Dancing snowflakes

Warnings/notes : Omi/Ken, hints at Crawford/Schuldich, Farfarello/Nagi and Yohji/Aya, slightly silly.

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 11th november 2003, by Misura

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Ken had returned with a meagre two blankets, neither off them very thick. But they *were* big enough to wrap around one's body to prevent them from having to sleep on the cold floor, which was nice. Omi was still cold though.

He wondered if Ken would think it strange if he proposed they'd share the blankets. Would it sound unreasonable for two friends to do that? Would he dare to propose it if it hadn't been Ken with him, but, say, Yohji? Or Aya?

Omi sighed. He could't picture himself proposing it to either of the two really, though maybe that was simply because Aya never let anyone touch him while Yohji would be all too eager. And probably cracking jokes about it for weeks and weeks after.

Ken, on the other hand ... that wouldn't be too bad. If he'd only like the brunet as a friend, he'd still make the suggestion of sharing what little warmth they had. Because it was the rational, logical thing to do. Omi nodded, satisfied with his conclusion.

"Hey, Omi? You still awake?" Ken whispered, just when Omi opened his mouth to ask the same to Ken. He nodded, before realizing Ken probably couldn't see that gesture in the dark.

"Yes, Ken-kun. And I'm kind of cold." Omi added quickly, before he'd lose the courage.

"Me too." Ken was silent for a while. "Think it'd be a good idea if we'd ... well, *share* the blankets. You know, nothing funny or anything, just ... "

"Being practical." Omi finished. "I think it'd be a very good idea."


"Finally we're getting somewhere."

"Yeah, and I can't feel my toes anymore. Or my fingers."

"You could ask Farfie-sama to rub them warm again for you, you know. Very romantic."

"Schuldich, stop giving Nagi bad ideas."

"Because he's going to hurt me otherwise? Awww, Braddie! I *knew* you cared!"

"Is this better, Nagi-love?"

"Lots, thanks."

"How cute! Can I take a picture of this, Brad? Or would Nagi ruin my camera then?"



"Are you comfortable?" Ken asked, trying to make out the expression on Omi's face. He had put his arms around the smaller boy, because there wasn't really anything else he could do with them. Omi had done the same, so he guessed Omi didn't mind the gesture.

"Yes, Ken-kun." Omi's voice sounded a little muffled.

"I mean, I wouldn't want you to feel ... not comfortable with this." Ken continued, a bit lamely. He had never been very good with words, especially not when it came to expressing how he felt.

"I'm not." Omi replied, more clearly. "Really, Ken-kun. Of all the people I could get snowed in with ... I'm glad it's you."

Ken felt a rush of heat to his cheeks. "I'm also glad it's you, Omi. Really." He slightly tightened his arms around Omi in a hesitant hug.

"I mean, can you picture doing this with Aya? Or Yohji?" Omi giggled, answering the hug like it was the most natural thing in the world for him to do.

Ken shivered in reply. "That's not even funny!"

Omi snorted. "Aya'd probably turn all icy on you. And Yohji ... well, Yohji might be nice."

Ken wheezed. Was Omi trying to tell him he liked Yohji? The way Ken liked Omi?

"To me, at least, cause I'm underage and everything." Omi added. "Even if he'd tease me about it for ages afterwards. Yohji-kun's caring, but I don't like him as much as I like you, Ken-kun."

"Oh." Ken replied, silently yelling at himself to come up with a better reply. "That's uhm ... I like you too Omi. A lot."


"Anyone wants to bet about how long they're going to keep this up?"

"Well - "

"Precogs who are going to spend the next few nights in a cold and lonely bed excepted."

"Sorry, Schu, what were you saying? I was kind of distracted?"

"Heh. Schuschu wants to bet about the kitties getting it on."

"Oh. No, not interested. Why don't you ask Brad?"

"Because it's no fun to bet against him. He always cheats."

"I do not. And stop calling me that Nagi. I'm still older than you."

"Yes, and that's not likely to change anytime soon, is it?"

"Braddiekins is going to be an old man soon."

"Shut up, all three of you. I'm not *that* old. Just ... more mature."


"Really?" Omi sounded pleased. And closer than he had been before, as if he was leaning over to Ken. "How much is 'a lot', Ken-kun?"

"Uhm." was Ken's intelligent answer.

"Would you mind if I ... kissed you?" Omi asked, almost absently, like he was asking about the weather and didn't notice the way Ken's heart sped up at that question.


"I'll take that as a 'no'." Omi chuckled. A moment later, Ken felt soft lips pressing against his own. He wondered if Omi could see in the dark somehow, before he concentrated on returning the kiss. Words weren't his strong suit, but maybe he could tell Omi how he felt about him this way.

Neither of them noticed the flash coming from outside the window, or the four figures hurrying away through the snow, to a nearby car. Which probably was a good thing.