Disclaimer: shew I'm so bored and tired I could care less is someone sues me or not…

Disclaimer: shew I'm so bored and tired I could care less is someone sues me or not…

Finally Happy

By: ZellyBaby

Zell walked through the halls of Balamb Garden just aimlessly wondering, his current girlfriend…now ex-girlfriend had just broken up with him and he didn't know what to do. He was unhappy and had no love life what so ever. He knew what would cheer him up. Hotdogs, the one thing in his life that would always be there. He raced to the cafeteria only to see some prick junior classmen look his way and take the very last hotdog and smile. He rolled his eyes turning around headed toward the training center; he needed to blow off some steam.

"My Final Heaven!" Zell had just finished off a the fifth T-rexaur he had somehow come across in the past hour. "Damn, first my girlfriend breaks up with me, then there's no hotdogs, and this makes the fifth stupid T-rexaur I've come across. I'm exhausted." He let out a sigh and slowly pulled himself to his feet with the help of a near by fallen log. "I've got to get some rest, I'm so damn tired I forgot why I came here in the first place." He yawned and stretched till his back cracked. "Oh, that felt good." He said as he began to walk toward the entrance to the training center. The roar of a near by T-rexaur filled the air. He turned around pulling on his gloves making sure they were secure expecting to see one of the large orange, purple and red dinos rushing toward him. But to Zell's surprise someone else was fighting with one. "Hm…must be one of the other guys must be training as well, maybe I'll go see what how there doing and if they've notice the abundance of T-rexars." Zell walked toward where the heated battle between… "What the Hell, who the hell is that?" it wasn't one of the guys as Zell had expected but a girl he had never seen before. Surely if she's been here at garden all this time I would have seen her or at least noticed her, he thought to himself as he watched her from a distance. "Damn she can really fight!" he thought aloud just a little bit too loudly. She must of heard him because she turned to look his way. Just then the T-Rexaur attacked with its tail knocking her to the ground. Zell hesitated a bit before running to her rescue, for before he got there she jumped to her feet pulling a hidden shotgun similar to Exeter out of a sheath on her right side shooting the creature between the eyes. It staggered as if it were drunk but she delivered a finishing blow with her fist killing the beast. Zell was dumfounded.

Zell finally came out of his daze and ran toward her. She glanced toward him revealing a face tattoo similar to his own except on the opposite side. She flashed him a smile as he stopped in front of her extending a gloved hand.

"Um…hi my names Zell, who are you?" she was wearing a black trench coat, from the depths of coat she brought up a gloved hand shaking Zell's own gloved hand.

"Hello, my names Dartania." She was clad in leather pants and a white t-shirt along with her black trench coat. (yeah I know ure all thinking Squall but I couldn't think of anything else)

"Where did u transfer from?" Zell questioned her.

"How bout' I tell u over coffe?" she clicked her tongue piercing against her teeth making Zell shudder.

"Um…uh…um." Stuttered Zell unable to give her a straight answer.

"I'll take that as a yes." She motioned him toward the entrance with her gloved hand and began to walk off. Zell who was still speechless raised an eyebrow in interest and followed her. From behind Zell noticed her brown hair that was in many braids that cascaded around her head. Amongst the brown there was a few braids that were bleach blonde the color of his own hair.

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