A Miyuki-chan in Wonderland Christmas

The brown haired young woman finished up in the kitchen, then she started over to the living room. The tree was hung with lights and other Christmas decorations, below it piles of presents and gifts for the entire family. Feeling just a bit silly Miyuki left the plate of cookies and glass of milk there, then headed to her room in her pajamas.

'I know there isn't any Santa Claus,' Miyuki thought, 'but it's a family tradition.' A slight smile, 'And mom and dad can always snack on them later.'

Thump! There was a loud noise from the living room, then a soft, "Ow!"

"It can't be," Miyuki muttered, turning around. She walked towards the living room, peeking around the corner.

A red clad figure sat by the fireplace, a large brown sack sitting beside her. Yes, the backside that Miyuki was looking at was clearly female, a red mini-skirt hugging hips. Her hair was on odd white, curling against her pretty face as she rubbed at her bottom.

"Uhm, excuse me," Miyuki came around the corner, walking into the living room.

"Oh, hell," the white haired girl cursed as she got up off of the floor, "you're not supposed to be up!" Dusting herself off Miyuki saw she wore the fur lined jacket that Santa would have, but her red top was as tight and clinging as the skirt she wore. The boots had white fur lining, but clinged to her legs just below the knee.

"I'm sorry," Miyuki said sheepishly.

The white haired girl quickly pulled out a old fashioned scroll from her coat and demanded, "What's your name?"

"Miyuki," she stammered.

"Miyuki.. Miyuki.." the girl searched, then she sighed in relief. "Good, you're on the nice list," she said cheerfully, "it should be all right."

"Ah.. I thought Santa Claus was male?" Miyuki asked her, tentatively moving a little bit closer to the pretty young woman.

"That's cause Dad retired a while years back," the girl explained to Miyuki cheerfully, "and all us daughters decided to take over the job for him." She gave Miyuki a thoughtful look before softly saying, "My name is Christine."

Miyuki took the hand she offered and shook it, "Nice to meet you, Christine."

"You know," Christine suddenly pulled Miyuki in much closer to her, giving her a little smile, "I don't get to talk to people very much on the job." She studied Miyuki's face, "And you're so awfully cute, Miyuki-chan."

"But, but.." Miyuki stammered.

"I give presents to everyone on Christmas," her voice dropped down to a whisper as Christine continued, "but nobody ever gives me anything." Christine brought her lips close to Miyuki's as she softly murmured, "Would you like to be my present, Miyuki-chan?"

Miyuki heard another soft thump coming from the direction of the fireplace. "Christine, what's tasking so long?" the voice asked, then, "Oh!"

"Hi, Blitzen," Christine waved.

"Help," Miyuki started to ask, only to trail off in shock.

The reindeer girl picked herself up off the floor, dusting ashes off herself. Except for being covered from head to toe in a layer of fine brown fur she was entirely naked, a pair of reigns dangling from her neck. Sticking up from long brown hair little horns stood up from her head, her face impishly cute as she looked over at the two of them thoughtfully.

"Christine, I'm hurt," Blitzen finally said, "why didn't you tell me that there was someone so cute waiting for us down here?"

"What?" Miyuki blinked, eyes growing wide.

"I was just going to call you," Christine kept a firm grip on the now frantically struggling Miyuki-chan.

"Hmm," Blitzen leaned forward, gently running her fur covered cheek up against the side of Miyuki's face. She slid close to one side of the girl, and Christine took the other.

"Whaaa!" Miyuki cried, "Why do these things always happen to me!"

Christine had her fingers on the buttons on Miyuki's pajama's as she softly murmured, "I never understood the attraction of unwrapping presents."

"Stop that," Miyuki reached out to grab Christine's hands, then shrieked as Blitzen tugged her pajama bottoms down.

"Pink," Blitzen noted as she took in the panties.

Using Miyuki's distraction Christine tugged the girl's top off, revealing the matching bra. "You have cute underwear, too," she murmured softly.

"Eeep," Miyuki tried to back away, falling over Blitzen and falling on her backside.

"Hmm," Blitzen slid against Miyuki's now laying body.

"Merry Christmas, Miyuki," Christine lay on her other side, kissing the girl on her cheek.

Miyuki closed her eyes, she experienced a moment of vertigo...

...and the sound of birds woke her. Miyuki sat up, her face pale as her long brown hair swept around her face. 'What a strange dream,' Miyuki thought. She looked at her clock, then over at the calendar, realizing it was Christmas day.

Dressed in her pajamas Miyuki bolted for the living room, only slowing once she went inside. There were no signs of her guests last night, the presents piled up beneath the three like before. Miyuki moved forward to pick out a gift when she stopped cold.

The milk and cookies she put out were gone.

Miyuki looked at the plate. 'Could mom or dad have gotten up and had them?' she thought, when she saw them. In front of the other presents two packages sat, wrapped with very different styles of paper than any of the other gifts. One was long and thin, the other larger and Miyuki reached out to them to look at the tags attached.

"Merry Christmas, Miyuki, see you next year?" the cards on both of them said, and they were signed with a little heart and the name, "Christine."

"It was just a dream," Miyuki muttered. She shook the long thin gift and nearly dropped it when it began to vibrate loudly!

Never the End...

Author's Note: Yet another pointless piece of pure silliness about Miyuki- chan in wonderland. After writing 'The Psychiatric Report' one shot, this idea hit me. Consider it a Christmas gift, sorta. The plot is pretty much the same as the manga/anime and the line 'Never the end' is from the Miyuki mangas.