I do not own the Matrix, the Matrix Reloaded or anything else that may be connected to it. I only write about it.

Short, dark and kinda depressing little thing. Rated for theme and a few descriptions. This has spoilers for Reloaded. Enjoy.



The world was ending.

The machines, thousands of them, were pouring through the dock walls, tentacles flared, eyes swiveling in every direction, lasers cutting through rock, steel, and flesh. Those that were watching had only one thought in their minds: When will the One save us?

It echoed in their heads as they were cut to pieces, as their limbs were torn asunder, as their city was destroyed. The arsenal was not enough to destroy so many machines. An attack this large had never happened. The army was being cut down; the machines were now flooding into the main gates, pouring like locusts into the apartment complexes, searching for any and all signs of life. Doors from rooms were ripped from their hinges. Men were being slaughtered, women were being killed, and small children were being mutilated beyond recognition. The machines knew no difference between them. They were pests, and had to be exterminated. And still the people thought: When will the One save us?

Those on ships waited for a sign, waited for the Matrix to flicker, explode, do something other than just keep ticking down the screens. Soldiers waited for a sign that the One would return victorious from the Source, for he had reached it but had not emerged. Soldiers waited, and died waiting for the One to return from his mission. To return from his destiny, his fate, his fate to save them from the machines. The city fell, still wondering: When will the One save us?

The machines gathered their ranks again and pulled from the burning remains of the city, returning to the sewers to search for any ships still waiting for the One to return. The machines targeted and destroyed all remaining vessels of the city and army, and they died like all the others, still wondering: When will the One save us?

And sixty years later, a man named Thomas A. Anderson was born in the Matrix, freed, and the city of Zion asked him: When will you save us?


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