Mirror Image

By Maddy

Summary: Buffy looks into the mirror and decides what she wants to see…

Rating: PG.

Spoilers: None really, good to know about Shanshu.

Timeline: Beginning of season five.

Disclaimer: Own nothing. Other people do though.

Distribution: Just tell me if you would like it.

Dedication: To anyone who has given me feedback/reviews. Thanks.

Feedback: Always.

Author's Notes: There will only be 2 parts to this story. This one and the next.


When I look into the mirror, what do I see?

Good question.

What do I see…?

Okay, I see…a girl – no – woman with blonde hair, hazel-green eyes, great complexion and I shortness I wish I didn't have.

No, deeper than that…

Fine, I see a forced smile that doesn't reach my eyes, pale complexion, sad eyes till someone looks at me. Curly blonde hair to change it completely from when I was with-

Don't think about him.

Underneath my appearances I see, besides the guts and stuff, a broken heart and a place where my soul used to be.

Damn it.

Unfortunately I couldn't stop the thoughts going through my mind.

I have a shortness that enables me to fit perfectly against him. He has a spot made just for me to fit into. Shortness I love.

When I look into the mirror what do I want to see?

I want to see my eyes come alive with happiness.

I want my hair to go back to how it was.

I want to see a mended heart.

I want him to bring back my soul.

By that time I felt the tears splash onto my cheeks.

I want to look into the mirror and be alone. To no longer have Riley sitting beside me casting a reflection.

But to have him beside me. Me leaning into him, his arms around me, creating heaven on earth. The only place where I can truly feel safe. In the arms of my sworn enemy. Where love really did conquer all, if only for a while.

In the mirror I only want to see me.

With a look of peace on my face.

And a silent chest near my ear.

No sound.