Chapter 6

Sara moved, starting down the steps so she could get away from a confrontation.

Warrick wasn't sure why, but he was silently thanking who ever for there being no crime scene. His thought's were crushed when Catherine turned and spoke her mind, as always.

"I always know you wouldn't last Sara."

Warrick scrunched up his face and sighed.

Sara stopped and turned, only to start climbing the steps to both Warrick's and Catherine's surprise. She saw Catherine stiffen up as she stopped on a few feet away. "You know something Cath, all your little remarks and cheap shots you've taken at me in the past, I never once stood up to you." Sara paused, staring her in the eyes. "But, since I don't work here anymore, I am now."

Warrick's head snapped to look at Sara, he hadn't known she had quit, when did that happen? His thoughts were interrupted by Sara's voice.

"You are a stuck up bitch." Sara continued. "Just because your ass was picked up from the dumping ground, doesn't make you any smarter than the rest of us." Staring the blonde in the eyes with such intensity, she smirked. "You're jealous." She stated simply with a firm nod. "You can't handle that Grissom didn't give you a second look, because he wouldn't want to waste his time on an ex-stripper with a coke habit who flaunts herself at every blokes pants."

Catherine starts at Sara, but Warrick grabs her. "Go inside Catherine." He tells her.

After a few seconds, she gave up on her anger and stormed off into the depths of the lab.

Sara was walking off, but Warrick followed. "Sara, what was that? When did you quit?"

Stopping, she looked back at him. "War, I turned it in 30 minutes ago."

"What are you going to do now?" He asks.

She smiles wanly. "I have a job waiting for me."

Warrick pulls her into a hug. "I know you and I had our differences, but you are one of the best people I have worked with and I'm going to miss you something bad." He tells her.

She gave him a tight squeeze. "I'm gonna miss you too. I told Nicky I would give him my new number. I will send it to you too."

He smiles. "You better call and not send it by Nick."

She laughs. "Ok war, you got a deal." Glancing at her watch she sighs. "Look, I gotta go, take care."

"You too Sar." He waits until her car is gone before running up the steps and searching for Nick and Jim. He finds them and Greg too, all standing in the break room, looking like their puppy died. "Ok, where's Grissom and does he know?" Warrick speaks up.

Jim shook his head. "I don't know if Gil knows or not. He didn't know she was in the building."

Nick asks Jim. "Who's going to tell him?"

Greg spoke up. "Don't look at me. I'm not going to be the dead labrat messenger."

Jim sighs. "Ok, come on. God knows this can't get any worse."

Warrick stopped them. "Yeah it can."

"What do you mean?" Jim inquires.

"Sara saw Catherine on her way out and there was this blow-up."

Jim rubbed his face. "Great, just what we need. Where's Cath? Gil doesn't need her shit now."

"Don't know. I just told her to come here."

They all decided to head down to Grissom's office. Seeing the door closed, each one looked at each other. Jim knocks and after getting no answer, he opens the door gently.

Grissom looks up. "What do you want?" They all stood there in silence, not sure how to say it. Grissom took their silence and spoke up instead. "I take it you all have heard the news that Sara has quit." They all nodded. "Warrick, Nick , go back to work. Greg, don't you have samples to run?"

Jim entered the office and closed the door. "Gil, are you ok?"

"I don't know." Grissom sighs. Jim waits, not sure how to take that, but doesn't have to wait long. "Jim." Grissom sighed defeatedly. Jim knew he was about to witness the worse part for himself when he heard Grissom use that tone with him. "Robert called me when Sara left his office."

Jim looks at him and asks. "Gil, why didn't you come and say goodbye to her? Everyone else said their goodbyes."

Grissom looks up at his old friend. "I couldn't." He whispers.

Jim nodded and understood. "Look, Gil, if you need to talk or you just want to go get knee crawlin drunk, I'm here for you."

He huffed a breath. "You know Jim, Sara could have come to me and told me she was leaving."

