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He was always miserable at Christmas. It was a time for people who lived to be happy and indulge in society's pathetic commercialism. It wasn't for him. He had more on his mind than plastic ideas and soft gooey love. He had thinking to do. There was going to be a gathering of ECW cohorts that evening as a sort of celebration before Christmas, to reunite and catch up. He'd been debating not going but Molly had told him he should go.

"You've missed them" she'd said "I'll go with you, these are your friends Raven, they've been with you since the beginning and I know you went through hell with Tommy but these are the ones who you can't forget or dismiss because they never forgot or dismissed you"

He'd nodded slowly. He was Jewish so the 'real' meaning of Christmas meant nothing to him. It all meant nothing though he knew from the shadows that lifted from under Molly's eyes that it used to mean something to her, back when she was sunshine and cornflowers. He wondered if she still loved the snow and the sparkle.

Now he found himself trudging through the streets with Molly by his side. They'd both changed a lot on the outside since that night up in the rafters when they'd merged souls. The darkness had consumed them even more. Her beauty had not changed though, in faded grey black jeans, a black shining leather jacket and some sort of red top on underneath. He had smiled his approval at it, she was wearing the colour of ECW; blood. Her hair had grown out the curls and now lay nearly at her shoulders, oak brown and soft and thick. He himself had changed since working for the NWA; his hair was shaved from his head, to cleanse himself of all the filth he felt. His blue jeans were cut off at the knees and he wore a black leather jacket over his bare chest. Two long marks of black marred his face, as though someone dragged a finger from below each eye to just above his chin leaving a trail behind each one.

The snow was falling thick and fast. He remembered more of her words to him

"Christmas has become fake and plastic to me as well Raven" she'd gently taken his hand in her's "but these people, they're your blood brothers and sisters, you can't ever brush them aside because they know your soul inside out, even better then me"

"No!" he'd cut her off, almost violently "no one will ever know me better than you, no one"

She was carrying a small package wrapped in silvery paper under arm. He could see a small silver ring shining on one finger of her hand. He'd given her that ring, a promise ring of eternal devotion. Marriage was for society, promises were forever. They'd managed their separate lives. He worked in NWA and she worked for the WWE still, she was champion now. He'd been so proud of her when she'd wrestled it off that shamelessly green rookie Gail Kim. She'd even had the presence of mind to take Gail into her conscience and train her, shape her and hone her into a proper female fighter. Like she'd done to Victoria before the beautiful misfit had crashed into millions of tiny pieces, her mind unmanageable.

They reached the address. When Tazz had phoned Raven about the gathering, he'd hung up. Tazz had changed beyond recognition, wearing a suit, calling the action, whoring himself for money. Raven couldn't forgive him yet. Molly had been there and very calmly picked up the phone, called Tazz back and got all the details. Raven had hung about in shadowy corners, unsure of where he stood. These people had been his enemies, many of them he hated with every fibre of his being but that was a bond. It was stronger than he shared with most people. It was something.

Molly turned back and smiled at him

"Are you ready for this?"

He answered by taking his hand and shaking his head.

"Never am, never will be" he muttered to the snow "too much brokenness for anything good to happen"

Molly reached up and rang the bell. There were slow footsteps and Tazz opened the door slowly, dressed all in raggedy black. Raven let out a sigh. If Tazz had come to the door in his suit, the same suit he wore when he was whoring himself to the WWE as a commentator, he would have turned around and walked away. Molly smiled a practiced smile, it made Raven wince

"Raven" Tazz said, his tough Brooklyn accent colouring even the smallest of words "and Molly, come in, people are here already"

Molly moved in first, followed by Raven. Tazz closed the door and locked it behind them before walking away. Raven pulled Molly back a little. He could sense her shivering

"Relax, I am more afraid of these people than you, you have no right to be"

Molly gathered her fragile breaths, her eyes going wide and frightened.

