Chapter 1 A knight to remember

Meta Knight made another attempt to destroy the monster by using Sword Beam. The attack delivered a brutal blow to the monster cutting off his right arm. The monster screamed in agony as it fell to the ground exploding nearly wiping out several brave warriors.

Meta Knight immediatly rushed to his fellow star warriors to help. The battle almost seemed pointless as soon as they destroyed most of the monsters more appeared. But they battled on bravely. Meta Knight was so involved with a certain

monster he hadn't noticed the five that were coming up behind him.

"Meta Knight!" screamed a familer female voice.

Meta Knight turned, seeing the monsters gathered all around him. He tried holding them off but a huge black monster caught him off guard and sent him flying. He hit a huge rock and was knocked out cold. The monster came creeping up and was ready to get rid of him once and for all. He was about to strike when his attention was turned to a young female warrior riding on a black Warp Star. She had dark violet eyes, long black hair,and a very pale complexion. She wore a black cape

that was held up with black straps that wrapped around her neck and were pinned to her purple sleavless shirt with a yellow star. She wore a black hood and a black skirt that was outlined with purple. Her cute little elf ears poked out but her ears didn't make her angry face cute.

She pointed her long purple star rod, which also had a yellow star at the end of it. Meta Knight shook his head as he came to. He noticed the warrior who was attacking the monster with bright yellow stars blasting out of her star rod.

"Pisces?" he questioned himself, trying to place her. "Pisces!" Meta Knight screamed recognizing her.

The female star warrior battled fiercly against the beast but was knocked from her star and was sent flying.

"No!" Meta Knight screamed, powering his sword until it glowed.

The monster threw a blast of black fire at the sword beames attempt but the beam cut through the firey blast, making it spin and disappear as if it was never there. The beam went right through the creature. The monsters sides fell in different directions but amazingly the monsters remains didn't explode.

But whether or not the monster exploded that was the farthest thing from Meta Knight's mind. He was more concerned for the where abouts of his friend.

"Pisces!" Meta Knight shouted, looking for his friend.

"Sir Meta Knight" started a short, blue, round,star warrior who wore a skull mask and had purple feet, "We need your help holding off the monsters. We can't hold them off forever, sir."

Meta Knight's eyes scanned the area but saw no sign of his friend.

Meta Knight sighed.

"All right, let us go." Meta Knight said, frowning under his mask.

"Thank you, sir!" said the warrior, running off to fight again

There was nothing Meta Knight could do. He rushed back to help fight.


After they had battled off most of the monsters until they retreated everyone sat around mostly seperated fires with about two or three at each fire. Meta Knight stared into his coffee.

His friend Jecra stared at him concerned.

"You're not going to find Pisces in your coffee." Jecra pointed out, bringing Meta Knight back to


"What? Oh..I know." Meta Knight said, lowering his eyes. "I should of been paying more attention then she wouldn't of had to try and save me."

"Cheer up, it could be worse they could have me!"

Jecra regretted what he said when Meta Knights yellow eyes enlarged.

"Umm... Don't worry that won't happen they'll never get me." said Jecra closing his eyes and smiling.

Meta Knight chuckled and smiled under his mask.

"Like you said-" Jecra stopped when Meta Knight startlingly plunged at him. It didn't take Jecra long to realize that Meta Knight was jumping at the monster that was behind him.

"We are being ambushed! Everyone wake up!" Meta Knight shouted.

Almost all the star warriors awoke to Meta Knight's warning.

"Sir Meta Knight! Trarna, Mento, and Ax are dead!" said the same star warrior he had talked to before.

"Well don't just stand there, fight!" said Jecra in no mood for a chit chat.

"Right!" said the little guy, taking out his little ax and fending off the monsters the best he could.

Meta Knight and Jecra were doing a great job when suddenly a flying monster snatched up Jecra and flew

off with him.

"Jecra!" said Meta Knight turning watching his friend being taken away.

