Title: Dragon fire, Phoenix flame

Author: Ninjara

Rating: PG13

Disclaimer: I do not own GI Joe nor do I own the Black Dragons. Some names and personalities I did create within the Dragons; except for Ian Nottingham and Hector Mobius.

A/N: I promised a sequel to my Promises fic. This story has been in the planning for a while now; I hope it's just as good as Promises if not a little better, now that I've had some experience.


From Ian Nottingham to Shana O'Hara

My dear friend,

It has been some time since we last saw each other. My employer is out of the country for a few months and thankfully I am not needed for what business he is on. I hoped that perhaps you would find the time to come and see me; while he is away. I know that you despise him and with just cause.

I visit Daniel's grave often; I enjoy the solitude and quiet there when I read your letters. I read aloud because I feel he is listening and would like to hear it as well.

In your last letter you asked about Hector, Jean and the others. I have found some information out, sad to say it is not good. After your transfer and the disbanding of the Black Dragons, Hector and the others suffered from delusions, some worse than others.

They have since been admitted to Deveau Mental Institution at Montreal, Canada. I understand that this news is very disturbing to you as it was to me. It is sad to hear that our six brothers are locked away for such problems and it frightens me to think that perhaps we have suffered the cause of it.

I know I have most likely put you in an unhappy mood so I will now write of good things. I have heard that Sara Pezzini is up for a promotion; however I doubt that she will take it, I think she enjoys being a detective too much. Jake McCartey is currently working as an instructor at Quantico, Virginia. I speak with them both on occasion, and they ask after you quite frequently.

I'll have to end this now; it seems Roberts is having some trouble with the surveillance cameras. I miss you and hope to hear from you soon.


Ian Nottingham.