A/N: Sorry Sorry Sorry. Yes I know it's been a year, but all I can say is I've had horrible writers block on this story that I'm still struggling with. But I hope I'm getting back into it now. Here it is.

Xander pulled up at the entrance to yet another dock. He climbed out of his car and walked a little way in,

"Dawn?" he cried into the cool night air. "Dawn, are you here?"

From where she was sitting, Dawn just caught the sound of his voice. She lifted her aching head from the hard back of the bench.

"Xander?" she called back. "I'm over here" He heard his wife's voice and relief washed through him. The tension that had been building since her phone call rapidly drained, letting his shoulders loosen and relax.

"Thank God" he whispered under his breath. He started to walk towards the small sound of her voice, until he saw a slender figure walking towards him. He moved faster, and when he was sure it was her, he swept forwards and pulled her into his arms. His hands entangled themselves in her long chocolate hair; his face nuzzled the side of her head. He could smell the tropical scent of her shampoo and it comforted him.

"Dawnie, I've been so worried." He all but whispered into her ear, his voice relaying his anguish and relief.

"I'm sorry, so sorry; I just had to get away. I couldn't be there anymore."

"It's ok. Its all ok now," he reassured her.

"Take me home?" she pleaded moving her head back so she could look into the depths of his eyes. He nodded at her and smiled, pleased to see her smile back at him. She stepped out of his embrace, but he kept an arm around her shoulders, unwilling to let her go. He led her slowly to the car and they slipped in. He drove home, and the car was filled with a comfortable silence, as each occupant was engulfed in their own thoughts.

Dawn was still thinking about her sister, and all the things that had been said that morning. She knew inside herself that she really was glad that her sister was alive, it was just a massive shock, and so soon after another huge shock. She knew it would just take time, time to get over the hurt and anger. She honestly understood that Buffy had needed the space and the time, could get it that she needed to be alone with Spike after all that had happened, but it would have been nice if she'd told them that instead of letting them think she were dead for seven whole years. She sighed.

"Honey? You ok?"

"Uh-huh" she nodded at him, still looking out the window, watching the scenery go by "just thinking."

He nodded and smiled, even though she couldn't see him. He went back to concentrating on his driving and soon enough they pulled up outside their home. He put the car in park and turned the engine off, yet they still sat there for a couple of minutes, neither moving. Finally Xander turned to his young wife and put his hand on her delicate leg.

"Shall we?" he asked her gently. Dawn looked up at him, apprehension evident on her face. She nodded anyway and pulled at the door handle, letting the cool fresh spring air fill the car suddenly. She clambered out, and Xander followed from his side. They headed up towards the house, Xander reached for the door handle, and he looked at Dawn, questioning her with his eyes.

"You ready?" She nodded, focusing on the door, and what lay behind it. He turned the handle and pushed. They walked inside slowly, to be greeted to a cacophony of noise

"Willow, No! I never meant to hurt you, hurt any of you; especially not Dawn." Buffy's voice was the loudest.

"But you did. You never think Buffy. Never. You have to learn to take responsibility for your actions. And what you said about Xander. I never thought you'd feel that way. You used to say he was the only person you trusted to look after her, and now… God Buffy, you are so selfish, you always have been." Willow broke off and took a deep breath, Xander and Dawn took this as their cue to enter the den.

"Hi, Guys" Dawn all but whispered.

"Dawn!" came the collective gasp throughout the room, all previous tension forgotten. Dawn found herself smothered by Giles and Willow, Buffy and Spike hanging back, shyly.

"Umm, oxygen becoming an issue" Dawn stated when neither let go after a few minutes. They hurried to let go as the phone rang shrilly, startling everyone. Xander reached it first.

"Hello? … Oh God, Yes Robin, I've found her, She's here how's… yes, yes, we'll be right there." He hung up, looking worried, nervous and excited all at once.

"Faiths asking for us, she's almost ready."

"For what?" Buffy asked, confused. No-one had mentioned the other slayer to her, and no-one had told her about the marriage and children.

"To Give Birth. You coming?" Willow asked. Buffy looked shocked, but nodded her assent. They all moved as one back outside and into the car.