A huge ugly catapiller monster was ready to attack but Meta Knight spun around and cut off the creatures head. Then turned back watching his friend being taken away.

Jecra..." Meta Knight whispered softly to himself.

"They retreated again sir..the-they r- r-retreated." stammered the little guy as he fell over.

Meta Knight rushed over to check on the little guy but he was already gone.

"Sir Meta Knight we..we lost a lot of warriors." said a bird knight about the same size as Meta Knight.

"Go tell sergant Cosmos to get some guards on the look out and get some nurses in here to help any of the wounded star warriors." ordered Meta Knight.

Meta Knight rushed over to a star warrior who looked badly hurt. He was about to pick him up and carry him to a

tent but a nurse rushed over to aid him.

Meta Knight looked off into the distance then turned towards the dude he was talking to. "And tell him..I'm going to look for Pisces and Jecra."

The knights eyes enlarged. "S-sir?"

Meta Knight nodded.

"Yes sir!" saluted the knight, rushing off to proceed in doing his orders.

Meta Knight started off into the night to look for his dear friends. He wandered so far away from the camp that he couldn't even see the light of the camp fires.

Minutes turned into hours and Meta Knight was doubting he would ever see Pisces or Jecra again. Meta Knight was ready to turn back when he heard a faint sound. As he searched around him he noticed a faint light the light of a star. It was Pisces Star Rod! Meta Knight ran toward the light and nearly fell into what looked like a canyon. Meta Knight leaned over a bit looking down into the canyon. His eyes searched until he saw a Star Rod slowly drifting down to a ledge. The rod was snatched up by a hand. When it was lowered Meta Knight could see the glow of Pisces' face. Meta Knights eyes swirled in green when he saw her.

"Pisces!" Meta Knight shouted.

Pisces wearily lifted her head, her face lit up when she saw him a weak smile shown on her face.

Meta Knight strained to hear what she was whispering.

"I'm coming down!" Meta Knight shouted.

Meta Knight scaled the canyon until he reached the ledge she was on.

"Are you alright?" Meta Knight asked.

"Meta pl-plot." Pisces stammered.

"It is all right you are going to be fine." Meta Knight said encouragingly. "Do you know where Jecra is?" Meta Knight asked her with a little hope in his voice.

Pisces eyes enlarged.

"What do you mean 'do I know where he is'? I thought he was with you."

Meta Knight frowned.

Pisces tried to move but Meta Knight could see she was in pain.

"I-I can't move." she stammered.

Pisces cried out as she forced herself beyond her limits trying to move again.

Meta Knight examined his friend.

"Your leg is broken." Meta Knight said, trying to help her stand.

"Where is your Warp Star?" Meta Knight questioned.

"It's down there in the canyon." Pisces answered.

Meta Knight got up and was obviously going to look for it but Pisces grabbed his arm.

"Don't be a fool! You'll kill yourself trying to get it!" Pisces whispered weakly.

"What are you talking about?" Meta Knight questioned.

Pisces raised her hand and flexed her fingers purple streaks shot out of her hands following that her Warp Star appeared and landed by her.

"Help me up!" Pisces comanded.

Meta Knight helped her onto her Warp Star.

"Thank you," Pisces said softly, "But you shouldn't ofcome here Nightmare-" Pisces was interupted by evil laughter.

Meta Knight drew his sword.

"Who is there!" Meta Knight questioned.

Meta Knight and Pisces looked around but saw nothing.

Evil laughter was heard as it echoed off the canyon walls. An image apeared in the sky. As it began to form

Pisces couldn't take it any more.

"Warp Star!" She shouted.

The Warp Star swooped Meta Knight up.

"Get him out of here!" Pisces ordered.

Without delay the Warp Star started whisking Meta Knight away. Meta Knight tried to jump off but it was

going so fast he could hardly move. He held on for dear life as he looked back he saw total darkness, then a light, then an exsplosion.

"Pisces!" He screamed.

