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There was a small cooing sound and Bryan rolled over, one arm pulling his mate closer. He nuzzled his face into the raven strands, intent on returning to sleep. Something poked his stomach and he opened one eye to find an elbow nudging him. "Bry.." The Russian placed a kiss on the tip of his mate's pointed ear and got out of the bed, pale skin rippling with goosebumbs.

He made his way to the crib, footsteps muffled by the thick carpet. Golden eyes looked up at him, and small arms reached out, silently asking to be picked up. He scooped up the small body, cradling it close. "Come on Kitten. Let's get you something to eat." He pressed a light kiss to the silky lavender hair and cast one final look on his mate.

Moonlight streamed over their bed. Raven strands were edged in silver, tan skin washed in silver. Golden eyes were closed in sleep, one hand fisted in the feather filled pillow. Bryan shut the door behind him with a soft click, smiling as he felt one tiny fist clutch at his shirt. He made his way down to the kitchen, turning on the light over the sink. Working with quick, efficient movements he made a bottle and set it in a pot of gently boiling water, cradling his son in one arm.

He sat at the table and gently laid his son on his lap, rubbing the small stomach. Golden eyes slid shut and the sound of soft purring filled the kitchen. The vibrations could be felt throughout the small body and Bryan smiled again, free hand brushing through the silken purple hair. When the timer went off the Russian hastily shut it off, not wanting to awaken his mate. He tested the temperature of the milk and finding it just right he shut off the kitchen light and turned on the one in the living room.

Settling down in the arm chair he set the bottle to the baby's mouth, chuckling quietly as the small pale fingers attempted to close around the bottle and his own hands. Their skin color was almost the same tone. He placed a kiss on the lavender fuzz that matched his own and moonlight eyes slid closed as he took comfort from the small bundle of heat that lay against his chest. Slowly he drifted back to sleep.

A soft laughing woke him and he blinked owlishly several times before things came into focus. Rei was standing over him, golden eyes lit with humor and love. The neko-jin leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on his mate's lips. "Come on Bry. You're going to wake up with a sore neck if you sleep down here. He gently took the little half neko-jin from his mate, long tan fingers gently caressing the small back. "You too Chayton. Daddy's spoiling you again." Bryan just smirked and took the bottle to the kitchen.

He leaned against the doorframe and smiled. Rei was still standing in the living room, Chayton cradled against his chest. The older neko-jin was swaying, his rumbling purr filling the room, accented by his son's smaller sound. The baby looked so much like Rei, with the exception of his skin and hair, which he had gotten from his father.

"Come on love. We all need sleep." Rei just nodded his purr unceasing. Together the three of them climbed the stairs to their room. The neko-jin set his bundle back into the crib and pulled the blanket up, lips brushing the pale skin. "Night Chay." Bryan gently ran one finger down the baby's cheek, reveling in the feel of the soft skin. "Night Kitten." He climbed back into the bed, spooning his mate. Rei turned over in his arms, pressing a kiss to the hollow at the base of his mate's throat. "Love you." The Russian kissed the top of the raven covered head, muttering a quiet "Love you" before he drifted off for the third time that night.

***** "Tyson, are you sure this is a good idea. I mean, Rei's always been one of those people who doesn't like people showing up out of the blue." Max tightened his grip on his seatbelt as Tyson swerved around a truck. Kenny let out a small undignified squawk, clutching his laptop closer. The navy haired blader just shrugged and swerved again "It's us. Rei won't care." He turned onto a quiet street, stopping in front of a modest two story house. "We're here."


Bryan watched as the spoon dropped to the floor. Chayton's eyes filled with tears and he looked at his father, pouting. The Russian picked the spoon up and set it back down on the highchair, wincing as the little neko-jin started beating it on the plastic. "Nice Bry. He was just starting to quiet down too. I have to go get dressed." Moonlight eyes ran over his mate. Rei was dressed in nothing but his boxers, tan skin silently beckoning to be caressed.

The neko-jin saw the look in his mate's eye and he smiled, fangs flashing. He didn't say anything, instead opting to go upstairs, unbound hair hiding his lithe frame. Chayton made a small cat like sound and Bryan turned and smiled. He rested one finger lightly against his son's nose, watching as golden eyes went crossed. The little neko-jin latched on to the finger and stuck it in his mouth, happily gumming it.

The doorbell rang and the Russian rescued his finger, placing a quick kiss on the lightly fuzzed head in an effort to keep Chayton from crying. He opened the door, scaring the three former teammates of his mate. Tyson's mouth snapped shut and he looked up at the taller man, navy eyes confused. "I thought Rei lived here."

