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Chayton came down the stairs, pulling his shirt on, trying to avoid loosing his footing. He brushed some of his hair out of his eyes, sighing. He had been meaning to get it cut for awhile, but it seemed that someone was conspiring against him. His backpack was at the bottom of the stairs and without stopping he picked it up, the kitchen his final stop.

He peeked around the edge of the door, a smile revealing fangs. His parents were standing in the middle of the kitchen, looking cute and utterly content. Rei was leaning against Bryan, arms wrapped around his mate, purring lightly. Bryan's arms rested low on the neko-jin's hips, head resting on against Rei's, lavender and ebony mixing together.

As much as he hated to disturb them, he had to ask an important question. "Papa?" Golden eyes slid open and the purring stopped. "Yes Chay?" The half neko-jin shifted nervously and looked up, meeting his father's moonlight eyes. Bryan smirked, knowing where his son's question was going. "Can Gillian come over for dinner tonight?"

Rei looked up at Bryan, golden eyes seeming to pass entire messages. Chayton hated it when his parents did that. He supposed it came from having been mates for the past seventeen years. The Russian shrugged slightly. Rei smiled a single fang showing. "I don't see why not."

Chayton's smile widened and he started for the door, pulling his keys out of his pocket. "Thanks Papa, Dad. Love you both." He was just closing the door when his father's accented voice stopped him. "Chay, don't forget to tell her before you get here. I don't want to have to pay for her therapy." Chay shook his head, cursing as hair fell in his eyes. "Yes dad."


Chayton dodged around a crowd of girls in the middle of the hall, a Chinese curse slipping out. "Hey Kuznetsov!" He glanced over his shoulder to see one of the school morons, as Chay liked to call them, hailing him. "What Felice? The other teen grinned, bad teeth visible from the distance separating them.

"How are your faggot parents doing?" Chayton started pushing his way to Felice, rage flooding his body. He slammed the smaller teen against the nearest wall, fangs bared, pupils nearly gone in his rage. Felice struggled as he felt fingers dig into his flesh. "Watch what you say Felice. One of these days I might not be so lenient."

Chayton punched the other teen in the stomach for good measure before someone latched onto his arm and started dragging him down the hall. He looked down and was met with long indigo hair pulled back in a high ponytail. "Hi Faedyn." Burning red-umber eyes met his and he took a deep breath. Her glare was just as bad as her father's. "Don't Hi me Chayton Kuznetsov. You're just lucky there weren't any teachers around."

The half neko-jin shrugged. "He deserved it. He...." He cut of as her slim fingers tightened around his wrist. Her eyes softened. "I heard what he said Chay. What did your father say he would do if he found out that you had been fighting again?" Chayton sighed and brushed some of his hair back. "He said he was going to drag me down to the dojo and put me through the ringer." Red-umber eyes lit up and she smiled as she pulled him into their history class. "Exactly. So when does Gillian get to meet your parents?"

Chayton dropped his bag and the floor and sat down in the desk, long legs stretching out. "Tonight. Papa said she could." Faedyn sat down, and started to dig through her bag for her homework. "Just make sure you tell her before hand." Chayton pulled his own homework out. "You're as bad as Dad. And I had been plan...."

"Miss Hiwatari, Mr. Kuznetsov are you two done with your conversation?" They exchanged a quick glance before turning to the face the front.


Chayton brushed his hair out of his face before ringing the door bell. The door slowly opened, Gillian's father checking him over with critical eyes. "Chayton?" The half neko-jin nodded. "Yes Sir." The man stepped back and held open the screen door, never letting up on his inspection. "What nationality are you?" Chayton sighed to himself, knowing this was going to happen. "Half Russian, half Chinese."

Gillian's mother came out of the kitchen, her eyes lighting up at the first sight of her daughter's boyfriend. "You must be Chayton. Gillian's said so much about you. You're absolutely adorable!" A pick blush covered Chayton's cheeks, creeping up to the tips of his ears. "Mom, stop embarrassing Chayton!" Gillian came down the stairs, her curly brown hair pulled back and braided with several curls framing her face. Her eyes were sky blue, matching earrings twinkling in the low light. Her nose was straight with high cheekbones. She was dressed in a black three quarter sleeve shirt with black dress pants.

Gillian kissed her parents on the cheek and grabbed her coat, dragging Chayton out to the car. They made the trip in a comfortable silence, the radio the only sound. Chayton pulled into the driveway and shut the car off. "Gillian, there's something I need to tell you about my parents." Gillian looked over at him, brown eyes questioning. "What is it?" The half neko-jin brushed back his hair and took a deep breath. "My parents are gay."

