Chapter 13 The End Of The Journey

Meta Knight's eyes opened slowly. His vision was blury and his hearing echoed. "Meta Knight?" he heard.

His vision cleared and he could finally see who it was. "Pisces.." he said quietly.

"Meta Knight!" Tiff and Tuff said in unison.

He looked around a little confused.

"You're all right!" Tuff said.

Tiff hugged him, crying like a baby.

"Meta Knight! I'm so glad your ok!"

He hugged her back.

Kirby came over and joined the hugging.

"Poyo! Poyo!" he squealed.

Everyone came out to see what the comotion was, then finally everyone was there. Everyone except Pisces. Where did she go?

Meta Knight looked and spotted her, she was walking away.

He knew what she was going to do. She was going to bargen with Nightmare again for the safety of the planet and for him.

He ran after her.

"No!" he said, grabbing her arm when he caught up to her.

"Meta Knight, I have to.It's the only way to restore peace to this planet."

"This is not the way. His evil will never stop until he's destroyed. He'll just use you again."

"Is there another way?"

Meta Knight looked at Kirby, "Yes."

She sighed, "He's very weak. Maybe he's just not who we thought he was."

"No! He is the one. I've seen things.. I know he is the one."

"Are you sure?"

"Trust me."

"But how are we going to stop all this?"

He took her hand, "We'll do it together."

"We? Does that mean there really is an us?"

He let go of her hand.

"I love you, Meta Knight."

You love me...

"Pisces, you don't know me like you think you do."

But you don't know who I am...

Pisces started to cry, "Meta Knight, please."

"You don't understand, there are things you still don't know about me!"

I'm torn between this life I live and where I've been...

"I don't care, I love you!"

You love me but you don't know who I am...

His heart was broken by the tears in her eyes but he could never let her be with him. She would never love him if she knew who he trully was.

Just let me go..

"Just let it go." Meta Knight said.

Just let me go...

He started to walk away.

"I won't! I'm going to stand by you, no matter what!"

"YOU'LL DO NOTHING!" a voice boomed through the sky, "All who appose me, shall perish!"

A dark, vampire like figure could be seen in the sky, it's arms were stretched out, shadowing the entire planet.

A huge wind blew at the planet, a suction sort of wind, trying to pull them upward. Everyone held onto something for dear life.

But one by one they were all sucked, away until only Pisces and Meta Knight were left.

"Die, die, die, all of you!" Nightmare laughed.

Meta Knight and Pisces, who were holding onto a tree, were being pulled at by the wind more than every now, the wind blew stronger every second.

Then Pisces slipped.

Meta grabbed her hand, "Hold on! I've got you!"

Meta Knight held on as long as he could, but Pisces was sucked away.


When Pisces was sucked away the wind stopped and the bodies of his friends fell to the ground.

"Tiff? Tuff! Kirby!"

They were dead! They were all dead! Save Pisces who hadn't fallen and was no where to be found.

Meta Knight set Tiff's head on his lap, "Tiff?"

Nothing, she was gone.

"MWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!" Nightmare laughed, "You see, Meta Knight? I am all powerfull! And there's nothing you can do to stop me! Ha ha, hahaha, BWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Meta Knight stood, but Nightmare knocked him down.

"Why don't you show yourself and fight like a man!"

"Fine," Nightmare appeared, "I will."

Meta Knight growled.

"Go ahead, fight me, hate me, fill your head with nothing but me!"

Meta Knight attacked. Nightmare carelessly swung his cape and knocked his over. Meta Knight tried again, but Nightmare just continued to knock him down. Meta Knight focused his sword and unleashed a Sword Beam. But alas, Nightmare just swung his cape and made it disapear.

Nightmare smacked him with his claws, ripping the mask from Meta Knight's face.

Meta Knight's cute little Kirby like face glared at his creator, with nothing but hate in his big cute yellow eyes.

Nightmare hit him, knocking him over.

"I knew you would eventually come back to me."

"No! Never!"

Nightmare smacked him sending him flying across the air and onto a tower of the castle.

Nightmare laughed hystericly as grew huge and he smashed the tower, and each tower Meta Knight would jump to. Then there was only one tower left.

With no place to go Meta Knight looked up at the face of the one who would murder him.

"You're nothing without me!"

Meta Knight looked at his sword.

