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"You have five minutes, and then it's back to your room, boy." Vernon Dursley warned his nephew as he let the boy out into the garden.

"Yes, Uncle Vernon." Harry walked out to the garden. Once there, he shuffled through the small space. Since coming home from Hogwarts, he had been confined to his room except for trips to the bathroom twice a day, his chores, and five minutes in the garden every evening. He had not been able to send or receive mail in anyway. He couldn't communicate with Hermione either. Her letters had been sent back, and Harry was not allowed to accept her phone calls. "Wonderful holiday." He muttered to himself.

"Hello, Potter." A voice said behind him. Harry whirled, automatically reaching for his wand in his back pocket. "I am unarmed." The Death Eater told him in a calm voice.

"Until I put my wand away." Harry threw a quick glance towards the windows.

"Don't worry. They only see you walking around out here." The Death Eater stood still, obviously waiting for Harry to say something.

"What do you want?" Harry demanded.

"I am here simply to bring you a message from my Lord." Harry stared.

"Voldemort killed my parents. He's tried to kill me. Why would he send me a message that didn't have some sort of curse or poison on it?" The Death Eater had held out the letter.

"He gave his word that nothing of the sort will happen. It is just normal parchment and ink." The Death Eater looked at the house. "We don't have much time." Harry wouldn't move. The Death Eater made a gesture and mumbled a word. Harry jumped as the letter folded and flew into his back pocket. "I will come again tomorrow night, for your walk." The Death Eater Apparated as the back door opened.

"In, boy, in! Harry hid his wand quickly and did as he was told. He heard his uncle lock his bedroom door. He shook his head and gingerly lifted the letter out of his pocket. He set it on the desk and stared at it. He jumped as the letter opened by itself. Harry shook himself and debated whether or not he should read it. It had not harmed him when he had touched it. And it was sitting rather harmlessly on his desk. It appeared that the Death Eater had been telling the truth. Harry shook his head and approached the desk.

Dear Mr. Potter,
I hope this letter finds you well. Of course, living with Muggles must be very hard for any wizard, especially considering what talents you possess. Your potential is not being realized at Hogwarts. There is so much that you are capable of, but have yet to know what those talents are.
I hear that you want to study to be an Auror. A noble profession. Are you learning enough at Hogwart's to prepare for that profession? Is your Potions teacher your best friend, bequeathing all of his knowledge to you?
I have been watching you for a long time, Harry. I know that you hate me, but can that hate be set aside for your education and future? I have been told that your Muggle relations have no care for you, and in fact, abuse you. I can be your way out of that abuse, your sanctuary from misunderstanding and exploitation. Think about it. My servant who brought this letter will come to speak to you again tomorrow night. Please consider my offer.


Harry blinked after reading the letter. He almost laughed; what an absurd idea. Harry Potter teaming up with Voldemort? The man who killed his parents and had tried to kill Harry numerous times? Impossible.

The next day, Harry worked through his chores with a grim determination to put the Dark Lord's word from his mind. His cousin lurked about, provoking Harry into some kind of magical action, just so he would be expelled from Hogwart's. When Harry moved to dump his bucket of water, Dudley stood in his way. "Move," Harry told him between his teeth.

"Ah, little Harry can't use his wand, because he won't go back to school." Harry kept his temper.

"Move." He said again. Dudley ripped the bucket out of Harry's hands, causing the water to spill on the floor. Before Harry could react, Dudley's fist connected with Harry's jaw. Harry sprawled backwards and hit the back of his head on the table. Harry had never experienced "seeing stars" before, but he decided it wasn't fun as he lay on the floor of the kitchen, trying to focus his eyes enough to stand. He struggled to his feet, only to receive another hit from Dudley that made his ears ring. He fell again, this time not able to make it to his feet. Aunt Petunia came into the kitchen and screamed. Uncle Vernon stormed in at that scream and forced Harry to his feet. Harry couldn't walk. He really tried. He just couldn't make his legs work. Vernon dragged his nephew to his bedroom and threw him into the room. "Two days, boy. Then I'll think about letting you out."

After his uncle left, Harry managed to crawl to his bed and lifted himself up on it. He heard the locks turning. He shook his head, but stopped because it hurt so much. He allowed his eyes to close. They snapped open when he heard something. The locks. He froze as he wondered whom it could be. Dudley came into the room and noticed Harry's eyes opened. He pulled back a punch and brought it home. "Ruining our lives." Dudley grunted several times as he continued to rain down punches on Harry. When he finished, Harry noticed that it now hurt to breathe. Dudley left with a smile on his face. Harry grimaced and allowed his pain to drag him under to unconsciousness.

Three nights passed in that way. The Death Eater had not even crossed his mind. On the fourth day, he was informed that he was allowed out now. Harry could barely move off the bed, much less get up and move around. He hadn't eaten in three days. He just couldn't move.

Night came without a second glance. Harry fell into slumber again. He heard the locks turning and watched as the door opened. He would have sat up, but he couldn't manage it without a lot of pain. It was Dudley. Dudley came forward again. "You know, Dad lets me do this, says it will teach you manners."

"Nice to know you only pick on things weaker than yourself." Harry gritted out as Dudley starting throwing punches again. Harry felt one connect to his face and didn't feel the rest. He had been knocked out.

Neither Harry nor the Dursleys heard the Death Eater move up the stairs. When no sign of Harry had been seen in four days, Voldemort allowed the Death Eater to enter the house. He found Harry's school things and broom, but the boy was not with them. He went up the stairs, hearing three different kinds of snoring. He hoped Harry was not one of them. He checked three different rooms before he turned to the one with the locks. "Alohomora!" The locks fell open. He stepped into the room and found the boy he was looking for, but was surprised at his condition. It looked as though the boy had survived being run over by the Knight Bus. Bruises and blood was the phrase that came to mind as the Death Eater tried to wake the child. He wouldn't wake.

The Death Eater knew that his next decision could very well guarantee his death, but he went back down the stairs and retrieved the boy's trunk and broom. He said a quick spell to shrink them and stuffed them into his cloak. He went back up the stairs, another spell revealing more of Harry's possessions. Those, too, were shrunk and hidden away in the folds. He gathered Harry into his arms and left the room. He carried him outside the wards and Apparated to the mansion.

He entered the hallway and went to the bedroom that his Lord had prepared for Potter. He laid the boy on the bed gingerly and summoned another Death Eater. "Stay with him, for Merlin's sake! He's bad off. I need to get our Lord." The Death Eater stayed near the bed, seemingly watching the unconscious figure. The other Death Eater ran down the hallway to Lord Voldemort's chambers. He knocked on the door and entered when bidden. He dropped to a knee after entering.

"My servant. What has Potter decided?" He demanded.

"I went to the house as ordered, but what I found there was surprising. I think you should come see for yourself, my Lord." Voldemort rose.

"What do you mean?"

"I found the boy, master, but he was not conscious. It appears that he has been severely beaten. Several broken bones. I made a decision, my Lord, and brought him here." Voldemort walked over and motioned for his servant to rise.

"You have done well. Take me to him." The servant rose and led the way to the prepared room. Neither figure had moved in the room. "You may leave." He told the other Eater. He quickly vanished from the room. Voldemort stood next to the bed. His servant was right. The boy was not well at all. Voldemort had imagined him this way many times, but now wished for it not to happen. "Summon the medic." The other disappeared. "Welcome, Harry Potter."

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