Wish you were here

Warnings/notes : Seto/Joey, slightly weird at times, slight fluff

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written at 29th october 2003, by Misura

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[Seto and Joey]

//Every minute's like a day//

It was rather strange, Seto reflected, how he had missed Joey for so long and now, when they were together again, he felt like he'd never been away.

With his arms put around Joey's waist and his head resting against the blond's back, the purr of the engine just loud enough to drown out the other sounds of their surroundings, Seto wondered how he'd ever been able to leave, to risk losing the opportunity to do this for the sake of ... what?

The time that he'd had to expand Kaiba Corp to ensure Mokuba's future was long past. He'd made more than enough money for his little brother to be sure of never having to work, if he'd choose to do so. Which Mokuba wouldn't, of course, because they were too much alike.

"Have you ever thought about going away, just following the road to wherever it would take you?" Joey asked, an odd note to his voice.

Seto snorted. He rarely drove anywhere himself, though, unlike Joey, he did have his driver's license. He failed to see what was the fun of it, really, tearing down some deserted road at a speed high enough to cause accidents if something unexpected went wrong. Like with his and Mokuba's real parents, a failing brake ....

"No, can't say I have." It wasn't the same for Joey ; with a father like his and his mother and sister living elsewhere, it was only to be expected the blond would fantasize about escaping from it all.

//When you're far away//

"I often dreamt about it, fantasized how it would be." Joey stared at the horizon, not adding he'd never actually gotten around to attempting to do it in reality. Somehow, there had always been something there to hold him back, to make him postpone it.

Tomorrow, he'd tell himself, tomorrow I'll finally go. Today, I'll stay, to help Gramps and Yugi in the shop. I promised. I can't let Yug down after all.

And so, time had slipped through his fingers. Until he met Seto, the not quite so bad guy that was hiding behind the mask of Kaiba.

"You wouldn't have come very far." Seto informed him calmly. "Things like that are only fit for fantasies."

"Why not? Do you still think I'm some weak puppy, unable to take care of himself?" Joey challenged, stung by Seto's attitude.

"I do imagine you'd grow hungry pretty soon, yes." Seto smirked. "Considering the quality of your own cooking, I doubt if you'd have had much choice but to return. Or starve."

"There's nothing wrong with my cooking!" Joey retorted heatedly. Shizuka had assured him he was a great cook. That she had said it over the phone, after politely declining an invitation for dinner, did not diminish the value of her statement.

"Even *Mokuba* says it, and I quote, 'could use some improvement', end quote." Seto shook his head. "Face it mutt, you're hopeless in the kitchen."

//The snow is getting colder, baby//

Joey sighed. There was no arguing with Seto about something his little brother had said, unless it was something Seto didn't agree with himself, like 'I think it's a great idea to skip school today and go to the beach instead', which invariably met with a glare and a shake of the head.

"I could have found a job ... " he proposed hopefully. Somehow, even if it seemed unlikely he'd ever leave while he was still living with Seto, he wanted to keep that dream alive, wanted to believe the chance to go away would always be there.

"Yes, you probably could." Seto agreed. "But, my puppy, I'd never have let you. I'd never have let you leave Domino with so much left undone between us."

Joey shivered as cold hands slipped under his jacket, under his shirt, slowly trailing upwards until they met on his chest, over his heart. Soft lips brushed over the back of his neck.

"You're ah distracting me from the road." As if to emphasize his point, the bike swerved to the right in a movement that might have been dangerous if the road hadn't been deserted of any other traffic.

"So?" Seto purred. "Stop the bike."

Joey considered that maybe the long absence of his boyfriend had been good for something after all.

//I wish you were here//

"Is there anywhere in particular you wanted to go?" Joey asked, about half an hour later. Since Seto had ordered his luggage to be delivered to his mansion, there was no real need to go there right away, though it was likely Seto'd want to see Mokuba.

"Not really. Someplace nice for dinner perhaps?" Seto proposed. Most of the tiredness of his journey seemed to have disappeared.