The star slowed down a bit at least enough for him to jump off. After he jumped it was like he had dove into

complete darkness he heard laughter all around him. Meta Knight fell down and down until everything went black.

"Meta Knight!" Tuff shouted, startling Meta Knight out of his flash back.

"Are you okay?" Tiff asked concerned.

Meta Knight looked around himself. He was in the court yard of Castle Dedede. Meta Knight looked back and forth between the two.

"Yes! Yes, I'm fine." Meta Knight answered.

"Are you sure? You're acting kind of strange." Tiff said, putting her fists on her hips and tilting her head.

"He is acting kind of wacky. He was just standing there like he was under a spell or something." Tuff added. "Anyway, you didn't answer our question!" Tuff whined.

"What was that Tuff?" Meta Knight questioned.

"Don't you remember? I asked you if Tiff should dye her hair green." Tuff grinned

"You did not Tuff!" Tiff yelled at her brother, swinging her fist, "We asked you what color we should make the protest banners."

"Protest banners?" Meta Knight repeated.

"Yeah, King Dedede wants to put a big ugly statue in the mayor's yard." Tuff reminded him.

"Oh yes, uh, how about black?" Meta Knight suggested.

Tiff and Tuff stared at him like he was crazy.

"But if we paint them black you won't be able to see what they say." Tiff pointed out.

"Blue?" Meta Knight resuggested.

"Okay, that's a great idea." Tiff said, nodding in approval.

"Hey Tiff you should dye your hair blue!" Tuff said bursting out in laughter.

Kirby jumped up squealing, as if backing up the suggestion.

"That's not funny!" Tiff yelled, making Tuff and Kirby fall over.

"Lighten up, Tiff. Hey, we better get going they probably started already." Tuff pointed out.

"Okay, hey, Meta Knight, are you coming?" Tiff questioned excitedly.

"You kids go on. I'll catch up." Meta Knight insisted.

"Okay, see ya later." Tiff said, as she left with Tuff and Kirby following.

Meta Knight watched them leave. He started to leave himself when he saw Sword and Blade rushing toward


"Meta Knight!" Sword shouted. "We want you to take a look at something."

"What?" Meta Knight questioned.

Blade murmered something like "Follow me" and they rushed off.

The group marched around castle Dedede, hoping to get King Dedede's attention.

"We don't want your stupid statues! We want our play ground!" Tiff shouted at the top of her lungs.

"Looks like they're at it again, Sire." Escargoon said, as he peered through his binoculars.

"I done gave you your stupid playground so why don't ya'll go home and let me get some peace and quietness!" King Dedede shouted back to the protesters.

"That got destroyed by the lava when the astroid almost hit Pop Star!" Tuff shouted back.

"Well ain't that just a pitty for ya'll." said Dedede smuggly

Tiff growled.

"Hey Tiff, where's Meta Knight? He said he was going to support our protest." Tuff pointed out.

Tiff looked around but Meta Knight was nowhere to be seen..

"You keep up with the protest Tuff, I'll go and find

Meta Knight." Tiff said, running off into the castle.

Tiff walked down the gloomy green hallways trying to think of where Meta Knight could be. She almost past by King Dedede's throne room when she heard a sound that sounded like a computer. She peeked into the throne room doors and saw the huge monster delivery system coming out of the floor and no one was even there. Tiff watched in awe as one of the buttons clicked down and electricity shot out in all directions. Tiff screamed and ran off toward the ourtyard holding her head.

"I saw something in here." said Sword, walking into the throne room which Tiff had just left.

The room was empty.

"I don't see anything." Meta Knight said, staring at Sword.

Sword turned red.

"I was sure I saw something." Sword said, trying to justify himself.

Blade smacked his head forhead.

"I don't have time for your games I have to get to

Tiff's protest. I promised I would be there." Meta Knight said, leaving the way he came.

