleep his face taking on a beautifully peaceful visage.

'Ive only known you for barely a day and... and I cant consider life without you now'

I smiled as Hazard gave a sleepy mumble as my tentacle soothed the bruise on his head, to think that something I had used to kill could be so tender with someone.

'But you don't care about that do you?'

I had never used my tentacles to tend to someone; with my hands still confined my body had over the years grew these tentacles to replace them.

'They sure were handy when I met Jill'

I winced as I remembered all the times I had been knocked unconscious by Jill's shotgun or Magnum, I had retreated to my home and spent the next hour or so removing the bullets from my body.

'A blessing and a curse, that I cannot die'

Yet Hazard didn't care, he never flinched when I touched him nor showed fear, instead he welcomed the touches and I remember him shivering when I ran a tentacle down his back by accident when we were in the sewers.

' I thought it was fear or repulsion, but it wasn't'

I looked down at his beautiful face and was awed by the smile on his face.

'You liked it'

I withdrew from him, I winced when I watched him give a mumble in protest of my tentacle leaving but I had to get away right now.

Shuffling out of the room I walked down the dusty corridor towards the kitchen, the place had been deserted for a while and now small spider webs and dust covered the place.

In the kitchen I walked over to the sink and turned the taps with my tentacles, fresh clean water came out.

I drew a glass and sipped the clear liquid.

'Oh god that's good'

I can't remember when I last tasted so pure water.

I finished the glass and turned round, coming to a stop when I say the large mirror against the wall.

I had sobbed and cried when I first saw it but now only silent tears fell down my face.

The dirty and rags and blood stains hadn't changed, my skin was still pale and I looked like I hadn't eaten in years.

'Almost true' I mused.

The faces I wore nearly made me scream, I had never noticed the looks of horror and pain on them, they were just to stop people seeing me.

'Why did I do it? What made me kill"?

The long fangs gave me a demons smile and my yellow/brown eyes made me look insane.

' I was, until...'


He changed me.

I had only known him a day and he broke all my defences, the monster, the masks, the inner child.

'He made me real' I thought.

More tears fell down my face.

How could he stand me, why did he risk his life to save me?

When William had stabbed him I had felt my heart brake, his screams had brought my world tumbling down.

'I was so afraid'

He had been asleep for 3 days and as each one went by I felt my hopes dying.

'But he's awake'

I had been overcome by an immense feeling of relief, and when he had hugged me and said those quiet words of comfort I had never felt so happy.

"Lisa?" called Hazard from the main room.

I took another look at the monster that was me and made a pledge.

'Hazard wont have to be afraid again, ill make sure of that'

Getting another glass of water I made my way back to my guardian angel.

Maybe now we'd be cut some slack and not have anything else happen to us.

'I hope' I thought.

{Jill's p.o.v}

'Please god let me have lost him!'

I breathed in great gulps of air as I ran through the forest.

'He's unstoppable, how can he survive being blown apart?'

I wondered what had happened to Barry and Carlos after the crash, did Nemesis get them too?

I saw a small cottage up ahead its lights were on.

Checking my shotgun was full I cautiously approached the small house.

'Maybe someone else is still alive?'

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