The Lost Ingots of Tagus

by Aldesina

Chapter 13 Stormy Brigs

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Aboard the Interceptor

Down in the Brig

Diablo was bored, really….. was it really necessary to keep her locked down here for more then a day or two? Instead she had been down here for a week now, and when one's only view is the interior of a ship which consists of a plank of curved wood coated with tar one tends to get bored at an accelerated rate. Of course, she didn't waste her time here by doing nothing. She had pretty much memorized the layout of the bilge; since her prison was simply a cage she had full access to study the mechanics of the lower hull of the ship. She just hoped that no one had noticed her counting the planks and notches. Course, it did help that she was feigning sleep whenever she did this. However studying aside, which only took her 2 days she was now simply bored. After that uptight French man had dragged her into the brig, Gillette was it? She was patted down twice, by both the lieutenant and another shipmate and had the bulk of her weapons removed including the bone knife she hid in the front of her corset which she was surprised they had been able to find. Diablo had smiled when they found that, she had under estimated this man's thoroughness. That mistake won't be made again. They had also found the letter that Elizabeth had gave her and brought it promptly up to the Commodore. That he didn't come rushing in at a moment's notice over the silly piece of parchment made her smile. Oh yes, there would be time to play and plenty of ammunition to play with. Still after all of that searching, it now left her armed with two slim throwing blades on either side of her corset, a chocker wire and poisoned darts hidden in the boning of her corset, a pity none of these items were all that useful for lock picking. Although considering the fact that there were 5 men surrounding her at all times including one with a pistol constantly pointed at her she really couldn't pick that lock after all. She had expected some sort of visit from the Commodore to ask her about Elizabeth right after the initial pat down and then removal of shackles as they threw her into the cage. Instead she was given parchment and a quill and commanded to write down whatever she knew and to sign it. She assumed that was a confessional of sorts, but instead thought it would be more fun to continue with the games she had planned since they first started ah interrogating her, so to speak.

Seven Days Ago

"What exactly makes you think I'll be able to tell you anything." Diablo had asked cocking her head at the ever reddening Gillette.

"You will confess to your crimes of pillaging, plundering, murdering, larceny, arson, raping…"

"Now hold on there, raping is not part of my repertoire" Diablo smiled at that accusation "I lack the equipment as you should know…… you however…….."

"Assassin, how dare you imply….."

"I did not imply anything, I stated that it is not possible for me to do as you accused, and then continued to state that you would be able to perform that act merely because of anatomy. Unless of course there's something you'd like to confess." Diablo waved her quill at him and smiled "Is there Lieutenant?"

"I should have you stretched on a rack and whipped." Gillette began

"Well as long as you personally see to it." Diablo cut in and winked at him, not her original intention, but this could get interesting with time.

"GUARDS!" Gillette roared "shackle her to the ………."

"Lieutenant Gillette!"

Gillette's order was interrupted by another officer of the ship. Groves she believed he was called, she remembered his face well when she sliced the man next to him and knocked him down at Turner junior's wedding. It looks like he won't be happy to see me either, she thought. He hurried down the stairs toward the red faced French man. She was surprised it wasn't Norrington himself, perhaps he wasn't as easily baited, and she'll just have to try harder perhaps through this new lieutenant.

"Yes?" Gillette turned to his fellow officer in irritation.

"The Commodore would like your presence on deck." Groves said glancing over at Diablo, "I am to question the prisoner in your stead." Gillette looked like he would have very much liked to tell Groves to take a flying leap off the port bow and send Diablo over with him as well. Instead he said nothing and stormed passed his fellow officer and up the stairs in a huff.

"Well……." Groves had turned his attention toward the caged assassin casually lounging against the back bars of her prison. She clicked her nails against the railing and smiled.

"I suppose you're the calmer one of the two? Since fire and brimstone won't bring me to heel you'll try ice and logic instead." Diablo winked at Groves "The Commodore selected the two of you well."

"Flattery won't get you anywhere with me just like goading won't get you anywhere with Lieutenant Gillette." Groves responded "Now….." he began as he produced another quill and some more parchment, and a well of ink.

"If you won't write it down, I'll simply record everything you do and say." Groves mentioned to someone at the top of the stairs and they brought down a table with a chair to go with it.

"Hoping that I'll slip up?"

"Oh I know you will." Groves said as he sat down at a table and removed his hat. "And I've got plenty of time, unlike you, who we'll hang as soon as we dock."