Sword felt foolish telling Meta Knight this was so urgent when there was nothing there. "No time for our games." Sword sulked. "That's what he said when we first met him." Sword wasn't sure if Meta Knight had ever forgotten or forgiven them for what they had done.

"Honey!" Tiff shouted, running into the courtyard.

Tiff stopped when she saw Tuff, Spikehead, and Kirby playing.

"Hey! What are you guys doing here? Your suppossed to be at my protest!" Tiff said pointing an accusing finger at Tuff.

"It got boring." Tuff said plainly, wrapping his hands behind his head.

"Yeah," Spikehead added, "King Dedede made the Waddle Dees throw tomatoes at us."

"That Dedede!" Tiff growled, clenching her fists.

"What about him?" Iro pried, walking up to five.

"I think he ordered a monster!" Tiff started.

"Why would he do that?" Honey asked

"Because he wants to get rid of Kirby!" Tiff yelled, throwing her hands in the air.

"I think you imagined it." Iro said smuggly.

No one noticed but Kirby could sense something was wrong. Kirby turned around and saw Meta Knight and a black flying monster fighting.

"How can you say that! I saw it with my own eyes!" Tiff went on, "You believe me don't ya, Tuff?"

Tuff wasn't paying any attention he was too busy chasing Spikehead.

"Ohh!" Tiff groaned

"I don't have time for this. I have more important things to do." Iro scoffed.

Tiff and Honey watched Iro leave. He made Tiff so mad Tiff was still clenching her fists.

"Hey, guys." said a cappy kid, walking up to them with a picture in her hand. "I'm entering King Dedede's drawing contest and I drew a sheep."

"We don't have time for that! Something really bad might happen!" Tiff shouted, starting to loose her temper.

Kirby began squealing and trying to get everyones attention.

"What is it Kirby?" Tiff said, a little more calmly.

Kirby squealed and pointed behind her. Everyone looked and finally realized what was going on.

Everyone screamed seeing the monster. It was black and had long sharp claws. It had red wings and red eyes. It noticed the kids and came swooping down at them. Everyone one shrieked and ran for their lives umbling over one another.

Meta Knight jumped down from his post and helped Tiff up where she had fallen.

"Thanks, Meta Knight." Tiff said greatfully.

"I thought it was strange when I didn't see you at the protest so I came looking for you." Meta Knight said.

Everyone ducked down as the creature swooped down at them blasting fire everywhere.

"We had better look for a safer spot." said Meta Knight.

Everyone nodded.

"Come on Kirby!" Tiff said grabbing Kirby's little hand.

Everyone ran as fast as they could. When they got to Cappytown Spikehead, Honey, and the cappy kid ran in different directions.

"Whoa! It's coming!" said Tuff pointing.

Tiff, Tuff, Kirby, and Meta Knight all ducked down as the creauture barely missed them spuing fire everywhere.

Meta Knight drew his sword but stopped when he saw Sword and Blade trying to fend the beast off.

"They can't hold that monster off forever." Tiff said, clenching her fists.

"What'll we do." Tuff said, staring at Meta Knight.

Meta Knight drew his sword completely and rushed over to help his friends.

"Hey, Tiff, why don't just have Kirby suck it up?" Tuff suggested.

"Great idea, Tuff! Quick Kirby, suck it up!" Tiff ordered.

Kirby immediatly started sucking away. Kirby sucked up the flames and turned into fire Kirby. Kirby kicked butt and in no time the monster was history.

"Great job Kirby!" Tiff congragulated her friend.

Meta Knight didn't seem happy at all he was certain there was more danger to come.

"Pathetic fools!" Nightmare raged. "I send these fools time after time to get rid of Kirby and what happens? Kirby destroys them!"

"I'm sorry sir I must take full responsability." the sales guy insisted.

"Shut up!" said Nightmare with evil laughter following, "I have had it this time Kirby isn't our main target!"

"He isn't?" The sales guy asked confused.

"Shut up!" said Nightmare with more evil laughter following, "This time our main targets are Tiff and Meta Knight."