"I know, now I think about it, I'm afraid; these are your people"

"They're your's too"

At this Molly smiled and gave a slow delighted nod. Raven began walking again at this and pushed open a door at the end of the corridor. His confidence was almost like steel now. He had Molly beside him and he didn't need anyone else.

The room was full of a low volume music, some sort of old trashed rock that sort of hummed in the atmosphere and took away any sharp edges. The room was quite small, there was a few chairs scattered around with a long table down one side scattered haphazardly with drink and food. There were people, people he knew so well. Like his children or his lifeblood.

"Raven" a quiet voice said "it's good to see you again"

Lance Storm stood in front of them and held out his hand which Raven took and shook wordlessly.

"Raven! How lovely to see you!" a bubbly voice chattered

Dawn Marie appeared beside Lance, linking an arm through his. She wore a black sleeveless top that glittered like stars and a tiny matching skirt, revealing a lot of cleavage and legs. Her auburn hair was back into its zesty natural curls which sprung around her shoulders. She looked as though she'd stepped from an old ECW PPV

"Dawn Marie" Raven said tonelessly, turning his moonlit eyes on her "It is good to see you back into your natural skin, cosying up to Paul E doesn't suit you"

Dawn didn't flinch at his words but nodded solemnly. She's been made Paul's assistant and had been seen by the cameras flirting outrageously with her new boss, encased in leather outfits that left nothing to the imagination and her hair ironed straight with streaks of rebellious blonde in.

"I know but I need work, no one at Smackdown will give me any now that Stephanie's gone, she liked me but now Vince is there and Paul's in charge, it's all hopeless"

"There is always Raw" spoke up Lance

"Lance, we've been through this" Dawn said gently "my place isn't among the Raw divas where they can all kick my ass, it's at Smackdown where I can learn more"

"I'd help you on Raw" said Molly suddenly, having watched the exchange with interest "I'd be more than willing to"

"Really? Because I know....."

Dawn's voice seemed to fade away as Molly and she stepped away to talk together, locked into their own little circle of reality. Raven watched them closely. They were two very different breeds; Dawn had used her body to get into places she otherwise wouldn't be allowed into though he knew that Lance trained her to wrestle a little, she was an excellent manager one of the best and was happy to do what Lance thought was best. Molly was all passionate independence and now that she was the champion, was full of renewed confidence. She felt better about her job, especially since she was joined to Raven now.

Raven turned and found that Lance had melted away. It mattered little to him. That was the nature of ECW. He turned more to fully observe the room and the people in it. Tommy Dreamer sat down talking to Stevie Richards. Victoria was nowhere to be seen though Dreamer's wife Beulah stood talking to Tazz. Raven tore his eyes from her. She had been his but Dreamer had stolen her, his golden prize he had craved and adored. But things had turned out well. Raven had proceeded to steal Francine, Dreamer's new girlfriend from him in the same fashion. Life was a bitch. Now Dreamer and Beulah were married. A perfect little ending.

"Like our's"

Molly appeared beside him, smiling a blood red smile. Raven smiled. He was used to her seeing his thoughts. It was something she'd picked up on naturally and meant there was little use for words anymore. He didn't think of Beulah anymore, he had done for a long time. She had occupied more thoughts than he wanted her to but then betrayal can leave ugly scars. Now she was not even in his consciousness, just a small pinprick burn that he could smoulder over occasionally.

"Let the past drift away" Molly said softly "I can feel you thinking about it all again, we're not here to open old wounds"

He nodded and looked around some more. Tajiri, Super Crazy, Tammy Lyn Sytch who was giving Dawn a wide birth, Justin Credible sat in a long heated conversation with his long term lover Jason. Everything seemed shimmery around the edges but perfectly bitterly normal. Someone had turned the clock back and here they were, ready for a meeting with Paul.

He felt a glass in his hand. Molly had handed it to him. She was his rock, immoveable. None of this affected her personally but she felt it because of him. It was pricking her insides and making her bleed because of him. Yet she didn't complain. His people were her's too. She had always belonged here though.

This was Christmas.