Chapter 1 Harry loaded every school belonging in his possession for school this year. He wouldn't be coming back. To be in his last year at Hogwarts, one would think Harry would be thrilled. That was far from the truth. He was lonely. He, Hermione, and Ron were no longer friends. The trio had a row and split almost a month ago. Harry had confessed to them that he was gay. He couldn't carry that secret in him any longer. Ron turned red with anger, thinking Harry had secretly stolen glances at him while they showered. Hermione tried changing his mind into liking girls, but to no use. She simply told him that she could not be a friend with someone who was gay; and that was that. Harry tried liking girls, but it just didn't work. He first had a crush with Cho Chang, the Ravenclaw seeker in Quidditch. In fifth year, he even asked her out on a date...which ended horribly in the end. Ever since then, he has been turned off to girls and their emotions. He hasn't even dated a guy yet though. He figured he'd be dead before he found the right man anyway...

Voldemort was still at large. Harry thought he'd probably never die.

'Funny...Seems I can't die either...' Harry thought to himself, his morbid streak coming out.

Two weeks left to go and Harry would finally be at Hogwarts; home...

Suddenly, Dudley burst into Harry's room wielding a large duffle bag.

" What do you want now?" Harry asked sarcastically giving a sideways glance.

" Pack up the rest of your shit now. You're getting out today." Dudley said smirking and throwing the bag towards Harry's face.

Harry caught the bag and starred at it a moment, confused. He ran out of his room and down the stairs into the kitchen, where his aunt and uncle were having dinner (Harry ate when they were finished).

Vernon looked over his dinner plate, piled with food, repulsively over at a breathless Harry.

" What the hell do you want you freak!?" Vernon asked as he spit out the last word with utter disgust.

" What is the meaning of this?" Harry asked angrily holding up the duffle bag so his Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and his cousin Dudley could all see.

" Didn't Dudley tell you?... You are out of here boy! You are not welcome here anymore...not that you were ever welcome mind you."

" Where the hell do you expect me to stay? School doesn't start for another two weeks!" Harry yelled, getting angrier still.

Harry's aunt Petunia slammed down her glass of tea and told Harry, " We don't care where you stay...but you are NOT staying here in this house one moment longer! You are how old now?"

" 17 Aunt Petunia! I'm seventeen sodding years old!" Harry snapped back.

Vernon stood abruptly, knocking over his chair. His face was turning an ugly shade of purple now. He lifted his hand and struck Harry hard in the face with the back of his fat hand. Harry fell onto the floor, trembling hands covering his bloodied face.

" Don't you ever, and I mean EVER talk back to your aunt in such a vulgar manor!" Then Vernon landed Harry in the side with a sharp kick in his ribs. "Now, get your lazy ass up and pack! You're leaving tonight!"

Harry struggled to get up, pain raking through his body. When he made it to his room, he collapsed on his knees. Tears were streaming down his bruised face.

" Why me...why..." Harry sobbed into his hands.

' Why?,' Harry thought to himself, ' because I am worthless! Sirius is dead, Hermione and Ron can't stand me, and Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia couldn't give a damn about me. I'm alone... I'll only ever be alone.'

Harry began packing all the other useless belongings into the duffle bag. When he finished, he was in even more pain. Harry suspected a couple broken ribs. He already had a busted lip and nose, why not add something broken. Even though Harry was over the legal age to use magic, he still wasn't allowed to. Voldemort could easily track Harry down and use Harry's magic against him. Dumbledore said it was just too dangerous. So, Harry whimpered in pain with every step and every breath while he lugged his trunk, owl cage, and duffle bag down the stairs and in front of the front door.

" I'm finished packing." Harry yelled so everyone could hear him.

Vernon came around the corner and went strait for the front door. He opened it and stood there motioning with his fat pudgy hand for Harry to leave.

" I am not your damn chauffeur boy! Get a move on! I want you out!"