"Great idea Nightmare." the sales guy said chuckling.

"Send in Yamikage and Drathen and send some bait along with him." Nightmare laughed evily.

"I think I've got one Tiff!" Tuff shouted excitedly pulling on his fishing pull.

Tiff, Lololo, and Lalala rushed over and everyone grabbed hold of the fishing pull.

"Hang on Tuff!" Tiff shouted.

"It's a big one!" Tuff assured everyone.

Every one gave it the old heave ho and a huge fish came flying out right into Kirbys mouth.

"Poyo!" Kirby squealed happily.

"Tuff, Kirby just ate our lunch." Tiff said frowning.

"Ahh! That was the biggest fish I ever caught and Kirby ate it!" Tuff said angerly cutting his teeth.

"Hey don't blame Kirby its not his falt the fish just so happened to fall into his mouth." Tiff spoke up.

"But now we don't have any lunch." Lololo wined.

"Oh well." Lololo and Lalala sighed together.

"Come on let's go back to the castle have lunch there."

Everyone set off torward the castle. When they arived they saw Meta Knight passing through the hall way.

"Hi Meta Knight." Tuff said waving as they passed by him.

Meta Knight didn't say anything he just kept walking.

"I wonder whats wrong with Meta Knight he seemes a little tense since that last monster was here." Tiff thought out loud.

Tiff turned and watched him as he walked down the hallway and turned down another.

"Tuff, isn't it strange." Tiff started, "Isn't it strange that Meta Knight never takes off his mask."

"What's so weird about that? I haven't seen Sword or Blade without there's on." Tuff pointed out.

"Well thats true, but I don't know for some reason its Meta Knight that worrys me. Have you ever seen without his mask?" Tiff asked the crew.

" I don't think so." Tuff answered

"I haven't seen him without it either." said Lololo

"Me either." said Lalala.

"Hmm..." Tiff thought leaning against the wall, "I wonder."

"Well if your so curious lets just go up to him and take it off." Tuff suggested pointing a finger in the air.

"Poyo!" Kirby squealed jumping in the air.

"Tuff no! That would be wrong its none of our business he probably has his own reasons." Tiff said walking away towards their room.

"Hey guys lets find out for ourselves why Meta Knight wears that mask." said Tuff.

"Yeah!" Lololo and Lalala agreed following with Kirby's squealing.

When Tiff made it to her room she reached for the door knob then froze. Tiff sighed as she leaned against the door. Tiff looked down the long gloomy hallways. Tiff snapped her fingeres and rushed torward the library. When she entered she immediatly started searching through the books.

"Aha!" Tiff exclaimed triumphantly as she picked up the dictionary.

Tiff searched to the pages until she found the word "Meta".

"Meta. Changed in place or form; altered:." Tiff read outloud. "Hmm." she thought, "Altered?"

"First thing we have to do is search his room." Tuff said stretching out his hands.

They all ran torwards Meta Knights room just as he entered it.

"He went in his room." Lololo said looking down at Tuff.

"Then lets listen in and see what he's doing." Tuff grinned.

Tuff, Lololo, Lalala, and Kirby all leaned against the door and lisened.

Inside Meta Knights' room

Meta Knight sighed as he took off his cape and laid it on the bed. He was very uneasy since he had that flash back he was sure he had totally blotted out all his memories of his past life in the war. He tried to forget, forget Pisces and Jecra and all the other scares Nightmare had caused him. But Pisces voice echoed through his head along with Jecras. How could he forget? He was stuck with the guilt that he had costed Pisces her life and let down his best friend.

"I can't sleep not like this." Meta Knight said to himself as he put his cape back on.

Meta Knight opened the door and saw the four spys fall over.

"What are you doing?" Meta Knight asked them frowning unnder his mask.

"We uh.." Tuff stammered as a big sweat drop appeared on Tuff's head.

