Title: Undecided
Author: me! Little Bit
Rating: uh….why do they bother? I guess PG?
Summery: will be coming…
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter's books, movies, or anything….sadly, well, I mean the copyrights. yeah. okay that just sucked. oh well.

Lucius Malfoy sat on the couch laughing with James Potter and Sirius Black over a story told by James. Voldemort smiled at the laughter coming from the three men and from watching his daughter and son-in-law on the ground with his grandson. Jamie was a sweet little boy with large innocent green eyes, just like his mother's. Severus was sitting with his back to a chair and smiling graciously at his wife, Lily, who was leaning against him, Jamie was on the ground next to them playing with Niggy, the child-snake of Voldemort's own Nagini. He was making hissing noises to the snake and Voldemort suddenly began listening to the hissing.

"That is so cute, Jamie-boy is mimicking Niggy." Sirius cooed once seeing Voldemort's attention on his grandson.

"He's been doing that for the past couple days. He loves Niggy." Lily said smiling happily. Tonight was Halloween, it was her favorite holiday, and she knew it was her father's favorite also. Lily reached over and moved a piece of Jamie's black hair of his forehead.

"I don't think he's pretending." Voldemort said in his quiet alluring voice.

"Dad?" Severus asked, he called his Master Dad when with the family, it thrilled Voldemort to no end, considering his only child was Lily-a daughter.

"He's saying some words in Parseltongue. Not much, just one or two words, but he's still learning to speak." Lily looked at her father surprised.

"Parseltongue? But Jamie's barely one!" Lucius declared.

"Lucius, Parseltongue is a difficult language, even for those born with the gift of it. It won't be until many years have passed that Jamie would even be able to hold a conversation in Parseltongue." Severus looked pleased as did Lily. Afterall, Voldemort was the only one who had been gifted with parseltongue in over century, it was quite a joy to know that Jamie would take after his Grandfather. Severus had been studying for years, well before he'd ever met Voldemort, on how to understand the complicated Snake-language. It was one of the reasons Severus had joined Voldemort, it wasn't for killing mudbloods and muggles. It was purely for knowledge. Voldemort required some Potions only a top level Potions Master could create and Severus wanted a chance to intensely study Parseltongue.

"Now let's just hope he takes to Potions like his Father." Lily said, full of pride over her family. "Lucius, did Sev show you the book Papa gave him? It's a potions book written in parseltongue." Lucius looked impressed.

"Fascinating." Sirius and James rolled their eyes and Voldemort chuckled. Lucius enjoyed rare books, he had a huge library of rare and sacred books that was vastly bigger than the Hogwarts library. Lucius didn't care about what language or what subject a book was in or on, he just enjoyed books.

"I plan to translate it." Severus said, "It's quite a find." He smiled at his Father-in-law.

"Nothing but the best for my son-in-law." Voldemort declared. Everyone laughed. Severus was his favorite Deatheater purely because of his interest in Parseltongue and because he didn't really care about the cause Voldemort was fighting for. Severus had told Voldemort at his initiation that he would join and give Voldemort the potions he wanted as long as he wanted as long as he never was forced to torture, kill, or rape anyone, and as long as he was given the right to study Parseltongue therefore using the Dark Lord almost everyday for his research and study. Voldemort had been surprised by his ambitious request and had laughed at Lucius for bringing his wayward friend to the Circle. After one hour alone with Severus, Voldemort had marked him and made a wizard's contract with him.

Jamie was starting to get tired, though he restisted his mum's attempts to change his clothes. "No…No no no no no no no." Jamie wiggled and whimpered.

"Jamie, it's bedtime." Lily said gently, everyone else watched on with smiles.

"NO!" He responded. "No no no no no no no." He shook his head.

"Jamie." Lily tried again. Jamie pushed away from Lily and stumbled into his father's hands.

"Daddy." He whinned. Severus gave a deep chuckle and swept his son up in his arms.

"Don't you want to sleep, Jamie? Have good dreams?" Jamie shrugged his little shoulders and leaned his head against his daddy's shoulder. "Are you sleepy?"

"No." Jamie yawned right after saying he wasn't tired.

"Let's get you dressed for bed, baby." Severus said gently. Jamie shook his head. Both Lily and Severus stood and started moving towards Jamie's small bedroom. They were up the stairs when Lucius called up.

"Severus, when you get a moment, would you pop over to Malfoy Manor with me and Sirius?" Severus glanced at the clock to see the time. He had to leave soon anyways, considering Dumbledore was stopping by Godrics Hollow in the early morning.

"Yeah, I'll be there momentarily." Severus called down. "Let me wait until Jamie's asleep."

"I understand." After all, Severus wasn't able to be with his wife and son all the time. In fact, because of Dumbledore, Severus rarely saw them for more than every other day or so. Jamie knew exactly who his Daddy was though. As no one knew that Sirius's family manor was a get together for them all. Sirius even let the Black Manor be used by Severus and Lily for days at a time, just so they had times where they could be an actual family for a few days at least.

By the time they were in Jamie's room he was nearly asleep. He gased up at his Daddy with his sleepy eyes and smiled, "Love you, Daddy." He whispered. Severus smiled at his son.

"Love you to, Jamie." Severus held Jamie a little closer wishing he could have this moment forever. Lily glanced at them and smiled weakly. This was the best and worst time for her. It was the best because they were together and the best moments for her was to see her husband and son together. It was the worst because Severus had to leave. Quickly and quietly Severus changed Jamie and laid the now sleeping boy down to sleep.

Severus stepped back and placed his arms around Lily. They just watched their son in silence, basking in the warmth of being together.

"I love you." Lily whispered.

"I love you too, Lil." Severus murmured back. "One day we won't have to hide." He swore to her, sealing his promise with a kiss. They walked out of the room and down the stairs hand in hand. In the hallway to the living room they embraced once more. Kissing each other as if it was the last kiss they'd ever share.

"Hey Lovers. You'll be together day after tomorrow." James teased. "Severus, Sirius and Lucius are waiting for you." Severus and Lily pulled apart and Lily walked back up the stairs, she never could watch Severus floo away, knowing she had to pretend she wasn't in love with him once he flooed. Severus walked into the living room silently and grabbed the floo powder.

"Soon we won't have to do this." Voldemort told him. Severus nodded silently. No matter how soon, it still hurt.

Severus, Lucius, and Sirius flooed away. They wouldn't find out until the next morning that an auror had come by late that night. An auror that murdered James and Lily, tried to kill Jamie, and managed to somehow use Jamie and throw a spell at Voldemort that forced him to separate from his body. Effectively destroying their lives.