The person in question arrived at the door, Chayton in his arms. "Hey guys. What are you doing here?" Tyson immediately smiled at the sight of his friend. "We just thought we'd stop by to. who's the baby?" Rei smiled and kissed the lavender hair. The little neko-jin tightened his grip on his 'mother's' shirt at the sound of the new voices. "Don't worry Chayton. They're safe." The Chinese man grabbed the keys and handed them to Bryan before picking up a small blue baby bag.

When Rei had bent down to pick up the bag, Kenny caught a glimpse of something that hung on a slim silver chain around the neko-jin's neck. Something that looked suspiciously like a silver falcon. He looked up at the tall Russian, his sharp eyes noticing a gold chain that was barely visible under the collar of the Russian's shirt. The brunette had a fairly good idea of what hung from the gold chain. And he had a fairly good idea he knew who Chayton's parents were.

Rei got Chayton buckled into the car seat and handed the little neko-jin a small stuffed phoenix. He latched on to it and made a small little mew. Rei turned to face his friends who were all staring at him in shock. "Come on. We have to meet Tala and Kai." He slipped into the car and buckled his belt, laughing at something his mate said. Tyson, Max and Kenny climbed back into their car and followed, wanting to see their team captain and to solve the mystery of the baby.


Chayton latched onto on of Tala's bangs, giggling as the Russian tried to free himself. Kai leaned over and rescued his lover, taking the little neko- jin from his 'mother'. "Hey Ay." He skillfully fended off the small hand that reached for his own slate hair. He kissed Chayton's forehead, one slate eyebrow rising at the sight of Kenny, Max and Tyson. Bryan took his son back, and slipped into his chair, taking the bottle Rei offered him.

"Kai, Tala." Tyson sat down in an empty chair, across from Bryan and Rei. Max and Kenny sat next to him. The table was quiet until the waiter had left. Tyson placed his elbows on the table and leaned forward, navy eyes focused on Kai and Tala. "So..." his eyes darted to Bryan who was feeding Chayton. "How long have you know Bryan's little bundle of joy?"

Mahogany met gold and Rei shook his head slightly, silently warning his friend that they didn't know yet. Kai leaned back in his chair, exchanging a look with Tala. "Almost a year now. We're his godparents."

Chayton reached out for Rei and the older neko-jin took him, flashing a smile at his mate. Bryan smiled back and went to reach for his water, only to find Tyson staring at him in shock. "What?" The younger man made a dismissive gesture. "Nothing. Other then the fact you smiled." Bryan didn't answer.

The waiter set their food down, thoughtfully including a bowl of smashed fruit for Chayton. The little half neko-jin looked up at Tyson and smiled, his golden eyes sparkling. The navy haired blader choked on his water at the sight of the golden feline orbs that looked on at him. Max patted his friend on the back, sky blue eyes confused. "What's wrong Ty?" The blonde followed the direction of his friend's finger, his breath hitching slightly.

The four older bladers watched, waiting to see what would happen. Tala took a drink from his glass and set it back down. "Looks like the cat's out of the bag." Kai smacked his lover, mahogany eyes serious. "This isn't funny Tala."

Tyson took several deep breaths, eyes still focused on Rei and his son. "Rei, who are Chayton's parents?" Rei's eyes were starting to slit slightly, a sign of his nervousness. "Chayton is mine and Bryan's." The navy haired blader took another deep breath. "Ummm. Okay, care to explain." Rei brushed some of his bangs back from his face, an almost imperceptible tremor racing through his hand. "Male neko-jin can become pregnant. There are a number of children in my village with two male parents."

Tyson closed his eyes, fingers tapping against the table in a steady rhythm. "That's not my problem Rei. My problem is the fact that you had Bryan's child and even failed to tell us that the two of you were in a relationship. You do remember the tournament don't you?" The neko-jin just shook his head, ignoring the small fingers that wrapped around his own. "Tyson, that's not relevant anymo..."

"Like hell its not! He tried to kill you. And not only that but you lied to us. In the, what is it? Six years since the team broke up you not once mentioned Bryan to us. And then out of the blue you tell us that the two of you have a baby. I mean..." Tyson was cut off as he caught the looks Kai, Tala, Bryan, Max and Kenny were giving him. He bit back his next statement, horrified at what he had said to one of his best friends. He looked at Rei, his mind yelling at him for being an idiot.