"We were just leaving! Right Tuff !" Lololo said smiling trying to help Tuff out.

"Right! Uh.. see ya later Meta Knight!" Tuff said as the gang ran off.

Meta Knight shook his head.

"Kids." he chuckled.

"Well that didn't work." Tuff said wrapping his arms around his head.

"Maybe we should just ask him about his mask." Lalala suggested.

"Yeah." Lololo agreed.

"Your wrong! If we wan't to know something we have to be really sneaky like secret agents." Tuff argued.

"Poyo?" Kirby squealed questionabully.

"Well there has to be a better way to find out why he wears that mask." Lololo insited as they all turned into the court yard.

"Oh there is." said a voice.

Everyone gasped.

"Did you say something Tuff?" Falala shiverd.

"It wasn't me." Tuff said in a scared voice.

The cold voice spoke again, "I know everything there is to know about Meta Knight."

Tuff, Lololo, Lalala, and Kirby started looking around to see where the voice was comeing from.

"Who, who's there?" Tuff said in a low voice.

"No one to be afraid of." the voice answered as someone jumped in front of them.

Tuff gasped. "Its that Ninja!"

"Let me introduce myself." the ninja said. "My name is Yamikage."

"It's that Ninja who betrayed the star warriors eeee!" Lalala shrieked.

"You are so stupid." Lololo said rolling his eyes.

"What do you want! " Tuff growled.

"Don't be so alarmed if I had come to hurt you I would have done so already." Yamikage pointed out.

"Well.. I suppose that could be true." Tuff thought.

"Besides I'm only here to tell you what you want to know." Yamikage exsplained.

"Really?" Lololo questioned.

"But..if I'm going to tell you what I know, you'll have to do something for me after all, this is juicy information." Yamikage said makeing the deal sound unresistable.

"All right!" Tuff said jumping in the air excitivly swinging his arm.

"But Tuff, he's a-" Lalala was cut off.

"TELL ME!" Tuff pleaded all gooey, "I'll do anything for ya!"

Yamikage smiled his red eyed lit up.

Tuff frowned.

"Uhh..are you okay?" Tuff asked.

Yamikage stepped forward.

"Here is the story." Yamikage began, "Before Meta Knight was fighting in the battles of the star warriors he was being created."

Tuff, Lololo, and Lalala gasped.

"Are you saying Meta Knights a monster?" Tuff asked in shock.

Kirby made a mean face.

"That is exactly what I'm telling you." Yamikage answered.

Kirby growled and without warning jumped at Yamikage.

"Get this thing off of me!" Yamikage screamed.

Kirby started hitting Yamikage.

"What are you doing Kirby!" Tuff yelled.

Yamikage flung Kirby off of him as hard as he could and sent Kirby flying.

"POOOOOYOOOOOOOOOOO!" Kirby screamed as he flew over the castle.

Yamikage chuckled.

"Thats not funny!" Tuff yelled clenching his fists.

"No? Then maybe you'll think this is!" said Yamikage as a big black dragon monster apeared crashing through the walls.

"AAHHHHHH!" Everyone screamed.

Everyone high taled it outta there and ran as fast as they could.

Everyone made it to the bridge and were panting like crazy.

"Tuff whats the matter with you!" Tiff yelled as she walked towards them.

"Huh?" Tuff said confused.

"Meta Knight told me you were spying on him!" Tiff began. "Shame on you!"

"Tiff this really isn't the time for-"

"Don't try and make exscuses!" Tiff scolded cutting Tuff off. Tiff stopped and looked around her.

"Hey! Wheres Kirby?" Tiff asked.

Before Tuff could answere the dragon stormed through the castle.

"A monster!" Tiff shreiked.

Everyone ran away towards Cappy town.

"Run away everyone a monsters coming!" Tiff shouted as they ran through Cappy Town.

"Run for your lives!" Tuff shouted.

"Poyo!" Kirby shouted running torwards them "Kirby!"

Tiff smiled happily.

