Lord Amongst Serpents

By JKs Harry a.k.a. Alan.

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Chapter 1: Resolve

Harry Potter had returned from his fifth year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry three days previous. He was now sat on his rickety bed in the smallest bedroom of 4 Privet Drive in Surrey, thinking. Harry was not just an ordinary wizard, he was a powerful wizard who had seen and experienced more than his fair share of pain and suffering; he was the Boy-Who-Lived.

Harry was lay on his bed, staring nonchalantly up at his blank ceiling, thinking over the past five years of his life as a wizard. He thought back to his first year at Hogwarts when he faced Voldemort, no, Tom, and saved the philosopher's stone. He thought about how almost the whole population of Hogwarts had turned against him in his second year when they found out that he was a parselmouth, how he had killed a Basilisk and saved Ginny. He thought about how he had fought off a hundred dementors in his third year and saved his godfather. He thought back to his fourth year when he had been unwillingly entered into the Triwizard Tournament and how Ron had turned against him out of jealousy and how he had participated in the resurrection of Tom and then duelled with him, barely escaped with his life, clutching the lifeless body of Cedric Diggory in his arms. The he thought back to his fifth year and all the trouble that had occurred, ultimately resulting in the death of his godfather, Sirius Black.

Harry just sat there and thought about it all. Analysing every detail until he had come to an understanding with himself. In his three days back at his Aunt and Uncles house, he had barley left the solitude of his bedroom and when he had left, only to eat or go to the bathroom. His relatives did not complain, partially because the look in his dimmed eyes was enough to make a person's blood rum cold and partially because of the warning they had received before departing from King's Cross Station three days ago.

Harry remained in silence upon his bed for another hour or two before he suddenly shot up, sitting straight up in his bed, life returning to his eyes slowly, though they still looked haunted. He had just made a decision. No longer was he going to be manipulated. No longer was he going to let other people run his life for him. No longer was he going to wallow in self-pity, wasting his life away. He decided that e was going to learn all that he could. Study until he knew more than Tom and Dumbledore combined. He was going to become powerful enough to vanquish Tom and exact revenge upon the unworthy soul of Belatrix Lestrange, his godfather's murderer!

So, with his newfound resolve, Harry decided that he would start now. With that thought, Harry rushed over to his trunk that he was allowed to keep by his desk, threw open the lid and pulled out a stack of schoolbooks. He ran to his bed and picked off the book upon the top of the pile and began reading.

A few hours later and Harry had read threw a small pile of books, much to his surprise. He had started with his first yearbooks with the intent of working his way up to his fifth yearbooks and then beyond. Even after such a short while of reading, Harry had begun to understand why he had some problems with some of the more advanced spells that he knew. It was simply a lack of concentration, dedication and understanding. His knowledge of magical theory had already expanded and whilst reading a first year book on transfiguration, he had spotted a connection between simple object transfiguration and more complex animal transfiguration, something he was sure would help him with fifth year transfiguration work.

He was deeply absorbed in a charms text when a loud tap, tap, tap disturbed him coming from his window. He immediately rushed over to his window to let in the awaiting owl that was perched upon his window ledge. Upon opening his window, a large barn owl fluttered into his bedroom and perched upon the back of his chair by his slightly battered desk, and began to shuffle his wings importantly. Harry quickly untied the letter that was attached to the owl's leg and unfolded the parchment bearing the Hogwarts seal, stamped in red wax. He then began to read the letter, unconsciously admiring the fine penmanship of the sender. The letter read as follows:

Dear Harry,

I hope that you find yourself well. I know that the death of Sirius is a hard blow but you must remember that Sirius died fighting for the light and that it does not on to dwell on the past. Please remember to owl Headquarters every three or four days to let us know that you're okay because you must not forget Harry, there are a lot of people who care about you and want the best for you. Now, this summer, I am afraid that for your own safety I cannot allow anybody to owl you over the summer in case your residence is discovered. You must remain at your Aunt and Uncle's house until 1st September, or, if we are careful, the week prior.

However, with your consent, it will be possible for a selection of order members to visit you regularly whilst at Privet Drive to provide you with adequate training in light of the prophesy. I am sure you will agree that it is necessary. It may please you to know that young Master Weasley and young Miss Granger are also going to be receiving such training as I have already arranged with them. Send a reply as soon as you can and I will contact you by safer means than owl post when you need to be informed of anything of importance. Until then, remain safe Harry,

Albus Dumbledore

P.S. Enclosed is a clipping form the Daily Prophet that I am sure will grab your interest!

Harry re-read the letter from Dumbledore one more time before dismissing the barn owl that was still perched upon his chair back and then decided to take a look at the enclosed article from the Daily Prophet. It read as follows:


In reply to the hundreds of worried parents throughout the Wizarding community, Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic reduced the age for the restriction of underage wizardry in light of You-Know-Who's return. Now, people over the age of 14 are legally permitted to use magic outside of wizarding schools. However, the Minister is adamant about the fact that any abuse of this privilege resulting in the breach of the Statue of Secrecy will be punished severely.

Harry was now happier than he had been since his return to Privet Drive. He could do magic! He then re-read Dumbledore's letter one more time, trying to decipher any hidden messages. After ten minutes, content with his assessment of Dumbledore's letter, Harry placed it in his top desk draw and returned to his readings.