" Yes Uncle Vernon." Harry said without any emotion behind those words; he had spoken those words so many times that he just simply did not care. Harry struggled getting his belongings out onto the driveway. He was still bloodied up and in pain. Once Harry got everything out of the house, he heard a tremendous slam of the door. He turned back to look one last time at his old "home".

Harry stood there for some time before deciding to move, and when he did move, he didn't know where to move. Then suddenly, he remembered the Knight Bus. The last time he had used the bus was in fifth year. He called on the bus and with a loud 'POP' it appeared. He stepped on, leaving everything behind: he wouldn't be coming back.

" Diagon Alley, please." Harry stated quietly looking down and hoping to be unnoticed. He passed a few witches and wizards on his way to the back of the bus. He wanted to be far away from those people. They all seemed to be starring at his right painful state. He tried to ignore them until one elderly witch kept starring quite rudely. He turned around and glared at her when he still felt her gaze upon his back after he had already passed her.

" What do you want?" Harry asked impatiently.

" Whatever do you mean young man?" The elderly witch asked in fictitious innocence.

" You are burning a hole into my back with all your unnecessary gaping...and I would highly appreciate it if you would mind your own business." Harry said mockingly. No one in the wizarding world ever minded their own business, especially when it was his business they were concerned.

The elderly witch turned back around to where she was facing the front again and began murmuring nonsense underneath her breath. Therefore, Harry continued to limp down the isle to the very last seat where he sat down. Once he sat down and became comfortable, he drifted into an intermittent sleep.

He awoke to a particularly loud 'BANG'. The driver looked back at Harry and smiled.

" Off you go Harry!" The driver said cheerfully.

Harry smiled at the kindness of the driver's words. He looked around as he gathered his belongings and noticed that everyone was gone except the elderly woman with whom he had had a confrontation with earlier. As he passed her, she grabbed his arm, effectively stopping him.

" Yes?" Harry asked impatiently, turning round to see what the witch wanted.

" I am dreadfully sorry for my behavior earlier." She said, her words full of remorse.

Harry smiled warmly toward her, " It's quite all right. I have had a bit of an eventful day myself."

The elderly witch gazed upon him with intensified scrutiny, noticing his wounds.

" Oh my!" she said and raised her wand. Harry closed his eyes out of fear, not knowing what to expect. When he opened his eyes, he noticed he was still alive. He looked at her questioningly.

" You were a bit bruised...thought I'd the way Mr. Potter" she paused a moment, " that terrible state was in no condition to be walking around with...and with a poor boy. Well, off you go!"

Harry looked at her confused. 'She's gone nutters or something'...but instead of asking her what she meant he simply said, " Urh...thank you...for your help I mean."

" Not a problem dear...not a problem. It was my pleasure to help the famous Boy-Who-Lived." She said with a large smile gracing her wrinkled face.

The elderly witch also reduced Harry's trunk, which he was extremely grateful. He gathered his things and hopped off the bus, paying his fair on the way out, and stood in the middle of Diagon Ally. The normal hustle and bustle of the street was gone: it was far after midnight. He made his way to the Leaky Cauldron and asked for a room for the next two weeks. He handed his money, which was all he had left, to the owner and went up to his room. Inside the room he put his belongings on the floor and withdrew his wand. He knew he wasn't allowed to use his wand on Dumbledore's orders, but he really needed his trunk its original size.

" Finite Incantatem"...Harry's trunk was in its original state.

Harry was feeling tired, so he took out a pair of boxers, his toiletries, and a towel. He made his way to the bathroom and turned the knob for the shower to come on. After the water was his desired temperature, he stepped in a let the water run over his body.

Ahhh...This feels so gooood... A nice warm shower... Why can't I stay in here forever...

After his shower, he stepped back into his room. He threw the towel to the floor and found his boxers. He threw those on and fell onto the bed. All of a sudden, he felt an uncertain queasiness in the pit of his stomach. He jumped up and ran strait for the bathroom where he emptied his stomach of its little contents into the toilet. He shakily stood up, looked at himself in the mirror, and gasped in shock. His lower abdomen was glowing a faint emerald green...