Beyblade: The Bit-Beast Chronicles Special Opening Song- Don't Be Discouraged

My excited heart shakes at the unseen tomorrow
I continue on to grab that shining dream.
When I got discouraged, I found out people aren't alone
Never give up on myself at all times.

Even if the chosen path is rough and beaten up
Beyond that is that moment we sought for.

Don't you forget, I'm here
Please laugh at my cluminess as a part of my sweetness
I don't forget, that you're here
We can become stronger through this clumsy love!


Last Time: It was the most outrageous battle! The two captains: Tyson from the Bladebreakers and Tekken from the Firearms, battled an impressive beybattle so far. Tyson thought with his new modified Dragoon, he could finish Tekken in a pinch. But he didn't count on Hyper Dranzer being modified to the GT-stages and Tekken proved that he was in Tyson's league!

But, when the others thought that the battle was over and done with, Tyson & Tekken realized they've been holding back! And they called forth the ultimate technique: BEYBLADE FUSION!

Now, with the Rocky Cliffs about to collaspe any second, only one winner will be decided! So get ready...................



Final Episode: Don't Be Discouraged Part II

The Rocky Cliffs continued to shake. Everyone was in panic.

"We're gonna fall if this cliff continues to shake!" Max said. "So, what'll we do about it!?" Rei asked, "We don't know where to start!"

Suddenly, a huge boulder came out of nowhere and started to fall above them. "Look out!" Kai said but it was too late to move.

"Go, Jager Driger!" Nikki yelled as she released her beyblade.

"Agni Dragoon, attack!" Pyro shouted releasing his.

The two blades swerved around each other as they broke the boulder. Little rocks fell to the ground without harming anyone.

"Is everyone okay?!" Nikki asked. "We're fine here!" Max replied back. "Well, don't get use to it yet!" Pyro said, "That was just one of few boulders! But, our blades are too weak from the battles!" "So are ours!" Rei replied as Max & Mariam nodded, "I don't think we can handle them all!"

"Then it's up to us then!" Kai said holding his launcher, "Ozuma! Hilary!" The two nodded and grabbed their launchers as well. "Ready..............."

"Let It Rip!"

Dranzer CF, Hyper Dragoon V2, & Flash Leopard 3 flew in the air as five or six boulders fell. "I'll go first!" Ozuma said, "Go, Flash Leopard!" As Flash Leopard 3 swayed in the air, two boulders fell in front of it.


In a pure black background, Ozuma's hands were on fire. Once he clasped them together, he emitted, from the fire itself, a long sword. Twisting it around, he created a sphere like a solar eclipse.


Slashing the sword downward, cutting the sphere in half, Flash Leopard 3 flew on its side as the weight disk became a spining disk of fire, which cut the two boulders.


"I'm up next!" Hilary said getting ready.

"MECCA VIPRESS.........."

In a spiraling, cloudy background, Hilary held out her hands gathering energy. Spinning with the energy, she crossed her arms and let the energy go!


Surrounded by a tornado, Hyper Dragoon V2 crashed into the boulders which became tiny pebbles.


"My turn now!" Kai said, "Dranzer, Beyblade Fusion!" Suddenly, Kai glowed and transfromed instantly. "I'm all set now!"

Setting his right hand ablaze, Kai bawled it up as Dranzer flew in the background. Then releasing the fire into a beam which turned everything white!


Instantly, the boulders were destroyed. All that was left were tiny bits of burnt pebbles.


"Is everyone okay?" Kai asked. "We're all in one piece!" Kenny replied, "When you destroyed the boulders, it must of stopped the cliffs from quaking!"

"Guys?" Hilary asked, "Where's Tyson?" "And Tekken?" Nikki added.

Suddenly, the cliffs started to shake again. "I thought we got rid of the boulders!" Ozuma said. "It's not the boulders!" Kenny replied, "Something else is making them shake!"

Then, something appeared then disappeared right in front of Hilary. "What was that just now!?" she asked herself. She got her answer when mysteriously one of the huge rocks spontaneously combusted! Seconds later, two beings, in the air, collided with each other causing a major shockwave!

"Tyson!" Max shouted.

