"Ok now remeber you do not go with them but you find out where they went"

FBI Handler Joe Renato was sitting in a back booth at a bar with Lily a young under cover agent.

"yeah right and I find out where they are going how??"

"that's up to you but don't get in the car"


"you betetr listen"


"fine"Joe slid out of the booth and stood to leave.

"hey wait where are you going?"

"I got a thing with Darnell but here get yourself something to eat before you waist away to nothing"He said tossing a twenty on the table.



"when do I start?"

"I'll pick you up tomorrow at your house"

"HEY!how do you know where I live??"

Joe didn't say anything just gave her a smile winked and left.

*+*+*+*+*+* An hour later ++*+**+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+

"Hey Joe!"Darnell called as he walked up to Joe.

"hey Darnell"

"here's your coffee"Darnell said handing Joe a paper cup.

"thank you"

"what is the new case?"

"you're following Lily"


"because I told you to and because she is a rookie meaning she's bound to get hurt and I want you to make sure is doesn't happen"


"don't let her know you are following her and let me know what she is doing every step of the way"

"OK"Darnell turned to leave but Joe stopped him



"don't let anything happen to her"

"relax man I'm on it.why you so uptight I mean you're not sweet on her are you?"

"no but you have to watch her"


*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*The next day*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~**~*~~

"Ok here is your new ID"Joe said handing Lily her purse.

"why do I need new ID on a drug bust can't I use my real name?"

"Not this time this guy is smart he checks ID before letting you in and he shoots cops on the spot"

"Oh wonderful"

"and how much money do you have?"

"about forty bucks"

"Ok here is another twenty"


"And here"Joe handed Lily a diamond ring.

"and this would be for?"

"Your engaged"

"oh ok"

"now they shouldn't want to meet your husband to be but if they do call I'll get somebody for you"


"the main man is called the tiger his right hand man is slater"



"ok and what would my name be?"

"your name is Alissa Carmen"


"there is the building go to the back door the code to get in is crack head"

"how original"

"yeah you got it from Adam Sanchez your cousin who they killed"


"you want a job"


"break a leg"

"let's hope not"Lily said stepping out of the car.

"hey Lily"


"we have been after this guy a long time make me proud"


Lily walked down the street and knocked on the door.

Joe was watching to make sure she got in ok.

"OH SHOOT!"Joe ran down the street after Lily.

"Hello?"Lily yelled.


Lily jumped out of the way just as a machine gun went off.

After shooting about twenty times it quit.

"Lily are you ok"Joe was instantly in her face.



"I'm sorry I forgot"

"don't let it happen again"

Joe turned and left.

Joe could not decide why he was so upset over one mistake he never yelled like that.