"It's getting closer!" Tuff shouted.

"Come on Kirby!" Tiff ordered snatching the little puff balls hand.

"Hurry!" Tuff yelled back to everyone.

The monster was cetching up fast and with one swift thrash of its tale it caused a whole building to fall over right in front of Tiff and Kirby.

The monster thrashed its tale wildly almost hitting Tiff and the little pinky.

"Woa!" Tiff screamed just barely dodging the monster's tale.

Tiff held Kirby tight as she tried to find a way to escape but there was none. Just when it looked like all hope was lost Meta Knight came on the sceen landing right in front of Tiff and Kirby.

"Meta Knight. Thank goodness." Tiff said releived.

Sword and Blade also jumped in to help. The monster immediatly turned its attention to Meta Knight ignoring Sword and Blade.

"Tuff, get Kirby out of here!" Tiff ordered.

"But what about you Tiff?" Tuff questioned running over.

"Don't worry these monsters only go after Kirby anyway.

I'll distract it." Tiff replied handing Kirby to Tuff.

"Hey you!" Tiff shouted up at the monster getting its attention, "Come and get me!"

Tiff started to run as fast as she could thinking she was doing Kirby favore.

"Tiff no!" Meta Knight shouted to her.

Tiff ignored his warning an ran straight toward Kabu Canyon.

Tuff was trying to keep a good grip on Kirby but when Tiff ran away Kirby wiggled loose and ran right after her.

"Kirby!" Tuff yelled just about to run and follow

Kirby when Meta Knight blocked his way.

"This is too dangerous for you. I'll go after them." he said.

Without another word he went to persue Tiff and Kirby.

"We'll go with him." Sword said with Blade right behind him.

Tiff stopped short when she heard and saw a huge explosion. Tiff started gasping for breath. She was sure that monster had already turned back and destroyed Kirby.

"I shouldn't of left." Tiff said to herself.

Tiff's eyes searched as far as they could go she didn't see anyone or anything behind her.

"What if it got Meta Knight!" Tiff gasped. "What if the whole towns destroyed!"

Tiff began to cry even though she wasn't positive that all of Dreamland was destroyed she felt guilty about leaving Kirby in the care of her brother Tuff.

"What'll I do now?" Tiff cryed.

Tiff began to run up the road still crying. Kirby wasn't too far behind her he had just made it to the point where Tiff had stopped. Kirby searched around him just in time to see a glance of Tiff's pony tale flickering back and forth.

"Poyo!" Kirby squealed happily.

But alas Tiff was too far ahead to hear him.

Kirby ran after her squealing happily.

Meta Knight, Sword, and Blade were catching up too and lucky for them Kirby's pink stood out or they might have never seen him.

"There you are." Meta Knight thought out loud.

Sword and Blade came up huffing and puffing. "" Sword said panting just about ready to colapse.

"Maybe you should go back." Meta Knight suggested.

"I'm...fine!" Sword finally blurted out.

Blade wasn't as bad off as Sword he was at least in an up right position.

Well..if thats how you feel-"

"Yes! yes!" Sword said interupting Meta Knight clinging to his cape just about freaking the guy out. " go." Sword said regaining his composure. The groupy set out on their search.

Tiff was still crying but she finally realized that it was getting dark so she should find somewhere to stay for the night.

"Lets see." she said looking around her.

She was nearly to Kabu Canyon so she could sleep there.

"I'd better not if Kabu would ask why I came there I couldn't tell him." Tiff thought to herself.

Tiff curled up under a tree and looked at the stars.

"I wish Meta Knight were here." Tiff thought with a tear trickling down her cheek.

Kirby came a-running and searched high and low for his mommy.. I mean Tiff.

But she was no where to be found.

"I hope we find Kirby soon." Sword whimpered with his arms hanging at his sides.

"There he is!" said Meta Knight pointing at the little pink puff.

Kirby was totally oblivious that the groupy was there.