"Gil, she couldn't say goodbye either." Jim tells him softly.

Grissom tensed up a little and Brass saw the robot look on Grissom face, he didn't like this look. "Gil," Jim spoke. "I talked to Sara yesterday. I went to her apartment."

Grissom stiffened at the thought of Jim being at Sara's apartment.

"Gil, when I got there... Sara had been crying. She was so upset."

Standing up from his desk, Grissom says. "Jim, we have work to do. I don't want to discuss this any further."

Jim shook his head. "Ok Gil, if that's the way you want it." He leaves Grissom, but sees him walking towards the locker rooms shortly after leaving his office.

Noticing a piece of paper stuck to his locker, he looked carefully at it, reading the writing. ATT: GIL GRISSOM

He takes the note off his locker, wondering what it says. He walked back to his office, forgetting why he went to the locker room in the first place. Sitting down, he sighed. He opened the envelope and knew immediately knew who it was from. His eyes closed briefly, hoping he could read it. He looks down and starts to read the letter.

Dear Griss, By now you have been told I left. I'm sorry for the way things have turned out between us. Please don't be mad or upset about this. What I did was for the best. We both know it would not work if I stayed after everything that has happened and the things that have been said. We are both better off without each other. This was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, I don't regret us. I will always treasure what we had and you will always have a special place in my heart. I wish all the best and I hope you find some happiness in your life. Take it easy on everyone. Greg will be a good CSI. Nick deserves the key position, he has worked hard for it. Griss, I'm sorry that you are reading my goodbye instead of hearing it face to face. Griss, I will miss you so much, thank you for teaching me so many things. There will be a delivery coming for you, please take it. Love Sara. P.S. There was no chalk that night.

He folded the letter and absently wiped his eyes. Sitting there for a few moments, a young woman knocked on his door.

"Excuse me Mr. Grissom. I have a package for you."

Getting up, he signed the clipboard and thanked her. Taking the package over to his desk, he heard Jim tap on his door and poke his head in. "Gil, let's go get something to eat."

"Give me a sec." Grissom replies.

"What you got there?" Jim inquires, not getting too close. Knowing Grissom, it was a bug of some kind.

Grissom opened the package and lowered his head as a wide smile appeared on his face. He removed the most beautiful orchid from the box and took the card that sat in the small pot. He chuckles as he reads it.


Fighting back the onslaught of tears, he knew that it was over.

"You ok Gil?" Jim asks, hearing him sniffle.

"Yeah Jim," He sighs. "I'm fine." He sniffles again.

Grissom places the plant on his desk and the card back in it's holder. When he turned the card, he saw writing on the other side. Grissom had to smile.


She kept the card.

They walked out of the office, heading for the doors of the lab. Jim can't hold in his question any longer and asks. "What was the plant about?"

Grissom didn't say anything.

After a few months and trying to train Greg to be a CSI, the lab was back to normal. Catherine had switched to days, using the excuse of being able to spend more time with Lindsey. Nick got the key position, Jim was transferred back to CSI and Grissom resigned as supervisor and requested to go back into the filed, leaving Jim with the paperwork and headaches.

Sitting in the break room one quiet night, board out of their minds, Nick and Warrick were playing video games and Griss and Jim were playing a card game. Out of no where, Grissom's phone beeps at him.

-norman "pushed"

It beeps again.

-norman "jumped"

It beeps again and by now, Grissom is standing and walking towards the doors.

-norman "fell"

He pushed through the doors to go outside. He walks down the steps and stops when he hears. "Wouldn't you if you were married to Mrs. Roper?"

Grissom closes his eyes and recites the words he knows by heart and remembers too well. "I don't even have to turn around, Sara Sidle."

The rest of the gang stand at the door, watching with the biggest grins plastered across their faces as they watch. Grissom walks over to Sara and smiles. Sara returns with one of her own brightest smiles and steps into him as he reaches her.

A new chapter ends the way it begin, when Sara came to Vegas