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Sakura's Love Returns

Ch. 1 Dreams

All of sudden Sakura woke up in a cold sweat after having one of her "visions". It was about a stranger coming to town and her trying to catch an unseen force that was disturbing Tomoeda. Sakura looked at her alarm clock and saw that she was late for school.

"Hoe! I'm late for school, not again." She hurriedly got up and got dressed and quickly checked herself out in the mirror. In the past six years she had changed a lot. She had grown a bit taller, same big emerald green eyes, brown hair, but now her hair was down to her mid-back. Even though it's longer she still put it up in two pigtails with red ball hair ties.

She hurried downstairs, drank a cup of tea, and said,

"Otou-san, I'm late again, sayonara." Fujitaka smiled as his daughter ran to put on her roller blades. Sakura strapped on her roller blades. Even though she's 18 she still roller bladed every chance she got.

On the way to school she couldn't stop thinking about her dream/vision. "What does it mean?" she asked herself. She turned the corner to Seijou High and there Tomoyo stood waiting for her, as usual. Over the past year Sakura had finally realized Tomoyo's love for her. She had told Tomoyo that it wouldn't work out because she wasn't that way and that she just wanted to be friends. Besides Sakura's heart still belonged to another after all these years, Shaoran Li. She hadn't forgotten about him.

Tomoyo and her got into school and headed for their first class. She looked around at her classmates. None of her friends had changed either, except for the usual changes you undergo after puberty. Sakura daydreamed through the whole school day till lunch. Tomoyo and her started outside for lunch. There they met Chiharu Mihara, Naoko Yanagisawa, Rika Sasaki, and Takahashi Yamazaki, who was sitting next to Chiharu. As Sakura sat down she felt an odd feeling creeping over her body. Tomoyo saw the look on her face and asked,

"What is it Sakura? What's wrong?"

"I sense a...Clow card." She whispered, looking at Tomoyo, an odd expression on her face. "But how is that possible?" Tomoyo asked. Sakura shook her head,

"I don't have a clue. I'll talk to Kero-chan about it when I get home, besides the feeling is gone."

After school when Sakura got home, she went upstairs to talk to Kero. When she got upstairs she saw Kero playing video games, and eating, as usual.

"Are you playing video games again?" she asked extremely annoyed.

"Don't bother me; I'm almost up to level 15." He replied his mouth full of some unidentifiable substance. Sakura walked over the game system and pulled the plug.

"No! Why did you do that?" Kero questioned angrily.

"Listen Kero-chan, today during lunch I sensed something." She started. Kero looked up in surprise at her words. "What?"

Sakura sat down on her bed and started explaining. "When I was outside I sensed something, almost like a Clow card."

Kero floated up in the air with his head in his hands thinking.

"A Clow card? But that's not possible." He paused for a moment, "Unless."

"Unless what?" Sakura prodded. "What do you mean?"

"Well, Clow Reed only made 52 cards, or at least that's what we thought. But, I remember one day that Clow Reed hinted about more cards. He said that he had made five more cards. Far more powerful than all the rest. He said that when he had put all the cards in the Clow book, those five were rebellious and wouldn't listen. Then they were gone and they haven't been seen again. Clow Reed said that they hid deep down in the earth and even he could not sense them." He finished explaining.

"Do you think that this could be one of them?" Sakura asked.

"I don't know, but we'll have to find out." Kero replied, looking very serious.

Sakura got on her phone and called Tomoyo and told her about what Kero had all said. "I'll meet you in the park, I just got this new video camera I want to test out." Tomoyo explained excitedly.

When Sakura and Kero got to the park they saw Tomoyo.

"This is the only time you're not wearing a costume. I didn't have time to make one." She explained sadly.

"That's all right; I think I can make it without one this time." Sakura said with a grateful smile on her face.

Meanwhile, while they were searching for the Clow card, a stranger was arriving in Tomoeda.

Shaoran got off the plane and went into the airport, then outside where he hailed a cab to take him into Tomoeda. He sat thinking about what his mother had said. He was in Tomoeda for a reason. His mother said that she felt something strange was going to happen. So here he was back in Tomoeda. Shaoran hadn't forgotten about Sakura either over the years. But over the past two years he hadn't even thought of her because he other things to worry about: like his mother. She was growing older everyday and he worried about her. She was on business in England with his sisters at the moment. And yet even though she's old, he still had a lot of respect for her, she's a very strong woman. That's why he was in Tomoeda, to help Sakura. All of a sudden he looked up; he had sensed something. He told the driver to hurry to Tomoeda Park. When he got to the park he used his lasin board.

Force know my plight

Release the light


The light that came out of the lasin board pointed to the middle of the park. He started to run.

Back at the park Sakura and Kero had gotten into a bad predicament. As Tomoyo was taping Sakura the ground had started to rumble and then the Earthquake card had appeared. The Earthquake card is a very powerful and dangerous card. Sakura had to keep using jump to keep from falling into the big chasms that Earthquake kept making. Sakura jumped from a tree onto the ground. "I'm going to try to use the Wood card." She yelled to Kero. But before she could get it out and use it, the Earthquake caught her by surprise and she started to fall.

Shaoran got into the park in time to see someone start to fall; he pulled out an ofuda for wind. He yelled,

Element wind,

Come to my aid!

Then he thrust his sword behind the ofuda and wind came out and caught the girl and set her down on the ground without a scratch. Shaoran disappeared behind a bush before anyone saw him.

Sakura looked around, "What just happened?" she asked, puzzled.

"No time to explain, just use Wood, hurry!" Kero yelled.

"Right!" she raised her staff and said the incantation to use a card,

The key which hides the powers of the dark

Show your true form before me!

I, Sakura, command you under our contract!


Earthquake returned to its spirit form and Wood wrapped itself around Earthquake. Sakura was about to seal the Earthquake but she saw that it was about to get free of Wood, so she pulled out the Time card and froze time, and sealed the Earthquake.

"Hoe." Sakura sighed as she sank to the ground, "That was tough."

"It's going to get harder." Kero said floating over to her.

"I was just beginning to lead a normal life and now this." She said sighing. "I love my cards dearly but I wish I didn't have to capture more of them."

As all this was going on, Shaoran was sitting in a tree watching.

"Kero-chan, how come I didn't fall into that giant chasm? I didn't use the Windy." While they were thinking about it, Tomoyo stood aside thinking to herself. She could have sworn she saw the wind come from the bushes. "Oh well." She thought. She turned to Sakura,

"I've got to be getting home, otherwise mother will send out the body guards. I'll see you tomorrow. Sayonara Kero-chan." She said

"Sayonara Tomoyo-chan." Sakura replied as she watched Tomoyo walk away. Sakura turned to Kero and said,

"I think we should get home too, Otou-san is going to be very worried." Kero shook his head yes as they walked home.

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