Chapter 15: The End


"She has no pulse."

Both Legolas and Aragorn grabbed on of her wrists, searching for her pulse hoping, praying that Cirdan was mistaken.

"I cannot believe that you would do that!" Legolas shouted, turning on Cirdan.

"I am sorry, but the lady needs her rest and that was the quickest way to quiet you. It is either of your faults that she acquired this wound, but it will heal faster if she sleeps well."

"After all of her near-death experiences I would not be at all surprised if she was dead. She has faced death at least three times, this will have been her fourth while with us," Aragorn explained.
Throughout the next four days Lalaith drifted in and out of consciousness.

On the fifth day she finally returned to her normal routine of being awake during the day and asleep during the night.

"Legolas," Cirdan called. "Lalaith is finally well enough to speak with you. Please do not rile her up."

"I will try not to," Legolas agreed.

The elf walked into Lalaith's room quietly, pondering what to say.

"Hello," Lalaith greeted.

"Hello. Are you feeling well?"

"Well enough I suppose. And you?"

"Perfect, now that I am finally with you again."
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