"Tekken, as well!" Rei replied.

Below, on the ground, Hyper Dranzer GT & Dragoon CF Mach grinded each other. Tyson & Tekken drew back their fists, and with a thunderous yell, their fists collided making another shockwave! The others were nearly blown back by it!

"Ah, man!" Rei said, "By the way my head is hurting, their power is off the charts!" "Tell me about it!" Max said, "They're down right awesome!"

As Hyper Dranzer & Dragoon continued to grind and bash each other, Tyson & Tekken were fighting at supersonic speed! Their fists flew back and forth at one another as they moved from one place to the next. Seconds later, Tyson got controlled of the battle and punch Tekken twice in the face. That same reaction happened as Dragoon bashed Hyper Dranzer twice, pushing it back. Then he tried to kick, but Tekken ducked under as Hyper Dranzer GT moved behind Dragoon.

"Gotcha!" Tekken yelled as a left hand punched Tyson's face. Hyper Dranzer hit Dragoon in its blind spot and knocked the beyblade in the air. As Tyson flew backwards, Dragoon CF Mach crashed into a rock.

"Tyson!" Hilary said with so much treble in her voice. Luckily, Tyson wasn't hurt as he got up and Dragoon was still spining. He thrusted at Tekken with so much speed as the blade, itself, rushed in against Hyper Dranzer; he clasped his hands together then clocked him on the side of his face! Dragoon did the same manuever as it bashed Hyper Dranzer GT, pushing it back!

"Tekken!" Nikki said, but thankfully, she saw Tekken land from that attack and land on the ground with Hyper Dranzer in front of him. Tyson landed seconds later.

'This is so awesome!' Tekken thought, 'I can actually keep up with Tyson! And I was barely able to perform Beyblade Fusion! But still, I can't gloat over what I doing! I'm gonna take on Tyson with the best of my abilities!'

'Tekken is really impressive!' Tyson thought, ' He's actually just as strong as I am! He may just beat me! But, just because he's fighting me at equal strength, doesn't mean I gonna hold back! I gonna take him down!'

Then Dragoon & Hyper Dranzer spun with unbelieveable speed.

"I refuse to lose............" they both said silently.


The others looked at Tyson & Tekken with astonishment.

"It's hard to believe that these two can throw fists at each other and beyblade at the same time!" Max replied, "This defies the Laws of Physics! It's a good thing I never studied Law!" "I have to agree, Max," Rei said, "This is like something a street fighter would do! But, I'm actually liking this!" "I wonder if Tyson can teach me how to do that," Ozuma wondered. "I don't know which one to root for!" Mariam said. "I always thought that Tekken's battle with Tyson would be ugly!" Pyro replied, "But, I never thought THIS UGLY!"

"According to the database," Kenny began, "Tyson and Tekken have only used half their power! It's only a matter of time before a winner is decided."

"Tyson......" Hilary said with her eyes gleaming.

"Tekken....." Nikki said with tears barely coming out of her eyes.

Both girls wanted to say something, but they couldn't get the words to come out.

Kai just smiled as he looked at the battle.


Meanwhile, Tyson and Tekken looked at each other, smiling.

"What do you say we finish this, Tyson?" Tekken said. After spitting out blood, from his mouth, Tyson replied, "Why not? I'll let you go first!" "You're such a polite kid!"

Raising his aura higher, all Tekken did was send out a punch that caused Hyper Dranzer GT to hit Dragoon instantly! Tyson felt the attack and flinched.

"My turn!" he said sending a punch causing Dragoon CF Mach to hit Hyper Dranzer back. Tekken felt that was moved back an inch.

Then (in a two-way split screen) they both sent out punches that caused the two blades to grind. Again, they yelled for more power pushing their limits. Suddenly, the blades separated. Upon their separation, Tyson thrusted forward towards Tekken.

Tekken blocked Tyson's punch as well as Hyper Dranzer blocked Dragoon's attack. Then Tekken & Hyper Dranzer GT retaliated by attacking, but, as well, Tyson blocked by grabbing his fist. Moments later, they were both caught in a test of strength; the beyblades were at a stalemate as they grinded each other. But, as soon as their auras grew, the Rocky Cliffs started to shake again. Pebbles & rocks were lifted from the ground.

