Chapter 1 The trouble-bet starts!

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Castle Acorn was decorated warmly for the holidays. Red ribbons hung from the towers while colored candles lit a path to a big Christmas wreath hanging on the castle door. As the snow silently fell to the earth, a party was underway.

Princess Sally sat in a big wooden chair watching the fireplace as she looked around her bedroom. Amy and Cream were decorating her drapes with some holly. Rouge and Mina were in a heavy conversation about the origin of Christmas; not really believing each other's tales were correct. Sally smirked to herself and decided to speak.

"Hey, guys! How about we make a bet." Sally said, smirking.

"What kind of bet?" Rouge purred; her attention obviously caught. Anything with a risk always interested her.

Cream nodded eagerly meanwhile Mina and Amy quickly exchanged worried glances but decided to listen anyway. They all took a seat on Sally's bed.

"Well, I know you each have a guy you fancy and I know you'll do anything to get them the prefect present." Sally said, tapping her fingers on her chair. "So, I thought it would be fun to have a little friendly competition."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." Rouge interrupted, gritting her teeth. "You think you know who each of us like? What makes you so sure? I know I've never told you anything."

Sally laughed, "Of course I know. I'm not stupid. Rouge, you like Knuckles." She laughed even harder when she saw the look on Rouge's face. "And you, Cream, are in love with Tails."

"Ah, st-stop."Cream stuttered, blushing and shamefully hiding her face in her hands. She didn't want anyone to know about the secret she kept with only Cheese.

"Don't worry Cream, it's all right." Amy whispered, patting Cream's back.

"Hey! If you're smart enough to know whom Cream likes, then you should have known not to tell everyone else about it. Some people don't like to be that open!" Mina angrily yelled, standing up from her seat on the bed. She wouldn't let Sally mess with anyone else if she could help it.

"Oh, like you?" Sally asked. "I know you found a new crush. And that crush would be Shadow." Sally gently laughed, "You probably figured since he looks close enough to Sonic, he could take Sonic's place for you. You probably don't know a thing about the real him."

"Take that back!" Mina screamed; her blood was boiling that very second. "How dare you say that to me?!"

"I did it once, I can do it again." Sally said, "A love for you, that is."

Before Mina could through a punch at Sally, Rouge and Amy quickly held her back. "Mina! Calm down! Fighting her won't solve anything!" Amy pleaded, when Mina tried to pull out of their arms.

"Don't think I've forgotten about you, Amy." Sally said, her smirk turning to a frown. "You are after my Sonic."

"Your Sonic? I don't think so." Amy said, letting go of Mina who stopped squirming. "It's his decision who he likes, not yours!"

"Precisely what I was getting to." Sally said. She got up from her chair and walked over to her window; looking at the half-blown up moon. "Amy, what do you think is the best kind of present? A store-brought gift or a home-made gift?"

"Although store-brought gifts are nice, I think homemade gifts are better because they show how much someone cares for you." Amy said. Rouge, Mina and Cream nodded.

"So it's settled."

"What is?" Rouge groaned.

"Here's the bet: You four will make home-made presents for the guys you like, and my friends and I will buy gifts. Whichever present the guy likes better will be the girl who wins his heart."

"Sounds interesting.but what do you mean by 'friends?'" Mina asked.

"I know three girls who have go their eyes on the same guys that you do."

"That's not fair, we never asked for this!" Cream cried, "We just came to have a party."

"If you don't want to do it, I understand. But you'll just let Freda win."

"Who's Freda?" Cream sniffled.

"Why, she's the best repair technician from Mercia and she's been hearing things about Tails' amazing ability to create electronic things." Sally said.

"N-n-noooooo." Cream cried, tears running down her face.

"So what do you guys say? Are you in, or not?" Sally asked.

"I'll never back out of a challenge." Rouge said.

"I-I'll do it!" Cream croaked through her tears.

"I'm in too." Mina said.

"And also me. I'll say you won't have it easy." Amy said.

"All right, we have ourselves a bet." Sally said.