Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me, they all belong to JK Rowling.

Author: Meggy Potter


Title:  We Meet Again

Summary: Harry just got a divorce with Oliver and now he is left with their two children. One night Hermione and Ron take them for the night while Harry goes to a nightclub. There, Harry meets Draco again. What will happen between them? What happens when Oliver wants Harry back?

Pairing/s: Harry/Draco, Hermione/Ron and Harry/Oliver, Blaise/OC

Author's Notes: I know what you're saying, "awww not another story, she will never finish the others". I promise, I will finish them all. Please review.



Harry smiled as he walked down the aisle with Sirius. Today was the big day. Today was the day he would be married to the person he loved. He would be married to Oliver. Harry looked at Oliver; he was smiling, eyeing Harry with love. Harry looked down at his stomach; their second baby was on the way. A little brother or sister for Jeremy, their 1-year-old son. As Harry reached the alter, he heard a sob, he turned to see Mrs Weasley crying her eyes out. He turned to smile at Oliver, getting a smile in return.

"Ladies and Gentlemen we are here today, to join Oliver Wood and Harry Potter…"


"OLIVER GET DOWN HERE NOW" Harry shouted at the top of his voice. He and Oliver had been married for 6 years and he has had enough. Oliver came downstairs, looking at Harry annoyed.

"Harry, don't you know I was sleeping" Oliver hissed. Harry's anger grew.

"EXACTLY! YOU WERE ASLEEP, LIKE YOU ALWAYS ARE AFTER A LATE NIGHT AT A NIGHTCLUB!" Harry shouted, his face going red "HAVING FUN CHEATING ON ME? OH DON'T LOOK SURPISED, ALEX TOLD ME!" Oliver's face got red aswell, he looked at Harry angrily.

"STAY OUT OF THIS HARRY!" He yelled. Harry shooked his face in anger.

"NOT WHEN YOU'RE BEING A SLUT AND CHEATING ON…" before Harry could finish Oliver hit him, making him fall to the ground.

"FUCK YOU, HARRY! IT'S OVER!" Oliver got his jacket and stormed out of the apartment. Harry sighed and let tears fall out of his face.

"Daddy?" Harry looked up to see his two sons, Jeremy and Tom staring him with tears in their eyes.

"come here, babies" Harry sobbed in between his tears. They walked over to him and he pulled them into a hug. "Now listen, we are going away from here and father for a very long time. We are going to stay at Uncle Ronnies and Aunty mione's house okay?" They nodded.

'This is going to be hard' Harry thought as he started to get up and pack.


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