Disclaimer: I don't own anything…

Disclaimer: I don't own anything…

Finally Happy: Who She Is

By: ZellyBaby

Dartania slid into a booth at Balamb Coffee Shop she motioned for Zell to sit across from her. The waitress walked up glancing back and forth between the two.

"What would you like?" she poised her hand which contained a pen above a small book.

"I'll have Coffee, black please, no cream." The waitress looked at Dartania and shrugged writing down the order.

"How bout' you Zell?" she turned to Zell.

"Coffee, with lots of cream please." He smiled sheepishly as she wrote down his order. He knew better than to try to show her up, he couldn't handle straight coffee. Zell looked across the table and into Dartania's dark brown eyes, glancing over at her tattoo, only to reach up and touch his own.

"Yeah I noticed your tattoo." She said pointing to Zell's own face tattoo. She kept clicking her bar bell piecing in her tongue on her teeth as if she were nervous. Zell raised an eyebrow and put his hands under the table.

"So where did you come from I've never seen you before." She grinned as the waitress brought their coffee, she took a sip. "Did you transfer from another garden?" she glanced up.

"Not exactly, I've never went to a Garden before." She sipped her coffee again.

"What! But you fought so well! If you've never went to a Garden before where did you learn all of that?" Zell questioned with surprise apparent in his voice.

"Well, I've been training since an early age, about 6 or 7 probably." She looked into Zell's crystal eyes and sipped her coffee again.

"Whoa, hell you've been training for a long time, did you train buy your self or with someone?" You could hear the astonishment in his voice. She stared into his eyes and smirked.

"I got my first shotgun at ten, but my first weapons were these." She held up her gloved hands, Zell couldn't keep his eyes off of her, ~She's amazing! She's so much like me –the shotgun it's scary~ he thought to himself.

"Me too! Man where so much alike its scary" ~oh shit I didn't mean to say that out-loud! ~ He thought. She just smiled and started playing with one of her gloves.

"I realized that…so I hear you were one of the ones who are called "Saviors of the world." Zell Dincht am I right?" Zell blushed and looked down putting his hands under the table.

"Um…yeah, me and my friends, can't forget about them." He smiled revealing some pearly whites.

"Wow…I wasn't sure in the training center. I don't know if you've realized it or not but hell, I look up to you." She looked down trying to hide her blushing face.

"Really?! Me…I'm nothing great or special, I'm just Zell. I don't know if you knew or not but I was adopted and well its always been a dream to find my real parents and you're so much like me, but well Matron told me that she took me after my parents died so I don't think you're my sister." He looked down ashamed that he had told her that.

"And the only other way would be if I was adopted too, but trust me, we've got it all on video tape and plenty of pictures." She smiled relieving his tension and embarrassment. ~ Think about this Zell you always wanted to know who your real family was, but what's this? Am I relieved that she's not my sister? She is awful pretty, dammit Zell, she'll never like you though…~ he sadly thought to himself.

" I'm kind of relieved cause well, I think you're pretty…" Zell trailed off, looking over to the side.

" What was that Zell I didn't hear you?" Zell was glad that she hadn't heard him.

" Nothing, nothing at all." Zell got and idea, "hey, I know what we can do! Wanna meet my other friends? The ones you call "Saviors of the world" I 'm sure they would love to meet you." Her eyes lit up.

" Sure I would love too!" she got up and grabbed his arm pulling him out of the booth with unknown strength. ~Damn she's strong~ "Come on you can tell me all about them on the way back to Garden." She was still dragging him.

" Well first I should tell you about Squall Leonhart, he the commander and his girlfriend Rinoa Heartilly she a bit ditzy at times but she cool and a good friend, then there's Irvine Kinneas the ladies man, but he's also got a girlfriend who he is completely devoted too, Selphie Timlitt, she really hyper…………

So what do u think, and I'm sorry if I put stuff such as 'u' or 'uve' or 'ure' it's a habit, I accidentally did it in the other one and everyone was telling me about it…READ & REVIEW.