"I'm not really hungry." Joey grimaced as his stomahc rumbled in disagreement. "Actually, I am, but I'd rather have you to myself for a little while longer, if you know what I mean."

Seto nodded with a slight smile. "Agreed. Still, you sound like you could use something to eat. And I must admit that what I got in the plane wasn't too filling."

"We could go to the icecream-parlor." Joey proposed, looking disturbingly much like Mokuba, when *he* was pleading for icecream. The two of them had found they had a lot in common.

"I'm already going with Mokuba tomorrow." Seto grumbled. One portion of icecream a week was more than enough in his opinion. "You're invited too, if you want to come."

"Of course! If it's your treat!" Joey beamed, accepting as eagerly as Mokuba had predicted.

[next day]

//A battlefield of love and fear//

"You're trying to make a beggar out of me." Seto accused, pointedly staring at the two bowls in front of his little brother and Joey. Especially compared to his own, their portions were huge. Mokuba's was biggest of them all.

"I'm still a growing boy." Mokuba smiled brightly. "I need the energy."

Privately Seto thought Mokuba would be better served with a little less energy to make mischief, but he knew better than to try and argue the point. Instead, he turned to Joey.

"And, pup, what's your excuse?" Seto grinned, resisting the urge to lean over and lick away a bit of chocolate icecream that was slowly gliding down Joey's cheek.

"Icecream's a comfort food." Joey declared, turning his eyes big and wobbly. He wasn't as skilled as Mokuba, who had taught him how to do it, since the result was comical rather than convincing.

Seto sighed, while Mokuba giggled, apparently knowing where this conversation was headed.

"What would you need comfort for?" Seto asked, feeling like some trained pet, but too curious to the answer not to play along. Besides, he had missed Mokuba and Joey's pranks a little during his long absence, even if he'd never admit that to their faces.

There seemed to be few people he could be himself around these days, or people who dared to treat him like he wasn't anyone else but the CEO of Kaiba Corp.

//And I wish you were here//

"Can it be he really doesn't know? But big brother!" Mokuba exclaimed, sadly shaking his head at so much ignorance.

"You haven't said you loved me a single time since you got back." Joey miserably brought a full spoon to his mouth. "Not once." Only the sparkle in light brown eyes betrayed his obvious hurt was merely an act.

"I kissed you when we woke up." Seto protested, after swallowing the slightly less suitable reply. There were certain things Mokuba didn't need to hear from him, even if he could read them on the Internet.

Joey swallowed another spoonful of icecream. Vanilla, this time. Or banana, Seto wasn't sure.

"A kiss is not enough." Mokuba declared sternly. "You have to tell him, big brother. You *know* he isn't too smart ; he doesn't get it otherwise."

Seto thanked whatever gods were watching that Joey limited his reply to a dirty look rather than, say, shooting a drollop of icecream Mokuba's way.

"Well, I'm sure I said *something* last night." Seto said weakly.

//I've got feelings for you//

"I wouldn't know," Mokuba admitted cheerfully, "I never spy on you in your bedroom. Not after *someone* removed the security cameras in there anyway."

Seto shrugged. He doubted if Mokuba would really watch him and Joey do ... bedroom stuff, but just to be sure ... There was no use for them at any rate.

"We've been together for three years. Don't you think that means something?" Seto questioned.

Joey gazed at him with unusually serious eyes. "You're gone half the time, and most of the other half we spent apart just the same. I love you, and it hurts, even, " he hastily added, before Seto could say anything, "even if I know you don't have much choice."

"I explained that thing to him about the Big Five." Mokuba supplied.

"So, it's a declaration of love you want from me? Do I have to get down on my knees too and sing to you?" Seto inquired, a hint of annoyance in his voice.

Joey flushed. "It's just nice to hear the words sometimes." He stared down at his icecream. "I'm not trying to force you into something you don't want to. Only ... "

//From the first time I laid my eyes on you...//

"Joey ... " Seto bended his head closer to Joey's, " .... there's ice-cream on your cheek."

Honey eyes looked at him startled, while Mokuba's silver laugh disagreed with his pouting expression.