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Mischief Mistletoe - Prologue


"Daddy, read me!"

Fred Weasley quickly gave his wife a hello kiss before scooping the toddler girl into his arms. He regretted coming home from the store so late, but he and George were desperately trying to come up with a new gag for the Christmas holidays, and so far, their efforts had been quite under what was expected from Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes. It was either old and tired, or not surprising enough, not Christmassy enough, or not enough of a gag.

Angelina Weasley smiled at him and tickled their daughter. "Your turn tonight. Apparently. Although I think it's been Daddy's turn all this week," she finished, turning to their daughter.

Fran blew an angelic raspberry at her mother before throwing her arms around her dad's neck. "Bedtime!"

Giving their daughter a wry look, Angelina shook her head. "I don't think other parents ever have their kids telling them they're ready for bed. Honestly, Fred, if you came home earlier in the day, she might not be so excited for bedtime at six, and up again at five."

Though said in a joking tone, Fred knew his wife was actually serious in her complaints about the hours he had been spending at work. He gave her another quick, complaisant kiss before whisking Fran back through the hallway of their London flat.

Fred tried to keep his frustration hidden as he tucked Frangelina into bed. His wife hadn't spoken to him for a week after she'd recovered from childbirth to find he'd named their daughter Frangelina, and refused to call her anything but Fran.

He was still worrying about his dilemma at work as he read his daughter's favorite fairytale, Sleeping Beauty, to her. It was already the end of November; they needed time to test any new products before getting them on the Christmas market, and if he and George didn't come up with something quick.

"Is that how you and Momma met?" Fran asked. "Were you her one and only Prince Charming, the only one who could save her?"

Fred thought about it for a moment, remembering the moment Angelina had been knocked off her broom during his seventh year. "Yes, I most certainly was."

Fran gave a contented sigh as she rolled over and whispered drowsily, "I wanna find my Prince Charming."

Laughing, Fred tucked the covers around her again and kissed her forehead. "Maybe when you're older. And at Hogwarts, where you'll learn all the magic you want."

As he left his daughter's room, turning out the lights and switching on her Sleeping Beauty night-lite, Fred was struck with the most brilliant idea. Not only did he have the idea for the perfect Christmas gag, thanks to Fran, but also a place to test it quickly before Christmas.


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