Hi this fic created with the help of my friend Jessica Clarke.It's another song/Inuyahsa fic and it's a recreatio of jingle bells!!So enjoy!


Disclainer:If I owned Inuyasha do you really think I would be writing this fic?


Dashing through the village,on Inuyasha's back

All the modern stuff at home is what this village lacks!

Oh,Jingle bells

Naraku smells

Miroku is a perv

Kagome leaves

Shippo screams

and Sangos lost her nerves!

Oh,Jingle bells

Youkai's smell

Kikyo's finally dead

Kagome cheers

Inuyasha glares

and Sango hits Miroku's head!


There it is I hope you like it!Me and Jessi came up with it in Religion class!Mr.Dinn gave us a free period,and what else would we do?Study? ^_^.I might have some more Christmas one-shots up,If your lucky!!