"Die! Die!"screamed Lucy Maguilicutty to a giant hula doll.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You will not kill my girlfriend!"yelled the mentally ill man.

"I will, and I will be proud of it!" She reached in her pockets, pulled out a gun, and

accidentally fired towards the director. The bullet missed and cut into a chair.

"CUT!"yelled the director, Harold Moss.

"But why? WAAAAAAAAAAAA"she yelled, falling to the floor and hollering profusely.

"Lucy, get up and get out. You need more practice. Theat's the third time you've caused a

near-fatal accident. Remember Geney Houston, the makeup girl?"

"You mean the one I tripped with the cord on the back of my nightgown? That wasn't my fault!

I snagged it on a hook from my nephew's fishing pole on the way here."

"Either way, remember Thelma Macdonald, the gaffer? You know, the one you knocked unconcious

with a light pole supposedly 'by accident'?"

"I'm sorry! I really am!"

"This was it, dollface. Member what I told you?"

"You wanted to see me alone in your office?"

"NO! The two keys to show business are acting, and knowing how to handle a gun. And it wouldn't

hurt if you lost some weight."

"But the last production I tried out for, I was lauded for being underweight."

"Well they may want you now. GOODBYE!"

"You can't leave me!"

"You're right. Security, escort this woman to the door."

Two tall guards took Lucy by the arm and pushed her forcefully out the door, where she landed in a pile of garbage by a homeless man.

He was short and frail, but she did not pity him.

"Ma'am, do you have money to spare for a dying man?"

"Oh yeah, I'm rich and I just give millions of dollars away to every lifeless drunk I see!"

"Ma'am, one day you will be punished."

"Oh, are you a prophet now?" and with that she walked away, tripping on her heels, searching for the next studio.