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Mischief Mistletoe – Chapter Ten – Epilogue


Draco and Ginny continued to stand in the hallway, trying to catch their breath.  Ginny focused on getting her scattered thoughts back in order.  Draco was still stunned by the realization that he had fallen hard for the only sister of one of his most hated rivals, the girl his father had, at one point, had a hand in almost killing.  The complications stemming from his actually liking Ginny seemed endless.

But right here, right now, Draco didn't care.  He'd seen Ginny stand up to anybody who crossed her, including himself, a feat that few witches or wizards could boast of.  Being with her…he actually didn't feel so intimidated by his father, he didn't fear the repercussions should his father find out, in hiding though he was.  When Draco was with her he felt stronger. 

"Well—aren't you going to head off to your little dungeon hideaway now that you've won?" Ginny's comment startled Draco from his euphoric thoughts.

Draco looked down at her, surprised and puzzled by her comment.  What did she mean, now that he'd won?  He'd kissed her because he'd finally given in to the fact that nobody stood a chance against Ginny when she wanted something.  And for some reason he couldn't fathom, she'd decided she wanted him with her for Christmas, in spite of knowing how much of a prat he could be, in spite of knowing how it would send her brother into an apoplectic seizure, in spite of knowing all the complications that their being together entailed.  And knowing that she wanted him, in spite of everything—well, hell's bells, who stood a chance against THAT?!

He couldn't help it; she looked so cross and peeved, he started laughing again.  That stopped quickly enough when she stomped on his foot!

"Ginny, do you know when the first time I ever noticed you was?"

"When a deranged piece of firewood locked us together for the weekend?"

His hand came up to cup her jaw, his thumb brushing across her cheekbone, back and forth.  "No.  The first time I ever saw you was in Flourish and Blott's.  When you stood up to me to defend Potter over some stupid insult I'd dealt him.  And there you were, ready to defend him with your last breath.  Your eyes were flashing.  Your temper seemed to match your hair.  And I'd never seen anyone so beautiful, before or since.  Do you honestly think that I think I stand a chance against you?  I haven't stood a chance from the day I first saw you…I certainly don't stand a chance against you now that you've decided I WILL spend Christmas with you."

Ginny's smile was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.  "Even if it means spending Christmas with the Trio from hell too?"


"So you're coming with me to my common room, even though the Mischief Mistletoe is long gone?"

Draco looked around, for the first time noticing that the charmed twig had taken off as soon as he'd kissed her.  He smiled.  "Yes, even though.  Speaking of that twig—the reigning charm: it was to create scandal, right?"

Ginny seemed to turn a shade of red as dark as her hair.  "Or," he corrected, "Based on the way you're blushing, I'm wrong.  So…what is it?  What's the purpose of the Mischief Mistletoe?"

"Ummm…" Ginny continued to stall.  Finally, speaking more to the floor than to him, she explained, "It's kind of to create scandal…but it's more like…how to put it?  Its main purpose is to bring together two people who are meant to be together, but would NEVER actually get together on their own.  Fred got it from his daughter's favorite fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, about true love's kiss—only, nothing could be that simple with Fred.  He had to put an extra charm on it so that obvious couples weren't captured by the Mistletoe—only the least likely couples a person could think of, but who were actually perfect for each other."

Draco's grin got bigger and bigger as her explanation went on.  He somehow doubted that the Weasley twins had EVER had hooking their baby sister up with a Malfoy on their minds when designing the Mischief Mistletoe.  Then a more sobering thought occurred—he actually OWED them one now for bringing him and Ginny together.

"Well, no wonder, then, that you told them how well it worked," Draco whispered as he leaned down for another kiss, another unfortunately quick kiss.  "As galling as it is to admit, I owe them.  Bigtime."  Another quick kiss.  "Merry Christmas, Ginny."

Ginny growled after his third too-fleeting kiss.  "Merry Christmas, Draco."  That being said, she used one hand to tug his body closer while her other hand brought him down to her for another, longer, more satisfying kiss.  Who said they had to rush right off to the Common Room?  Surely, they could spare a few more minutes…


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