A/N: I'm not dead! The Muse has returned to take over my brain. This is the last chapter of Harry's Savior and the sequel should be making an appearance soon. Thank you all for sticking with me and bothering me when I disappeared. This story was never far from my mind.

He thrust the newspaper away from him and snarled at the content and picture on the front page. That…boy. How date that boy stop his Lord from continuing the work of purifying the magical world of the infecting Muggle blooded wizards and witches? Why could no one see that he had only been trying to return wizarding society to its former prosperity?

He stood and moved to the window and looked down into the now silent street of Diagon Alley. He loved the darkness, the seduction of the night, and the power the dark granted him. Voldemort, the Dark Lord, was supposedly dead, destroyed at the hands of a sixteen year old boy! He shook with barely suppressed rage. It could not be true! Voldemort had to return. He was immortal for all time. His Lord had no host, no one willing to carry Him or his work. His Lord was out there, somewhere, weak and ill, unable to return to finish his work. He was only weak, not dead.

The man clenched his hands into fists. He would stay faithful, so that when he Lord was ready to return, he would be prepared to sacrifice whatever he needed in order to restore his Lord to his former power. He gave a grim smile as plans quickly formed in his head. He could become better for his Lord, powerful, stronger, and faster than that whelp with the amazing amount of dumb luck. Voldemort would favor him above all when the Dark Lord returned.

He waved his wand and several books flew towards him. He did not have long to prepare. He had to engineer his disappearance without arousing anyone's suspicions. A place to study and work…he had enough money laid aside to make almost immediate departure possible. He should be able to ensure a transfer or even a legitimate dismissal from his position. No one would question his disappearance then and he would be free to carry on his Lord's work until Voldemort reappeared. He felt all anxiety leave him as he settled to his purpose.