He knew his sword was powerful, but some had said Galaxia had even stronger powers than you could imagine. Could it be true? AT any rate he was willing to try.

"Please, Galaxia, give them one more chance."

Nightmare laughed, "You'll never be like them."

"You are wrong," he closed his eyes, "I already am."

Galaxia started to glow, until it was ready. Then Meta Knight delivered a crusial blow with his Sword Beam.

Nightmare coughed.

Meta Knight smiled.

"You'll pay for this!" Nightmare said disappearing, "You'll pay dearly!"

Then he was gone.

Even though Meta Knight had won, there was really nothing to be happy about. Everyone was dead and Pisces was gone.

Meta Knight jumped down and put his mask back on.

He looked around.

Meta Knight fell to his knees and cried, "Oh God! Why?"

Meta Knight had never felt more alone in his life.

Then something, called to him, called his name. He looked at the sword through tear filled eyes.

"Galaxia." he whispered.

He closed his eyes again.

"Give them one more chance."

The sword spoke, but only in his thoughts.

"I'm a sword, I cannot bring them back, but I can give something back to you."

The sword floated out of his hands shined brightly.

Pisces appeared and floated into his hands.

"Pisces..." he whispered.

Her eyes fluttered until they opened.

She looked at him, "Meta Knight?"

They hugged eachother. Then he put her down.

"I thought I would never see you again." he said quietly.

She smiled.

"Before," he began, "why, why did you save me?"

She laughed, "Because I love you, you silly old fool."

"Pisces, what Jecra said about me, he was right, Nightmare did make me. I am a monster."

"I don't care," She reached forward and removed his mask. "I love you."

He put a hand on her cheek, then kissed her.

She looked around sadly, then back at him.

"I won't let this happen."

He knew what she was going to do.

"B-but you can only use that once and it might kill you."

Pisces rose her Star Wand in the air. She began to float. A bright light shown around her.

She looked at him and smiled, "I love you, I won't leave you."

The light shot out everywhere and flew into every dead body. Miraculously eveyone started to come back to life. Eveyone was alive again!

Pisces fell after the light disappeared.

He held her desperatly wishing she would move.


She didn't move.

He was silent.

Then she twitched.


Her eyes opened and she smiled, "I said I wouldn't leave you."

They kissed.

"Do you really have to go?" Tiff asked sadly as she watched Pisces get ready to get into her ship.

"I'm afraid so, I need to help other planets that have suffered, but don't worry I'll see you soon."

"Aw, I'm really going to miss you." Tuff said kicking a rock.

She smiled and kissed him on the cheek, "I'm going to miss you to."

Tuff face turned red, "Gwleh..." he fell over.

Tiff laughed.

"Good bye, Kirby." she said hugging him.

"Poyo!" he squealed happily.

"Have a safe trip." Sword said shaking her hand.

Blade mumbled something and also shook her hand.

Then she was in front of Meta Knight.

"Good bye Meta Knight." she said.

"Goody bye Pisces,"

He put his hand out to shake her's.

She took off his mask and kissed him.

He blushed.

Tiff and Kirby giggled.

When she had finally said all her good byes she got into the ship.

"Bye!" she said waving.

Then the ship took off.

Meta Knight was never happier, not only because everyone was alive, and he had finally confessed his love to Pisces, but he was finally sure that Pop Star was that one true place where he belonged.

"You're planting those flowers all wrong, Tuff!" Tiff yelled at her brother.

"Like you could do any better!" Tuff yelled back.

After Pisces had left, the whole town had been focusing on cleaning up their planet.

"Stop fighting! Focus on the task at hand." Meta Knight said to them.

Tuff mumbled something and continued to work.

Meta Knight looked off in the distance.

Tiff watched him.

She giggled, then smiled, "You must really miss her."

"Yes," he admitted, "I do."

Tuff laughed, "Who would have known a Star Warrior could be so sappy!"

"It's not sappy!" Tiff growled, smacking her brother in the back of the head. She clasped her hand together, "It's romantic!"

Tuff laughed, "Like you and Kine?"

"Poyo!" Kirby squealed in agreement.

"THAT DOES IT!" Tiff roared.

Tiff chased Tuff and Kirby all over, threatening to hit them with her shoval.

Meta Knight chuckled.

It was good to have things back to normal. It was good to be home.


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