"Any dock? Or your precious Port Royal?" Diablo asked. She stood up fluidly as if pulled by strings and sauntered over to the front of her cage as close to Groves as her cage would allow her, "Don't you think it would be breaking protocol to just hang me at any ole dock?"

"I'm sure Her Majesty would make an exception for one with a reputation and a list of accomplishments such as you."

"List of accomplishments!" Diablo laughed "How prettily put, well then it's a good thing that we don't intend for you to dock anytime soon."

"Slipping information already are we?"

"No merely giving you information you would have already known had you read Elizabeth's letter."

"It's Miss Swann to you,"

"Actually it's the soon to be Mrs. Turner if you must spilt hairs." Diablo paused and looked at the man and then down at the fluidly swishing quill before him, he really was recording her every action and movement. He also had very good penmanship, the kind that one got from a good upbringing and years of practice.

"Let me guess Lieutenant Groves is it? Oh don't look so shocked, you really didn't expect me to not know your name before I came aboard this ship now did you? Now let me guess, you were from a relatively well to do family, your father was educated, so he decided to have all his sons follow his path, yes sons, you couldn't possibly be a first born. Parents usually don't risk the necks of their first born sons, and it's usually the second that goes into the military and the third into the seminary, so I'll assume that you are either the second." She paused and looked at his face and his ever widening eyes. "Oh yes, the second son of a well educated man who taught his sons to read and write at a fairly early age, your penmanship is far to fluid to have learned it in the military." Groves blinked

"You can read what I'm writing from all the way over there?"

"I could read what you were writing from the back of this cage." Diablo smiled at his now darkening face. "Your swishes are very elaborate and quite patterned, not to mention painfully methodical."

Groves's pen stopped and he looked up.

"Did you decide to switch tactics and bait me and flatter my comrade instead?" Diablo laughed at that comment, and shook her head.

"The Commodore sent you down here because of what Eliza….. oh pardon me Miss Elizabeth wrote in the letter didn't you."

"You knew that he would, having read the contents of that letter."

"Actually I didn't and you would know because it's been sealed with a ribbon."

"Which can be easily retied."

"Yes but the hand writing. It's so obviously hers," Diablo looped her arms around the front of the cage again and wagged a finger at Groves. "He would know more then anyone after being so enamored with her for so long."

"Your vocabulary is quite proficient for an assassin."

"Hmmm……" Diablo examined her hands twisting them in a pattern the way one would caress a throwing knife. "He must have been so heartbroken when he lost her, and to a blacksmith who commandeered his own ship no less."


Groves's chair smashed to the ground as he stood up.

"That is none of your business, and you have used up your worth." Groves picked up his writings and then turned toward her once more. "Think hard about playing with her majesty's royal navy madam, or you'll regret setting foot on this ship."

Diablo's only reply was to smile and wave at him as he went up the stairs where his fellow officer had disappeared to before him.

"Madam eh, well it seems like he's warming up to me after all."

The Ward Room, abroad The Interceptor

"Commodore she had been here for the past week and the only thing that she has been useful for is consuming our resources and trying our patience. That blasted demon, or vampire or pirate assassin, morally lacking hell spawn who's probably here just to drive us crazy so she can pull the wool over our eyes and kill us all."

"Gillette as much as I agree with you on the most of those points dare I ask how is she going to pull the wool over anyone's eyes when she's locked up in a cage down in the brig?" Groves idly asked.


"Gillette, Groves at this rate I will have to expand my ward room just to fit both of your heads in." Commodore Norrington looked up from the map he was studying. "Now will you both desist and allow me to study Sparrow's route in peace."

"Why can't we just make her walk the plank like those bloody pirates do."

"Gillette………" Norrington warned. He had just about enough of the ruckus that his first mate was causing. Sparrow was leading them on a merry chase and according to Elizabeth's letter they were now also pursuing her father in law. Turner's father alive! He could just imagine a second Sparrow he now had to chase after, probably as blunder headed as Turner, blundering and annoying lucky. He reread the letter that Elizabeth had sent along with the pirate, he had suspected the letter to be forged at first, but the script was very obviously hers, both in penmanship tone and the mastery of words. Norrington sighed and put the letter aside and studied the map once more, they were making their way steadily across The Atlantic at the rate they were going they might hit Portugal. They didn't nearly have enough resources to be out at sea for a month, and they had already been chasing those blasted pirates for over a fortnight. They had to replenish supplies and soon.

