Disclaimer: I do not own any character or any of the original stories of Higher Ground. I rate all my stories "R" for the mere reason it gives me more creative freedom. Kat is my favorite character and it upset me greatly that they didn't explore her history and her story more. Therefore, I'll delve into the deeps of her "history", reasons for being at Horizon, and who Kat is and sees herself being in the future.

Part 1-

A white couple adopted her at the young age of 2 years old. Flashes of memory of the orphanage would streak across her mind's eyes from time to time, but she hadn't been there long enough nor was she old enough to have any real cognitive memories that would cause an impairment of her upbringing with her new family. The couple was in their early 30s and they had been trying to years unsuccessfully to have their own child, therefore they decided adoption was the only viable option for them. 2 years of her new life were fantastic and filled with an abundance of attention and love from her parents. Then the crashing announcement came. They sat her down after dinner and before bedtime and together they gently and calmly informed her of her mommy's new bundle of joy that would be arriving soon. As they continued Kat noticed how both of their faces took on an aura of joy that she's never witnessed from them before. For about 6 months Katherine watched with ever growing horror as her mother's belly extended to beyond points in which the little 4 year old was sure was going to cause the woman's body to explode if it continued like it did. A baby girl was born and Kat did not like it at all.

After several months of this interloper stealing her parents' affection away from her; not to mention the nights of endless wailing from this small creature that eventually ceased. It was probably at that point, that little Kat begin to realize that having another child in the house wasn't a bad thing at all. The baby needed a tremendous amount of attention, which meant more freedom and privacy for Katherine. Her mother would have her help take care of her baby sister telling her that she, as the big sister, had the responsibility to watch out for her sister and teach her sister all about the world. Katherine would watch with excitement as even more months would pass that her baby sister could and would learn new things with such enthusiasm. She had practically fell in-love with her sister and she was over joyed to have her sibling moving into her room when it came time for the baby to leave her parents' bedside at nights. Of course, they had the baby monitor but were often surprised when they wouldn't hear the baby making any kind of noise and they'd go in and check on her to find a 5-year- old Katherine peering in at her baby sister from a chair that was placed by the crib. Some mornings they'd even find Katherine asleep awkwardly in the chair and leaning her head against the rails. They deduced that Kat's ever- present face reassured the baby. They even came to a point when they'd lay in bed and listen to Kat either singing to the baby or talking to her.

The years passed smoothly, the sisters were in separable and the best of friends. However, once Kat reached pre-adolescence she began to have the typical attitude and wanted to be around her friends more. Wanted to test the limits, just like any good kid her age should do. She began spending less and less time with her sister. But they'd have their special times together. When Kat was 13 and her sister was 9, it was a typical summer day and they had spent the day together down at the lake. It was getting time for them to get home for dinner and they were on their way back. Katherine was a strong swimmer and had aspirations of joining the swim team when she entered HS, but her baby sister wasn't all that strong and not all that athletic. They'd often had swimming contest, always under strict- eagle eyed-supervision by one or both of their parents. They were crossing the rocky shoreline. When jokingly Kat begin to tease her sister and accepted the challenge (not thinking anything of it) when her sister challenged her to a swimming race. They both took off and Kat took the early lead, like she always had. She was three-quarters of the way to the rock that jolted out of the water and represented the finishing point, when she heard erratic splashing and flailing about. Kat turned to see her sister's blonde hair sink below the surface, like it was all happening in slow motion, and before she could turn around to start making her way back to save her sister, her sister disappeared from sight. Katherine had gotten to the point just shy of where she last saw her sister go down, and she survived the surrounding area. She had screamed for her sister for what seemed like an eternity waiting for to resurface. And when she hadn't resurfaced, Kat dove into the water in search of her sister. She surveyed the area under the water swimming further and further down as she desperately searched. It was getting darker and darker as she went down. It was even getting colder, but Kat didn't feel it, and her lungs were beginning to ache as the oxygen was becoming depleted within her system. She swam back towards the shore again and as she had to finally surface for air that's when she saw her sister's blonde hair floating in the light that shone through the water. Quickly she swam up towards her sister who was unconscious. Grabbing her lifeless body and swimming to the surface, Katherine noticed that her sister wasn't moving and wasn't awake. Not bothering with making sure she got air, Kat surfaced and flipped her sister's face and front to the sky and dragged her, swimming with one arm. Agonizingly getting to the shore, she dragged her sister's lifeless body away from the water. Giving mouth-to-mouth and CPR to her sister at early sunset. It was twilight by the time her folks had arrived looking for them. Kat never once stopped nor took notice of her own exhausting. Her father had to pull Kat off, kicking and screaming. He had called 911 before doing so. By the time, she gave up the fight was when the paramedics arrived on the scene. That was when the reality of the situation sunk in. When they asked her how long she had been trying to save her sister. She sobbed out, weakly and barely audible. "It's too late. She's gone! I've tried for an hour! She's gone!"