Life, Love and Egg Nog

Chapter 4: Every time a bell rings…

            I have really got to end this story. It's kind of taken more time than I wanted it to take and people are forgetting about my other stories. I'm having so much fun with this particular story that I've strung it out longer than I originally intended to. I even did a sketch of what Rogue looks like in this story. That was the first clue that I was getting too attached to this story (the second was the fact that I was trying to find a way to write Rogue's boy shorts back on her ;p). Anyway this is definitely going to be the last chapter. (I hope)


            Rogue lay silently on her bed, as Clarence did his best to console her. She could not believe that Jean was dead. Rogue had no lost Love for the infuriating red head, but neither did she hate the born leader. Clarence had never before been to the earth plane and was beginning to doubt his capability to do this job. The girl he had been assigned to was one of the chosen champions set to guard this world from the turmoil that ensued from hate, and he wasn't even a full angel yet. He thought that Michael would have been a better choice for the job, but knew better than to question the Creator. Suddenly, Rogue looked up at Clarence with those emotional brown eyes "Clarence," she sniffed "Thank You."

            "What?" wondered Clarence?

            "Thank you for granting the one thing that I've wanted all my life. I was going crazy in that poisonous skin of mine, but can you leave me alone?" asked Rogue as she wiped the tears away from her eyes.

            Clarence sighed dejectedly and resigned himself to his failure. "You're welcome young one, I'm glad to have made your life happier." Again Clarence sighed dejectedly and waved as he silently faded from reality.

            There came knock at the door, "Marie, Are you alright?" wondered Scott with a worried tone in his voice "You've been acting strange lately." Rogue wiped the tears from her eyes and walked to the door. It was already getting dark and Rogue had something on her mind. Putting on the best face she could when she opened the door just as Scott was about knock again. Behind it she found both Scott and the Professor waiting quietly outside her door. They both looked at Rogue's smiling face and red eyes, they wanted to say something, but before they could Rogue Kissed Professor X on the top of his shiny baldhead. She lingered there for a few seconds and pulled away a small tear dribbled down the cheek above her smile. It was at this particular time that Professor X mentally wished that he had been born an empath instead of a telepath. Before either Scott or Charles could say any thing Rogue grabbed Scott and pulled him down stairs. They stopped at the coat rack in the main hall before Rogue drug Scott out to the street's sidewalk.

            "Marie, what's going on with you? Ever since this morning you have been acting very strange." Worried Scott

            "Have you ever wondered what this world would have been like if I had been born a mutant?" she asked as she young man beside her.

            "Honestly Marie, I've never been that concerned with the 'what would have' or the 'what could have'. Since I was a child I have always tried to be concerned with what I had, not what I didn't have. Why do you ask?"

"No reason really," she said as she linked arms with him "I was just thinking that the people I love would not have had to go through some of the things that they did; if I had been born a mutant."

            "Oh really?"

            Suddenly Rogue stopped and looked deeply into the eyes hidden behind Scott's special glasses. She smiled a cracked, emotional smile as she pulled Scott in close and kissed him. She closed her eyes and let herself enjoy the warmth of his lips. She ran her fingers through his hair as she probed every in and out of his mouth with her tongue. Scott returned the kiss with equal fervor as their two tongues danced together as if they where two of the passing snow flakes that danced on the wind as they passed the young lovers.

            It was Rogue that broke the kiss; she silently pulled away as Scott quietly begged for more. "Wha…" He began but was stopped as one of Rogue's fingers was gently placed over his lips. Again Rogue looked deeply into Scott's eyes; this time she could not hold back her tears at all.

            "Today has been the best day of my life," She sniffed "but I don't belong in this world, and it's time I get back to reality." She stepped back and took a deep breath and spoke loudly. "Clarence! I understand now please put everything back the way it was."

            "You don't need to yell child; I thought you wanted me to leave you alone?" said Clarence as he slowly walked up from behind Scott.

            "Marie? What's going on?" worried Scott as he approched Rogue. She kept him at arms length as she motioned to Clarence.

            "Whatever your gonna do, Clarence, do it." Said Rogue. She then blinked and noticed that Scott was no longer standing in her way and clarence was no longer in sight. She surched the landscape, nothing. She surched herself and found that she was covered in her favorite black leather top and skirt with the shear green shirt she always wore. She realised just how cold it was when the wind kicked up.

            "Rogue, What are you doing out here?" called a famillar voice as Rogue soon found herself covered in a brown leather jacket. She turned to see the face of Scott Summers, the very same one she had just left.


            "Jeez, Rogue, it's freezing outside. I saw you leave when I stumbled to the land of the wakeing,What are you doing out here, anyway?"

            "Scott, What day is it?"

            "Has the temprature gotten to you?" replied Scott.

            "Just answer the question."

            "It's Christmas day, I was told you ran away after what happened last night. Everyone's been looking for you since." Explained Scott.

            There came a loud noise from the Church down the street. In the steeple the bells ressonated with the the clang of joy that was the symbol of the christmas holiday. Scott smiled a nastalgic smile and sivered slightly. "What's up?" asked Rogue

            "Oh," Scott snapped back to reality "just something my father told me when I was a child. He said that 'every time a bell rings and angel gets his wings' stupid, huh."

            "Not really, in fact I think one just got his wings. Atta boy, Clarence, Atta boy." Said Rogue.

            "Come on, crazy girl, everyone's worried." Said Scott as he walked Rogue back to the mansion.



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