Part 3-

They must've been in there for an hour and a half; Katherine was getting antsy but the bailiff just stood perfectly content and still right next to her, except when she'd try to stand up-he'd place his right hand on her shoulder and gently push her back down. Finally, the lone woodsman exited the judge's chambers and left without saying a word. That's when the bailiff escorted her back in, with both councils following.

"Katherine. Your parents and I had a long talk with the man that just left and if both councils will agree to it, we will be releasing back into your parents' custody tomorrow morning. At which time, they will take you to a wilderness camp for adolescents like yourself, Katherine. You will be within the camp's personnel jurisdiction until your high school graduation, 18th birthday, or until everyone can agree that you've resolved your problems and you can be a productive member of society again. The man you just saw, his name is Peter and he is the director of Horizon. That's the name of the place you'll be going. We discussed all the drawbacks, benefits, what can be expected, and I believe he predicted within a small margin of error of what he knows what you'll do until you get more adjusted at Horizon. We all agreed that this would be the best thing for you. I'll be checking up on you from time to time, because I feel you are a good kid, Katherine, just had a lot tragedy in her life. The guilt you feel is compelling to do the things that you have done. I expect good and wonderful things from you, Katherine, but I won't hold it against you if you take the time to figure it all out for yourself. I wish you the best of luck and I'll be seeing you again, hopefully for those check-ups that I've mentioned earlier. Bailiff please escort Katherine back to a private holding cell and please treat her beyond the call of duty tonight."

The night went by relatively fast and quietly enough. Her folks had even bought her some dinner in and the bailiff even let them eat together. The night guard had even let her come out to watch whatever she wanted after her folks were escorted out. However, they did have to shut and lock the cell for the night when lights went out. 6am the next morning, a female guard rousted Kat awake and escorted her into the staff locker room and let her take a shower, put on a fresh pair of clothes, and brush her teeth. It was 7am when they exited the locker room, and her parents were walking through the front door themselves. They signed her out and they drove to a nearby fast food restaurant for breakfast to go. They drove for nearly 5 hours, getting lunch on the way too. Finally, driving up a curvy mountain road and pulling into what looked to be a lodge. Friendly enough, Kat thought.

The same guy that was at the courthouse the day before greeted them. Peter. They were giving the five-dollar tour. Katherine had been lead away by a female counselor, who took Kat into a small dank room. It had one small window with a table and 2 chairs. The counselor began and searched everything of Katherine's. Then, she had Kat strip down and did a body cavity search. It was humiliating to say the least, but the counselor did not find anything. However, the woman did not seem too particularly surprised. Then again, why would she be, considering Katherine had been in jail for 2 straight nights and her folks had packed her bags. This experience was beginning to take on an entirely new, different, and not anything Katherine wanted to stick around for. After the search, they exited the room and Katherine noticed a clock and it only been 45 minutes of them being there. They exited the side doors, the phone rang, and the counselor turned around to get someone to answer the phone. That's when Kat saw the woods and she was gone. By the time, the woman turned back around, she saw Kat's back disappearing into the woods. She must've run for an hour, but never stopping. She finally came into the outskirts of the nearby town. She stuck to the shadows, but tried not to look too suspicious neither. She wondered around town for an hour before spotting the bus station. When she walked through the doors and was making her way to the ticket counter, that's when a firm hand landed on her shoulder. Turning around she recognized the smiling face instantly, it was Peter.

"You broke some records today, something to be proud of. Almost all our newest arrivals make a run for it. A good 98% of them do. However, no one has taken off in 45 minutes, like you have which is 2 times faster than any other had tried before. You made to town in less than an hour, it usually takes the others' about 3 to 5 hours. And you found the bus station, which no other has yet to accomplish. I think you've some basic skills and instincts, which just need to be horned and refined. You'll make a fine addition to my program." Peter said smiling down at her and escorting her out to his motorcycle. Tossing her a helmet. "I hope you like to ride!" Smiling she put the helmet on while climbing onto the back of the bike and causally saying "I feel the need, the need for speed!" Peter couldn't help but chuckle as he climbed onto the bike himself and finishing strapping his own helmet on. He kicked the kickstand back and started the bike and was off in spit of gravel.