"Kirby!" Blade shouted as the group ran up to him.

"Where is Tiff?" Meta Knight asked the Kirby.

Kirby shrugged.

"Where could mumble be?" Blade questioned.

Meta Knight looked around for all posible places of where she might be.

"There." Meta Knight said pointing up the road towards Kabu Canyon.

"Poyo poyo!" Kirby squealed.

So the when't on there way to Kabu Canyon.

"Hello there Dreamlanders for what reason have you come to consult me." Kabu asked.

"We didn't come to consult you." Sword snapped.

Meta Knight and Blade stared at Sword.

Umm..what I meant was.." Sword figited and stopped there.

"Did Tiff pass by here?" Meta Knight asked.

"I have not seen Tiff today." Kabu answered.

"Where is she?" Meta Knight questioned himself.

"What'll we do?" Blade asked.

Meta Knight looked down and thought for a moment but no brillent ideas were comeing.

"We must find her." Meta Knight answered swooshing his cape as he walked away.

Sword, Blade, and Kirby followed.

Meta Knight knew that they had to find her fast he was sure he wasn't the only one who was looking. After what seemed like hours of looking Meta Knight spotted her. She was cold and shivering but at least she was alive.

"Tiff." Meta Knight whispered softly.

Tiff didn't wake up.

"Tiff." Meta Knight wispered again shakeing her gently.

Tiff rolled and groaned but didn't awaken.

"She is in no condition to travel we will stay here and until she has awakend." Meta Knight said to Sword and Blade.

"Right!" Sword and Blade said nodding at the same time.

"Sword start a fire. Blade you keep a look out for the monster Kirby and I will stay with Tiff and try and keep her warm." Meta Knight instructed.

When Sword and Blade left to do their duty's Meta Knight took off his cape and wrapped it around Tiff.

Tiff smiled sleepily.

Meta Knight smiled under his mask. He loved kids and he wondered to himself why he didn't have his own.

"Why am I thinking about this?" Meta Knight questioned himself.

Meta Knight pushed the idea out of his mind and tried to stay focused on what was important at the moment. Meta Knight layed against the tree and let Tiff and Kirby lean against him. And in no time at all they fell fast asleep

"Meta Knight?" said a familer voice.

Meta Knight awakend to see Tuff standing in front of him.

"Tuff what are you doing here?" Meta Knight questioned.

"I think its more like what are you doing." Tuff chuckled.

"Huh." Tiff sleepily said as her eyes fluttered then opened looking up at Meta Knight, "Woah!" Tiff shrieked startled backing up and falling on Kirby.

"M, Meta Knight?" Tiff said rubbing her eyes, "Oh Meta Knight it is you!" Tiff said happily hugging Meta Knight.

Tiff backed away from him blushing.

"Poyo.." Kirby groaned.

"Oh, Kirby!" Tiff said hugging Kirby finally noticinghim.

"Tuff what are you doing here?" Meta Knight asked again.

"The town got destroyed so we came looking for you guys." Tuff explained.

"Say what! The town got destroyed!" Tiff said looking at her brother.

Tuff nodded.

"I was right..this is all my falt." Tiff whispered to herself.

"It's not your falt Tiff, its all that monsters falt." Tuff said clenching his fists.

"Tuffs right." Lalala added.

"Yeah." Lololo backed them up.

"Stop saying "yeah" your getting anoying!" Lalala growled.

"I can't help it I have limited lines." Lololo throwing his hands in the air helplessly.

There was a silence for a moment until Tuff broke it.

"Don't worry Tiff you wern't even there how could you do anything?"

Tiff didn't say anything .

"The safest spot for us now is Kabu Canyon."

Meta Knight said nodding as he put his cape back on,

"Lets go."

So they all set off to Kabu Canyon.

Authors note: I hope you have enjoyed my story so far.

I'm not a very good writer so you'll have to excuse me.

I wanna thank my sis for letting me use Pisces her made up character.