Dumbledore was seated at the head of the dining table in the kitchen of 12 Grimmauld Place, enjoying a fine cooked meal by Molly Weasley. Seated around the table was the entire Weasley clan, Hermione, Minerva McGonagall and an assortment of order members that fortunate enough to have time to enjoy a pleasant dinner at order Headquarters.

It had now been almost a week since Dumbledore had sent the letter to Harry containing all sorts of information. His heart was heavy as there had been no reply as of yet and Minerva also expressed this concern as they chatted quietly amongst the mixed conversations being thrown about the dinner table.

Halfway through the dinner, the peaceful atmosphere was disturbed when a beautiful snowy white owl swooped into the room dropping a sealed envelope in the middle of the table. A deadly hush fell over the occupants of the kitchen as the owl that everybody recognised as Hedwig, flew out of the room immediately after delivering the letter. It was Albus who finally picked up the letter and looked upon the front of the yellowed envelope. It read: To Everyone.

Reluctantly, Dumbledore announced that the letter was addressed to all present and it was with slightly unsteady hands that he unsealed the envelope and withdrew the letter from within. He unfolded the letter, to be greeted by handwriting that was quite sophisticated, quite unlike Harry's usual scrawl, and then he began to read. The letter read as follows:

To all present,

I am fine. I have come to terms with Sirius' death and have no intentions of dwelling on the past. In response to your reminder to write every three days, I have decided against this. I a perfectly well and have no intentions of being any other way for the remainder of the summer, so I will not be writing every three days to achieve nothing except the depletion of my stores of parchment and ink.

Although your offer to be trained by various order members is indeed generous and considerate, I kindly decline as I do not wish to be over-run with sympathetic, stick-waving tutors, who no doubt, will be following your orders, Dumbledore, to the letter.

I understand that you may have order members watching my house, if I see or hear so much as a whisper from anybody even remotely related with the order they will seriously regret it! I am perfectly content with spending the remainder of the summer here at Privet Drive and so I shall not be travelling to Headquarters a week before September 1st. Hope your all well,


P.S. Molly, please don't cry, and Dumbledore, put that twinkle back in your eye right now! See you in the new school year!

To say that the occupants of the room were shocked would be a huge understatement. Molly who had indeed been crying at the uncharacteristically emotionless letter from Harry ended up being between bursting into tears of joy at Harry calling her Molly and complete shock that Harry knew her so well as to say that in a letter. Dumbledore, whose eye's twinkle had been vanishing rapidly, returned somewhat at the words from Harry, and he even let out a little chuckle.

Hermione seemed to be shocked that Harry could write something so secretive yet revealing in such a sophisticated way and was lost in concentration trying to decipher the letter. Ron however, could not disguise the look of pure glee that was plastered across his face at the prospect of being trained by qualified aurors and learning things that Harry could only dream of. He was going to out-do the Boy-Who-Lived!


Harry was sat on his bed in his bedroom at 4 Privet Drive. He was smiling by the thought alone of Dumbledore and all the order reading his letter. He was now reading his last fifth yearbooks as he had gone through all his others already. He had enrolled in a martial arts class at his local gym and was slowly building an admirable physique. However, he was faced with a rather large problem. He could do magic, yes, but he needed to be able to do unregistered magic. He knew that the Ministry of Magic had detectors that read what magic was being used and so he didn't want Dumbledore to know what he was practising and what he wasn't. The answer came to him whilst he was reading a DADA book that he had bought from Hogsmeade last year. The book was entitled: Dealings With Vampires by Vlad Tombsorrow.

Whilst Harry was reading this book, he came across a rather interesting paragraph that described exactly what he needed. The passage read as follows:

Vampires are very secretive when it comes to business concerning their own kind. Although vampires possess the ability to use magic, it is rarely heard of a vampire performing magic. It has confused many Ministries' of Magic on how vampire communities use magic without being detected by Ministry Magic Detectors. Some experienced vampire hunters claim to have witnessed vampires using some type of clear crystals that distort the aura of magic, making it undetectable to Ministry Magic Detectors though all Ministry authorities deny the existence of such crystals.

Harry had found his answer. He had a very good reason to believe the existence of such crystals: since when have the Ministry of magic ever told the truth! With this thought, Harry had found the solution to his problem and now he could begin his practical training. All he had to do was get hold of some of these crystals. This with the fact that Harry needed supplies and new material to study made Harry decided that a trip to Diagon Alley was in order.

Making sure that he had his Gringotts vault key, some left over floo powder from last year, a large cloak with hood and his wand, Harry set out for Mrs. Figgs' house after informing his Aunt and Uncle to use the floo network. After crossing the street to Arabella Figgs' house, he proceeded to knock on her front door and was greeted warmly by a slightly nervous looking Mrs. Figg.

"Hello Harry. What brings you here?" she asked with slight suspicion in her voice.

"Hi Mrs. Figg. I came by because I need to use your fireplace. Is that alright?"

"Well, come on in Harry. There's someone here who will want to speak with you" with definite nervousness in her voice.

Harry followed Mrs. Figg into her house and through into her living room where he was greeted by a smiling…

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