Rei's nose was buried in Chayton's hair, tears standing out against his dark eyelashes. Chayton, sensing his 'mother's' distress had started purring, one small hand gripping the older neko-jin's shirt. The raven haired blader got to his feet, Chayton held safely in his arms. He made a beeline for the door, ignoring the stares that followed him. Tyson sank back down into his chair, cheeks flushing bright red.

Bryan got to his feet, moonlight eyes cold. "I hope you're happy Granger." Waiters quickly moved out of his way, something about the tall Russian triggering the 'fight or flight' part of their brain.


He found his mate and son in a park not to far from the restaurant. Rei was lying on his side underneath a tree, watching as Chayton crawled in the grass. Bryan dropped to the ground next to his mate and pulled him into his arms. The neko-jin wrapped his arms around the Russian's neck, fingers tangling in the lavender strands. They sat like that for several minutes before Chayton decided to join them.

He latched on to Bryan's leg and pulled himself up, purring. Rei pulled him into his lap, one arm curling around the little neko-jin. Chayton pulled at the chain that hung around his 'mother's' neck, letting out a little mew of delight when the pendent came free. A small finger reached out and brushed over the silver falcon with topaz eyes, his own golden eyes fixated on the bird.

Rei gently pulled the falcon from his son's grip and tucked it back under his shirt. He snuggled closer to his mate and tightened his grip on his son, purring. Within seconds the older neko-jin was asleep. Bryan leaned back against the tree, moonlight eyes half closing. Even after years of not living in the Abbey he still found it hard to totally drop his guard when he was out in public. He felt a tugging on his shirt and he looked down to find his son looking up at him with golden eyes that matched his 'mother's'. With a smile the Russian untangled his son from his mate's arms and set the little neko-jin back down in the grass.

Chayton ran his hands over the grass, a smile revealing his small fangs at the feel of the grass tickling his hand. He plucked a piece from the ground and was about to stick it in his mouth when he was scooped up. He immediately went for the red bang that dangled in front of him, ignoring the disgruntled look his godfather gave him. Bryan glanced up at his friends. "Tyson said he would come by tonight and talk to Rei." Kai knelt down in front of Bryan and brushed a strand of raven hair from Rei's eyes.

Bryan slowly stood, cradling his mate close. "That's up to Rei. Granger shouldn't have had such a cow." Tala tucked the little neko-jin in the crook of his elbow, smiling as small fangs were revealed in a yawn. All three Russians smiled at the little neko-jin, a rare occurrence.


Rei came down the stairs yawning, just having put Chayton to bed. Bryan was sitting in the armchair, book resting on his lap as he read. The neko-jin took the book from his mate's lap and dropped it to the floor and proceed it take its place. The Russian wrapped his arms around the lithe body. Moonlight eyes closed and he leaned back, a sigh of contentment ruffling his mate's hair. Rei leaned into the embrace, his nose brushing the lavender haired man's throat.

They stayed like that for several minutes, until the doorbell rang. With an annoyed sigh Rei got up and opened the door, pupils slitting in anger. Tyson stood at the door, nervously shifting from foot to foot. The Japanese man looked up, dark eyes grave. "Look, Rei, I'm sorry. I just kind of lost my temp." He took a step back as the sound of an angry growl reached his ears.

"Yes you lost your temper. That gives you no right to insult my mate and cub. I could have dealt with you insulting me but never ever insult my mate and cub again." Rei's breathing was shallow, fangs bared, golden eyes adding a feral look to the tall neko-jin. The navy haired blader backed away from his friend eyes wide. "I'll talk to you later Rei." He disappeared down the walkway.

Rei returned to the living room and dropped into his mate's lap, forcing his breathing to even out. Bryan started rubbing the neko-jin's back, concerned about his mate. The last time he had seen Rei this worked up was at the World Tournament eight years ago during their battle.

Rei leaned back into the caress, delighting in the feel of the large hand on his back. Slowly he calmed down, the sound of his purring filling the room. When he opened his eyes again they were normal. "Feeling better?" Rei nodded and at the same time reached into his mate's shirt. His fingers traced the thin chain and he pulled out the pendent, smiling faintly.

A golden tiger with silver eyes looked back at him. He gently ran a finger over the stripes, remembering when he had given it to Bryan. The neko-jin reached into his shirt and drew out his own pendent. He pressed the two pendants together with ease and the falcon and the tiger linked together, silver and gold mixing. Bryan laced his fingers with his mate's. "Forever."

The sound of a questioning mew reached their ears and they both smiled. Rei kissed the hollow of Bryan's throat. "The three of us forever. I think we're going to have to get him his own pendent one of these days." The Russian nodded and got to his feet, Rei held securely in his arms. "I think you're right."