"Gillette, stop howling on and on about the integrity of the prisoner and take inventory, it seems we're running precariously low on food and fresh water."

"Sir!" Gillette saluted, albeit sulkily and went out.

"Where do you think they are leading us Sir?" Groves asked.

"Portugal seems to be a likely destination; we've been pretty much headed in a straight line toward it."

"But that's out of our jurisdiction sir."

"Yes Groves I realize this." Norrington looked up from his map. "But it's too late to turn back and send word to the Portuguese authorities, we'll have to ration the food until we can refurnish our supplies."

"How do you suppose Sparrow is making it all the way across?"

"He was able to obtain supplies at that pirate island whereas we were not." Norrington thought about the situation for a moment, perhaps that pirate girl has a…….

"Commodore!" Gillette came bursting into the ward room at full run. "Storm's coming!"

"What? Groves asked, "It was clear skies but a minute ago."

"Yes but Mother Nature is ever a fickle woman like all of her sex." Norrington countered as he grabbed his coat, forgoing the hat out of common sense and ran out.


"So Son have you ever been at sea during a right nasty of a storm?" Bootstrap Bill yelled over the howling rain. They were about two days ahead of The Interceptor and they have yet to break the storm that was blowing over them. By Bootstrap's calculations the excitement should all be over round midnight and then they could dock and restock their supplies, at their hidden island. He just hoped the Commodore had enough sense to listen to Diablo; their rations were probably running low. BC, Marlow, Smith and Rubens had all sailed off in ships of their own, BC and Marlow following one path, Smith and Rubens on another. They were all headed for the same destination. The Mouth of the Tagus River, he would get in contact with them by seagull once they cleared the storm but right now he was just happy to feel the world crash and the waves thunder underneath his feet.

Will turned to glare at his father's maniacally smiling face steering happily at the helm and yelled back

"You're crazier then Jack for continuously going through this storm at full sail."

"Not full sail junior!" Bootstrap pointed at the main sail "She's not even up yet."

"Yet?" William asked "What do you mean yet? Have you gone mad? We're lucky the mast doesn't spilt in two, we have to pull in the sails and wait it out."

"Nah boy! Sailing through storms is half the fun, besides this couldn't have gone better if I had conjured up a storm myself!" Bootstrap turned from his son for a moment to yell at his crew

"Hoist that up ye dogs! Did that tar stick up your brains as well as your feet? Move it below or I'll sink you down myself just to make a point ye hear?"

"You want to get us killed over a point?"

"No boy! The storm, the storm, listen boy! This'll certainly endear Diablo to the Commodore, she just loves storms! Ties a rope to her waist and jumps from beam to beam, mast to helm, port to starboard! She damn near ties down the whole ship herself, nearly ruins all my fun the blasted wench!"

"Madness, utter madness." Will grumbled.

"Says the one who commandeered a ship with a criminal broke him out of lock up and sailed after a woman engaged to someone else!" Bootstrap shot back. "Aw don't worry son! You should consider this an honor, no man can really appreciate the beauty of The Dragoness without seeing her through a storm."

"An Honor I would have gladly relinquished for sanity."

Bootstrap Bill laughed, "Look out Tagus here we come!"

The Black Pearl

"Captain! You're as daft as your namesake!" Anamaria yelled out over the storm. Just one day behind The Dragoness and Jack Sparrow was hell bent on catching up. It stung that his Pearl was no longer the fastest ship on the seas, but to get knocked on the head and ordered about by a wench just about sent him over. He'll catch the Dragoness or at least keep up with it……….. a day behind, but still keeping up with it, Blast!

"Jack was a daft man?" Jack asked back yelling over the storm his gold teeth gleaming. At least he could keep up with his favorite game. "How would you know? Not every man named Jack is daft and not every daft man is named Jack so how does one judge how daft a man can be based on the daft ideals of one daft man who may or may not have been daft and named Jack?"

Anamaria looked like she wanted to tie the rope around Jack's neck as opposed securing it to the deck.

"Besides luv, we have a schedule to keep and like I said before!" Jack said in a mock salute of his hat, nearly losing control of the wheel when a particularly violent wave hit him square on the head. "When Captain Jack Sparrow is invited to a party, he's never late!"

Author's Note; Wow, it's been awhile since I updated………heheh miss me? So things are just about to get interesting and with the upcoming release of the new movie, I thought I would try and get this story going again before it becomes completely disproved by the movie LoL