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The silence seemed to hang between them like a sword. Molly liked that image. She wished she could reach up and grab it, slicing through what was constricting it all. Truth be told, she was a little unnerved by what she'd seen in Raven's mind's eye. It also excited her as well. She wished she'd been in ECW in its heyday. But Heyman had been in charge and he thought she needed liposuction. What the hell did he know? Raven had smiled when she'd asked him that and told her that Heyman knew more than any man about wrestling, that he hoarded all his ideas deep inside of him until the time was right to tell.

A sigh escaped Molly's lips as she sat on the couch, Raven's head in her lap. Her hand softly stroked his head; she liked the way his stubble felt against her fingers. He had made no noise at all since coming in from the snow, simply staring up through moonlit eyes at the scattered ceiling. It was like time had stood still for so long. Impulsively, she leant down and kissed his forehead. He blinked once and lifted a hand to trace her jaw- line as light as a whisper. He was still there, just lost in serene and pleasant thoughts. It made her smile, maybe even feel stronger. The darkness consumed her and made her who she was but alone, without him who made her whole, she wasn't complete. She'd feel like she was just floating through life and not getting very far. That was why they were brought together even though they were worlds apart and spiritually in love.

She could feel his heartbeat beneath of her hands as it rested lightly on his chest. It was strange. She'd always assumed that Raven had no heartbeat, that he survived outside of such human absurdities yet here he was, half resting on her lap with a heartbeat she could feel through her fingers. She shook her head slightly, why did she think he was a corpse? He was more alive than anyone else she'd ever known before or forever. Her own family were the corpses, trying to force her to live in a body she had not created but they had created for her. It still made her shiver to think about it since it wasn't of her own doing. Prisoner in your own body.

"What are you thinking?"

Raven's voice reached through her soft dreams. She lowered her eyes to his face. His eyes were still closed, his heart was still beating.

"I'm thinking about my family and what they did to me" her words were like mist

"You think about what you've become, not what they tried to do to you"

"It killed Crash"

"But its not gonna kill you is it?"

"No, I guess it isn't"

"You guess?"

Raven's eyes snapped open, revealing their mysterious moonlit grey colour before he sat up sharply and twisted so that he was sat beside her and staring at her.

"You should not just guess, you should know" he replied intensely "You have more than you know inside and you are not going to let it all kill you, wither inside and die, you were made for ECW and we are all made of stronger stuff than this world knows of, you have to know it though"

"I belong in the darkness" she replied, equalling his intense stare "and I'm glad I've finally found it but it's going to take some time before I am properly settled in it and get used to the fact that I'm not alone anymore"

Raven took one of her hands in his and brought it to his lips. His kiss was like a breath of soft air from welcoming sandpaper lips. It meant the world as she closed her eyes to accept the rush of feelings it brought with it. Slowly, he lowered himself back down to lie on the couch.

Then there was a knock at the door. Molly opened her eyes with a snap. That would have to be Chastity. Gently lifting Raven's head from her lap, she slid from beneath him to answer the door. With a few seconds to calm her skipping heartbeat, she opened it to reveal Chastity with a wide whitened smile on her face.

"Evening Molly, is my jerk of a brother in?" her voice was cheerful and full

Molly smiled and pointed inside. As Chastity strode in, Molly finally noticed the man behind her. He was stocky and stank of cigarettes and beer. He wore a sloppy red t-shirt and a pair of loose grey sweatpants which gave him an almost shapeless appearance. His hair was short and bleached blonde and he carried a kendo stick in one callused hand. It was the same type of callused hands that Raven possessed.

"Sandman" Molly said formally "it's a pleasure to meet you" "You must be Miss Molly" his voice was blue-collar America "it sure is a pleasure, Chas has told me all about you"

Molly smiled and stood back, allowing him in. She couldn't hear Raven's voice. She hoped that he and Chastity weren't locked in a silent hate- filled standoff. It would take a while to break if it was true. She turned to move back in and then saw it. Her red leaf framed and hung on the wall. It was right in front of her, a sign, an omen. Taking courage in the fall, she strode into the living area.

Raven had remained lying down on the couch. Chastity sat cross-legged on the floor while Sandman had taken one of the chairs for himself. Molly quickly sat back down on the couch, settling Raven's head back in her lap. The silence, the tension was palatable.

Molly didn't know who would break first.