Life, Love and Egg Nog

Chapter 1: The Wish


            Guys, I love Christmas, and I think it's safe to say that most of you do to so I decided to do a little fiction before Christmas. This is a lose parody based on "It's a Wonderful Life." I know what your thinking there will be as little cheese as possible. Now that that is off my chest let's get going.


            The day was a cold one and the night proved to be even more frigid as sounds of music thumped threw the air. It was the night before Christmas, and most of the mutants that live at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters decided to stay at the mansion for the sake of the two that had nowhere to go. Neither Scott nor Rogue had families to go home to and usually just spent the holidays at the institute. This particular Christmas Eve the students had decided to through a party for the two orphans.

            Rogue looked around the room as the strained heater hummed a silent hum in the background; everyone was having so much fun. It seemed that a bottle of Tequila had found it's way into Kurt's hands and his belly. Kurt was swinging from the chandler while Jean and Kitty tried to talk him down. Rogue sighed as she sat in the corner as far away from everyone she could, the holidays where not her favorite time of the year. Still, she was thankful that she did not have to spend it alone like so many previous times. "It's kind of hard to get used to having people around." Said Scott as he snapped Rogue out of the train of thought she was in.

            "What, yeah. It is kinda strange."

            "To go from nothing to, well, this!" Scott pointed at the half drunken group of students that where periodically searched by Wolverine looking for his bottle of Tequila. The two laughed as they watched the bottle pass just out of Logan's reach every time he came to close. Suddenly, the wild child of the group, noticed the two quiet mutants at the door.

            "Hey Wallflowers," called Tabitha "You guys should watch where you're standing." Both Rogue and Scott shot her questioning glances, Boom Boom then smiled and pointed just above their heads. It was the misle toe that Mr. McCoy had hung earlier that night without the professor's permission. Scott and Rogue looked at each other. They reached the unspoken agreement that tradition would be broken this one time. However, the drunken students had other ideas. Kurt, Tabby and Ray rushed over to the two orphans and started trying goad them into kissing; when this didn't work they resorted to force. Scott and Rogue struggled against them but to no avail. They soon touched lips and Scott fell to the ground limp. Rogue's head was spinning and her eyes shot the very same concussive blast that Scott was known for, blowing a hole in the ceiling. She staggered back and quickly closed her eyes.

            "Why can't you just leave me alone?" She shouted as she felt her way out of the room. She quickly squelched the part of Scott's mind she had taken and ran to hide in her room. She slammed herself on her bed and sobbed into her pillow. She knew that something was going to happen, after all it was her life and nothing good ever happened to her. "Ah wish," she sobbed, "Ah wish Ah hadn't been born a mutant." She continued to sob into her pillow as she cried herself to sleep. The next morning came without so much as a whisper. Rogue stirred in her bed as she noticed that she was comfortably warm. As she came to more full awareness she noticed the origin of the warmth. Someone was lying in the bed next to her. She pulled the covers off of her and noticed a hand, a masculine hand hugging her stomach weakly. She gasped violently; their skin was touching, and jumped out of bed. She looked down at herself she was almost nude, well nude by her standards. She was wearing a pair of blue boy shorts and a matching sports bra.

            The covers began to stir and Scott Summers poked his head out from under them "Marie, what's wrong? It's four in the morning." He said as she noticed that all he had on was a pair of black boxer shorts. Rogue stood silent as Scott snapped to full consciousness "Oh, crap if I don't get out of here quick, people are gonna know what we've been doing." Said Scott as he grabbed his things, gently yet sensually kissed Rogue on the lips, and darted out of the room as quietly as possible. Rogue was left in a state of complete shock, but she something was different.


End Chapter 1

This is going to be a short fan fiction. I intend to end it next chapter so let me know what you think. I may decide to make it longer.