Miyuki-chan in North Pole Land!

Hearing her parents leave the room Miyuki fought back a smile, the brown haired young woman continuing to pretend she was asleep for a few moments more. Once she was sure they were gone Miyuki carefully turned on her light, trying to be silent as she saw the waiting Christmas stocking loaded up with candy, just like every year.

"This is one of my favorite traditions," Miyuki murmured happily, taking the stocking and carefully spilling it out onto the bedspread. There were candy canes, chocolate snowballs, foil wrapped treats and small toys, all waiting for the morning snacking to begin.

About to set the stocking aside Miyuki frowned thoughtfully, feeling a weight in the end of the red stocking. She peered inside to see a glint of something, then reached inside, feeling about with her fingers. Carefully she grasped something in the bottom, a elusive shape, then suddenly she was yanked into the stocking!

"Waaah!" Miyuki cried out in alarm as she was suddenly falling, cold air rushing over her pajamas. "Why do these things always have to happen to me!" she wailed, looking around frantically for something to grab onto.


Miyuki landed on a pile of something soft, sprawled out as she shook her head dazedly. Sitting up she looked around, soon realizing she had fallen into a bin full of teddy bears. Quickly she climbed out of the small bin, looking around her in awe even as she tried to figure out exactly where she was and what was going to happen to her now. Stretching out around her were bins, each one filled with a different type of toy. Bears, dolls, cars, and dozens of others, they all were waiting for some unnamed purpose.

"Are you all right, dear?" the quiet voice asked pleasantly from right behind her.

"Eeep," Miyuki whirled around, blinking in surprise as she saw the woman standing there. Her hair was pure silver, but despite her age she looked beautiful, blue eyes twinkling as she looked Miyuki over thoughtfully. She wore a long red coat trimmed in fur, glossy leather boots sticking out the bottom and white gloves.

Smoothly she stepped up to Miyuki's side, her breath showing in the cold air as she added, "You must be cold dressed in those cute pajamas."

"Y-yes," Miyuki stammered realizing that it was bitingly cold in the large room. "Who are you?" she asked her weakly, blinking as the taller woman slid a fur clad arm over her shoulders and leading her towards a nearby door.

"Mrs. Clause, of course," she said mildly, her arm tightening around Miyuki as she opened the door, going into a much more cozy room. A fire burned in the fireplace, a pot of tea waiting nearby for anyone who needed it.

"I'm in another strange place, again," Miyuki softly sighed as Mrs. Clause parked her in front of the fire to warm up.

"You're at Santa's workshop at the north pole," Mrs. Clause confirmed cheerfully, studying Miyuki. Then without a further word she stepped forward and began to unbutton Miyuki's top!

"Hey!" Miyuki protested, trying to grab at her hands, surprised at how easily the woman could bat her hands aside.

"You can't keep wearing that," Mrs. Clause purred, "you'll freeze."

"But..." Miyuki started then squealed as her pants were yanked down.

"Bear panties," Mrs. Clause chuckled at the little cartoon, "that's so cute." In a second she got her top and bottoms off, the returned with a fur lined bundle. "Here," her fingers lingered on Miyuki's hands as she passed the clothes over, "they should fit."

"Thank you," the fiercely blushing Miyuki pulled the clothes on, blinking a bit at the oddness. The mini-skirt barely covered her bottom, while the top was so brief her breasts strained the cloth, yet oddly the clothes were keeping her toasty warm. "How...?" she looked up at Mrs. Clause.

The older woman laughed softly, her eyes roaming over Miyuki's slim body. "It's a special quality of the clothes," she murmured as she stepped nearer, her impressive bust brushing against Miyuki, "keeps us all nice and warm."

'Uh oh,' Miyuki thought, recognizing the predatory look in the beautiful older woman's eyes.

A hand cupped Miyuki's chin as Mrs. Clause purred, "You know, since Nicky retired I've been so lonely up here..."

"Uh, I..." Miyuki stammered.

Before she could move a gentle hand was on her bottom, Mrs. Clause's other hand around her shoulders as she kissed her hungrily. A hand tugged up the bottom of her skirt to stroke Miyuki's panty clad bottom, then the other slid around to squeeze a firm breast.

"Sorry!" With practiced ease Miyuki squirmed out of her grip, bolting out the door even as she called over her shoulder, "Thanks for the clothes!"

