Title: You Can Always Come Back.

Author: Gomey (grissomsgnome@yahoo.com)

Type: Drabble

Spoilers: Alter Boys / 2-04

Disclaimer: All known characters and premises belong to their respective owners. So there.

Notes: shrugs I was hesitant to post this, but after seeing the episode - the look of distress in Grissom's eyes as he looked at his blood encased hand, the idea came to me. It might be considered out of character, but sometimes people *do* things that others don't expect. I know that issues concerning Religion has always been a tricky subject but I still want to exercise my constitutional right of freedom of expression.



"Hey, after tonight - one more day until the weekend." Warrick exclaimed.

"Gimme some of that!" Nick laughed, high-fiving him.

Catherine stepped into the break room, files in hand. "Gil is going to be a little late tonight." She sighed, handing out the cases.

Gil looked at his watch and stepped into the large building, noticing it eminated a sense of comfort. He sat in the back and waited. His eyes held those of the man at the other end of the room and Gil made an unspoken pledge. He bowed his head, eyes closed.

"The Lord be with you . . ."

– Finis –