She laughed, the sound filling the car. "Chayton, it's only January. It's a little early for April Fool's." Chay took a deep breath, fighting back a growl. There were times that Gillian could be a blonde, and this was one of him. They had been going out for a year, and she still hadn't discovered that he rarely did anything in the way of jokes. "Fine, if you don't believe me, then let's go inside."

Chayton pushed open the door to the house, wincing as he heard a thump come from the kitchen. "Bry, get back here!" Chayton took Gillian's coat and hung it in the closet with his own, before motioning her to stay where she stood. The sight that greeted him in the kitchen was almost beyond words. The pepper was spilled on the counter, mixing with salt. The cupboard that held the pans was open, several lying on the floor. One pan was in the middle of the floor. Rei was seated on the island, Bryan kneeling at his feet. The half neko-jin couldn't help but smirk. "Dad, I thought you said that you knelt to no one." Bryan glared and helped his mate off the counter. "No one doesn't include your 'mother.'"

Rei went to the counter and cleaned up the pepper and salt, dumping it in to the garbage can. "What happened?" Bryan picked up the pans and returned them to their rightful place. "We had a little disagreement." Chay shook his head. "You two always take it to the extreme." Rei reached into the oven, pulling out the chicken. "So how'd Gillian take it?"

The younger neko-jin ran a hand through his hair, and sighed. "She thought I was joking." Moonlight and gold met and Bryan just sighed. "Looks like we will be paying for therapy. You might as well get it over with." Chayton nodded. "Gillian." She appeared at the door and smiled, blue eyes bright. "Mr. and Mrs. Kuznetsov, I'm so happy to get to finally meet you. Chayton hasn't said much about you." Rei caught his cub's eyes, sending the message of "tell her or your father will." Chayton rolled his eyes.

"Gillian, may I present my parents, Bryan and Rei Kuznetsov. Papa, Dad, Gillian." Blue eyes focused on Rei. The closer she looked, she could tell that Rei was most definitely male. His chest was flat, and though his facial structure was delicate, there were definite signs of masculinity. Her cheeks flushed and she bowed her head, feeling incredibly embarrassed.

"I'm sorry." Rei smiled. "Don't worry about it Gillian. You're not the only that's made the same mistake." She smiled shyly, feeling slightly better. The neko-jin glanced over at the oven where the chicken sat cooling. "Bry, Chay would you get the plates and silverware to the dining room. I'm running a little behind." Chay grabbed the stack of plates while Bryan grabbed the silverware and glasses.

The Russian kissed his mate on the forehead, whispering a quite "nice handling." Gillian blushed, trying not to stare at the display of the affection between Rei and Bryan. Rei filled a bowl with salad and pulled out several bottles of salad dressing. "Gillian would you do me a favor and take this is to the dining room for me?" She took the bowl and bottles and made her way to the dining room.

She stopped just outside the door, intrigued by the sound of voices from the room. The language sounded harsh and guttural, but the combination of Bryan's low voice with Chayton's higher tone was almost musical. Rei appeared at her side, a plate of chicken in one hand, a pitcher in the other. "I've fallen asleep more then once listening to them. Thankfully they keep their arguing in Russian." Gillian pushed the door open. "Russian? How many languages does Chayton know?"

Rei smiled as Bryan took the plate of chicken from him. "Three. Russian, English, and Chinese."


Gillian yawned, her head resting on Chayton's shoulder. He looked down at her with drowsy eyes. "Time to go home?" Gillian nodded and slowly got to her feet. "Dad, Papa, I'm taking Gillian home." His parents were in the kitchen, playing poker. "Okay. Be careful Chay." The half neko-jin held his girlfriend's coat as she put it on. "Okay."

The moment the car pulled out of the driveway, Bryan and Rei moved into the living room, settling down in the armchair. Bryan wrapped an arm around his mate's waist, moonlight eyes falling shut. Rei yawned, his head falling to rest on Bryan's shoulder. "Well, I think that went well." The Russian nodded, hands tracing random patterns on the neko-jin's leg.

"As well as could be expected." Rei kissed Bryan's neck, allowing his eyes to fall shut. "Night love."


When Chay got home he made his way to the living room. Just as he had thought, his parents were curled up in the old armchair, asleep and comfortable. He got the fleece blanket off the back of the couch, knowing that his 'mother' would get cold in the middle of the night. Long fingers caressed the worn forest green fabric. "Even after all these years you still have it Lumpy. Knowing them, you're the only chair they'll ever own."