"You are not getting away that easy," the breathless Mrs. Clause said as she hurried after her.

Miyuki raced through the toy warehouse, trying to see how she had gotten here in the first place, but there seemed to be nothing unusual. 'Another door,' Miyuki noticed, silently debating if she should go inside.

"Miyuki-chan!" Mrs. Clause called, "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you!"

'Got to be better than here,' Miyuki thought, opening the door and running in. She turned and latched the door before leaning against it head first.

"Well, well," a new voice cooed, "what have we here?"

'Why didn't I check to see if there was someone here?' Miyuki thought despairingly as she spun around, looking around wildly.

The room was filled with elves, probably the ones that worked in Santa's workshop, but they weren't what she was expecting. Instead of pint sized little men they were adult women, all gorgeous looking, and all wearing little bikini shorts and matching tops.

"I think we've got a Christmas present this year," a tall, redheaded elf drawled, looking at Miyuki like she was some tasty morsel.

Before Miyuki could react a petite blonde stepped forward, pressing her lips to Miyuki's and stealing her breath. Another laughed, "Hey, I wanted to be first."

"Don't worry, I'm sure there's enough to go around," the blonde smiled, sliding a hand up Miyuki's thigh.

Kicking her legs Miyuki wiggled free, wheeling around to open the door. Bolting forward she was stopped almost immediately by something soft. "Well," Mrs. Clause laughed, Miyuki's face pressed between her breasts, "I didn't know you were so eager."

"Miyuki?" an Elf asked, eyes twinkling, "So cute!"

"Eeep," dodging both of their attempts to grab her Miyuki raced forward, brown hair flying as she looked over her shoulder to see if she was being followed.


"Oweee," the white haired young woman dressed in a matching outfit to Miyuki's looked up at her from where they fell to the floor, Miyuki awkwardly sprawled on top of her.

"Christine?" Miyuki blinked, recognizing the daughter of Santa Clause that she had met last year. 'I thought it was just a dream,' she mentally whimpered, 'guess not.'

"Hello, Miyuki-chan," Christine smiled as she helped them both up, blue eyes twinkling.

"Miyuki!" They could hear both Mrs. Clause and the elves looking for her, as well as occasionally squabbling over who got her first.

"Uh oh," Christine sighed, "guess I should have made sure to be here when you arrived, huh?" Smoothly she drew her toward the sitting room Miyuki had been in with Mrs. Clause, then opened another door to reveal a hallway and stairs.

"Where are we going?" Miyuki asked, mildly thankful that Christine wasn't mauling her or trying to pull her clothes off. 'Yet,' she added mentally.

"My room," Christine said as she led Miyuki upstairs. "I'm just glad my sisters Claudia, Chloe, Constance, and Crystal aren't home, or I'd have to share."

"What am I doing here?" Miyuki asked tiredly as she entered the comfortable looking bedroom, the bed made and obviously tidied up for a guest.

"I'm sorry," Christine sat on the side of the bed and gave her a sheepish grin. "I kind of summoned you here," she admitted, "I couldn't get you out of my mind, and I really wanted to see you again." She frowned, "But the North American deliveries took me longer than expected, and I wasn't here when you arrived."

"Ah," Miyuki blinked. Oddly, she felt sort of complimented that the beautiful woman hadn't been able to forget about their earlier encounter... 'Not that I could, either,' she admitted, blushing.

A slow smile appeared on Christine's face, "Did you like the present I left you?"

Miyuki blushed fiercely, covering her face with her hands. Christine had left her a vibrator last year, one that she thankfully had been able to hide before her parents saw it. "Yes, I liked it," she admitted.

Christine patted the side of the bed invitingly. "I have another present for you," she fingered the laces that held her red leather top closed, "if you'd like to help me unwrap it."

Miyuki met Christina's eyes and was struck by the caring there, the gentleness. Despite her obvious desire she was letting Miyuki make the decision... "I'd like that," Miyuki answered, walking over to her side.

"This could be the best Christmas ever," she said as Christina pulled Miyuki into a kiss.

Never The End...

Notes: This is a direct sequel to Miyuki-chan in Christmas-Land, a earlier fic that I did. I originally was going for a adulty fic, but the general cuteness of the Miyuki-chan series won me over in the end.