Suddenly, Tekken sucker-punched Tyson in the face. Dragoon CF Mach was knocked back by Hyper Dranzer GT's force. But then, Tyson retaliated by punching him and Dragoon bashing back Hyper Dranzer. Moments later, it became a outrageous fist fight between the two bladers; and a huge test of power between the two blades.

"Woah!" Max said. "Look at them go!" Mariam replied. "They're staying in one spot!" Rei replied, "They're not even trying to defend themselves!" "I guess being defensive....." Kai began, " the least of their worries."

"HOLY SHIT!" Kenny said as his voice echoed. "What's up, Chief?" Max asked. "Take a look at this!" When Max looked at the screen, the words just came out of his mouth. "Holy Shit!" "According to this," Kenny began, "Tyson and Tekken have already used more than 75 of their power! If this keeps up, one of them will have their blades broken!"

Meanwhile, Tyson & Tekken swapped punches to the face and their blades backed off from each other.

"All right!" Tyson said, "Time to end this!" Then his blue aura grew to major heights.

"Well, I agree!" Tekken said charging his red aura.


Tyson was gathering energy so much, that lighting surrounded him. Yelling one more time, he shot up his left arm, which his grip launcher created a strip of blue dragon's head. Surrounding him, Tyson gathered his hands back then released them causing a huge blast!


Dragoon appeared transparent as Dragoon CF Mach created a huge storm!


Tekken opened his eyes to found out he was gathering energy, himself, in his hands. Raising his hands upward, the sphere became a massive-size energy ball. Once he released it, Tekken gave chase to it. Then, out of nowhere, he cut the sphere in half turning it into a explosive wave!


Hyper Dranzer GT was surrounded by a huge wave, and turned some of Dragoon's energy back on itself!


Both blades collided as everyone covered their eyes excepting the shockwave of all shockwaves.

Suddenly, Tekken's eyes had no pupils in them; they were completely white! He fell backwards (slow-motion) as he hit the ground.

Hyper Dranzer GT kept spining for a few more seconds later then, stopped. Once it stopped, Pyro noticed part of the beyblade's attack ring was broken off.

"Tekken lost!" Pyro said. "TEKKEN!" Nikki yelled running to him.

Meanwhile, Dragoon CF Mach was still spinning. Tyson, who deformed from fusion, grabbed his beyblades and looked at it. He noticed that it was cracked from head-to-toe. "Looks I won after all," he said silently. Then he fell face-foward after his pupils were pure black. He didn't move an inch.

"TYSON!" Max yelled. "Get up, Tyson!" Rei screamed. "Ty......son......" Kai said with eyes shaking. "Tyson, get up!" Ozuma and Kenny said. "Get up!" Mariam yelled.

Hilary didn't say a thing, she was too paranoid to speak. 'Tyson.......' she thought, 'Tyson.........................................TYSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNN!' She ran towards him without stopping and tried to wake him up.

It was official. Tyson won against Tekken.

But, they might have lost something else...........................


-Tyson's House-

Two pair of eyes opened up. Tyson & Tekken were both hurt, but luckily, only minor injures.

"It's about time that you two woke up!" a voice said. It was Max.

"Wha..........what the Hell happened?!" Tyson asked rubbing the back of his head.

"You guys passed out for the rest of yesterday!" Rei said, "It's morning now!" "Where's Hyper Dranzer?" Tekken asked.

"Hyper Dranzer's attack ring was broken," Kai replied walking into the room, "The Chief is fixing it right now. And there's more bad news: Since we kinda pushed our limits further than usual, Kenny says that we no longer fuse with our bit-beasts anymore."

"That's a big, painful OUCH!" Tyson said rubbing his head again, "I just noticed something. Tekken when did you learn Beyblade Fusion anyway?"

"I didn't actually learn it," Tekken said being embarrassed, "I kinda figured that Hyper Dranzer had more power than I was putting out before. So, when I was battling you Tyson, I just crossed my fingers and went for it. I was surprised that it worked!"

