Settle in her butt! She knew that any minute her telephone would ring and she would have a new play to audition for. She just knew it.

Her agent was the stout Eddie Triplemaker. He was 42, but looked well into his seventies. He sported a gray mustache that made Lucy reminisce to the days when she'd play Monopoly at home.

He was a great agent, always giving Lucy work, no matter what he had to do. Then again, Lucy was his only client. He was never successful at finding new clients. So naturally, Lucy would be the only one he tried to find work for.


The old phone was ready to blow.


"I'm COMING!!!!!!!" She had no patience with technology.

__click__ She picked up. "Hello?"

"Yes, this is Janey Nettles and I was wondering if you'd watch my apartment for me while we were away on business for a couple days."

"I suppose." She was never the type to turn people down who needed help (except the homeless). Not even someone as pathetic as Bobby or Janey Nettles.

"FABULOUS! I'll be over in a minute with the key. Feel welcome to use my refrigerator or whatever you please. Oh, and Potty will need to be fed twice a day. The food's on the kitchen counter. Three scoops with the cup. THANKS!"


Great, she thought.

Potty was a chihuahua with a heart of--she didn't have a heart. She once knocked Miss Gertrude, an elderly tennant, down the long flight of stairs leading to the exit, leaving her wheelchair bound for the rest of her life, which was less than a year. She was even suspected of killing a stray doberman that had wondered in and tried to get rough with her. She was a piece of work.

"I'll just go in and go out, go in and go out." She repeated out loud, a habit she often did when stressed.

It was the next day that would prove to be one of the best--and worst of her life...