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The Dance Ch. 10

I feel a strong gust of wind, and snuggle more deeply into my hunter-green jacket. The crisp air of late winter surrounds me, and as I exhale I can see little clouds of warm vapor leaving my lips. The coldness from the bleachers is creeping through the blanket I'd brought to sit on, and I wiggle around in my seat. Since it hadn't snowed for a week or so, the soccer field was dry enough for a scrimmage game between our school and Y. Academy from a little farther south. Touya was out on the field, stretching his legs and back to warm up. Across the field, the Y. Academy kids are kicking the ball back and forth, jogging, or stretching as well. This was going to be a good game.

I watch as the referee blows the whistle and the two teams line up along the centerline of the field. Touya is in the center, opposite a shorter, blonde-haired player from Y. The ball is placed in between them, and at the signal Touya kicks it back, beginning the game. I can see one of our players dribbling the ball down the field towards their goal, and Touya is running that way too. Gosh, my boyfriend is amazing. The strong muscles in his legs pump, propelling him downfield; his dark hair is blown about from the wind and the speed at which he runs; he gracefully changes direction, panting little white clouds into the chill air. His cheeks are flushed form exertion, but he keeps going on. He's so beautiful when he's playing, I could sit and watch him all day…

Oh, no, the ball's been stolen! Quickly he turns, running harder to catch up with the other team's player, until finally he regains possession. "Yesss! Nice play! Go Touya!" I jump up and scream as he passes the ball off to another player for the goal. We're ahead, one to nothing.

Hearing my stomach grumble, I get up and climb down the somewhat crowded bleachers of cheering fans to get some food. As I make my way over to the concessions booth, I feel a small body bump into my legs. "Oh, please excuse me. I'm sorry," I say, before I realize to whom I'm speaking: it's Sakura, here to watch her brother too.

"Oh!" Her face gets redder, and she looks down, pulling her fluffy hood more tightly around her face. 'I was just going to get something to eat…"

"Well, me too!" I tell her with a smile. "Here, come in line with me. I'll treat you." She smiles the biggest smile I've seen on her in days. I buy us hot chocolate, popcorn, and some hot dogs before leading her back to where I was sitting. She seems glad to be able to sit next to me, and we enjoy our food in silence. I glance down at her between sips of hot cocoa, and I see her staring wistfully out at her brother on the playing field. "Don't you love to watch To-ya play?" I ask her.

She's startled at first, but then regains her composure. "Yeah, Oniichan's so good at sports."

I nod. "I like to watch him too." She smiles at me before turning back to watch the game.

"You know," she speaks, still staring out at the field, "I still love you. But it's different than it used to be." I listen curiously; I've been worried about how she's been feeling since she found out. She continues, "I kinda realized that I feel the way I used to feel for you… for someone else now." Her cheeks blush a deeper shade and her breath rises heavier from her chest. I wrap my arm around her shoulders.

"Do you mind if I ask who?"

She nuzzles into my side, shaking her head. "No, not at all. It's--" she gets up, standing upon the bleachers to whisper into my ear, "Syaoran." With a little-girl giggle she snuggles in beside me once again. "He told me he loved me a week or so before you talked to me about Touya. I've been thinking about it ever since, and I realized that this is how I really feel." She looks up at me, grinning. "At first I was sad that you liked Touya instead of me. But now I'm so glad you can be a part of our family. 'Cause I think I'm starting to love you like that." She hugs me with both arms, and I fondle her hair.

"I'm glad. I love you like family too, Sakura."

The game is finally over, with Y academy winning 4-3; Touya had scored two of our three goals, though. I run down to the field to greet him, Sakura holding tightly to my hand and jogging behind me. He sees us and smiles hugely; I can sense his relief that everything is okay between us and Sakura. She releases my hand and looks on at us expectantly. He grins at me and I smile shyly back at him, before giving him a big hug. As I feel his warm lips softly and subtly brush against my cheek, I know deep in my heart that no matter what happens, the two of us will always be all right.