Zigzag kicked at stones as he shuffled down the street with X-Ray, bundled up in coats and scarfs to keep out the frosty morning air. They walked in silence. All around them was silence. Not a bird in the sky singing. Not a single person in sight. X-Ray sighed, "They're gonna build a mall here," he read from one of the signs in front of the rubble. The rubble had once been a house, and the house had once stood next to Squids. Squids house was next in line for demolition. Two people were sitting on the porch, hiden by an overgrown bush. They stood when they saw X-Ray and Magnet walking towards them. "Hey," the both muttered as a greeting. Both of their faces were red and blotchy from tears. "Hey Pit, Magnet." "You bring it?" asked Zigzag. Magnet nodded, picking up the large can of gasoline, "Stole it from my parents," he said simply. No line about his fingers being magnets like usual. He just looked up at the house and away from the group, so that they wouldn't see his tears. "Well, lets get on with it then," said X-Ray, steeping up to the door. The lock had been smashed so it opened easily. Squids house was small, one story, and gray. Already dust had begun to settle on the tops of tables with missing legs and the furnature looked moth eaten. But maybe it had looked like that before Squid and his mum left. The house seemed empty and, despite its small size, very big. Big and empty. They walked through it quietly, ducking under cobwebs. There were several empty beer bottles on the floor. X-Ray stood in the doorway of Squids room for a long time.


His eyes widened in horror. They travelled up from the floor, where there was a puddle of blood, to the hand that hung limply over the edge of the bed. Blood dripped from the finger tips. The eyes travelled up from the fingertips to the wrist. There was a deep gash, running three inches up the arm. Squids other wrist had been cut too, in his hand he held a razor blade. As X-Ray watched, it fell from limp fingers to the ground. "Squid?" he whispered. His legs wouldn't move fast enough. They seemed to hold him back as he forced himself over to the bedside. "Squid?" Did he expect an answer? If he did he didn't get one. Squids dark brown hair created a stunning contrast with the paleness of his face. His eyes were shut and his lips were tinged blue around the edges. X-Ray dialed 111 on his cell phone, in a daze, eyes not moving from Squid. He felt tears fall. He couldn't stop them, and for once, he didn't want to.

*Flashback ends*

"You ok?"

X-Ray jumped at Zigzags voice. He took one last look at Squids room, then nodded. "Yeah. Just remembering." He looked around. "Is everything ready?" "Yup. Are you?" X-Ray nodded again, not trusting himself to speak. Magnet and Armpit were waiting outside. "Ready?" "Wait!" Magnet cried, "Shouldn't someone say something?" "What's there to say?" asked a voice. Caveman and Zero walked up to them. "It's all been said, hasn't it? At the funeral?" asked Caveman. "Yeah... I guess. It just feels like someone should say something." "What are you guys doing here?" "Zigzag called." "Good. I think that's all Squid would want. D-Tent here." D-Tent nodded in agreement. X-Ray looked at Zigzag. "Go for it." Zigzag struck a match. It spluttered into flame. He threw it through Squids door. The gasoline caught immediately, and soon the whole house was burning, sending dark clouds of smoke into the air. D-Tent watched. "C'mon," said X-Ray finally, "Lets go before someone catches us." They turned and walked away from the remains of the house, without a word. Silence filled the air again.