"Well, I have to give you kudos on your performance, Tekken," Rei replied, "You were almost as good as Kai when he fought Tyson at the G Revolution Arena." "Almost doesn't count, Rei!" Kai said smiling.

"Well, look who finally decided to wake up!"

"Pyro! Nikki!" Tekken said as Nikki came up and hugged him. "I gotta to admit," Nikki began, "You had me worried there for a while. But, I knew you were gonna be alright." "We were very proud of you, Tekken!" Pyro said putting his hand on his shoulder.

Hilary walked to Tyson with her head down so no one could see her eyes. "Uh.......Hilary?" he asked. Suddenly, he was bashed in the head! "OUCH!" he yelled, "What was that for?!" "DON'T YOU EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!" Hilary yelled with tears in her eyes. Everyone laughed at the expense.

"So, you're finally awake Tekken," Kenny said walking into the room, "Here, I repaired Hyper Dranzer GT for you. I modified the attack ring, so it won't be easily broken when you beybattle." "Thanks, Kenny," Tekken replied, "I needed some good news today."


But everybody decided to turn serious when Tyson asked Tekken a question.

"Tekken, we've got to know!" he began, "What possessed you to try and steal our bit-beasts in the first place?" "More to the point, why?" Ozuma filled in.

Tekken, Nikki, & Pyro looked down after hearing the question, but it was Tekken who answered.

"To tell you the truth," he began, "It wasn't our idea to battle you guys."

"The idea came from..............................Mr. Dickenson."


Everyone couldn't believe what they heard......................


"Now hold on here!" Rei said. "Yeah!" Max said, "Is this the same Mr. Dickenson?! Chairman of the Beyblade Battle Association!? The one who joined the Bladebreakers in the first damn place?!" "The same one," replied Tekken.

Tyson jumped out of his bed and walked over to Tekken. "Tell me, it isn't true!?" he said, "How could Mr. Dicksenson do this to us? After every favor we gave him!?"

"Slow down, Tyson!" Kai replied, "Mr. Dickenson might had a very good explanation on why he did what he had to do."

"Indeed, he did," Nikki replied. "Well, what was it?" Kenny asked. Tekken sighed and began the story.

"About a month ago," he began, "Mr. Dickenson heard rumors about somebody was out to steal the Bladebreakers' bit-beasts. Even though they were just rumors, he couldn't take the chance." "Since you guys were nowhere to be found," Nikki began, "Mr. D recruited us for the mission." "But, when we came to notice that our skills were no match against yours," Pyro replied. "So that's why you stole Driger & Draciel from us!" Max replied, "You wanted us to get stronger!"

"Yeah," Nikki replied. "Then we came to the conclusion that it was just rumors," replied Tekken, "But, we actually had fun battling you guys!" "We had fun, too!" Rei said, "Although, it didn't seem that way!" "You can battle us anytime!" Tyson said putting his hand on Tekken's shoulder, "Just make that you call us first!"

Suddenly, Kai started to laugh randomly.

"uh.....Kai?" Tyson asked. "He must of flipped his lid," Hilary said.

"Hey, Tekken?" Kai asked after he stopped laughing. Tekken looked at him puzzling. Kai held out Dranzer CF and said, "We haven't battled in six years, right?!"

With that response, Tekken jumped out of bed, put on his shirt, hooded sleeveless jacket, and red hat and said, "Is that a challenge, Kai?!"

"All right!" Tyson said, "This is what I need to see: A Long Awaited Rematch!"

"Well, Hilary! Mariam!" Nikki said, "Care to battle me!?" "I thought you never ask, Nikki!" Hilary said as Mariam agreed.

"I like to challenge Pyro, myself!" Ozuma said. "Hey, wait a minute!" Pyro said, "Tekken, you still haven't recovered!" "Yeah, but I can still beyblade circles around you, in my sleep!" Tekken said. Then everyone laughed.



-In The Late Afternoon-

After packing their stuff, the Firearms decided to head out. Tyson was the only person to greet them since everyone was watching TV inside.

"So, where are you guys heading?" Tyson asked.

"We're going to England!" Tekken replied, "We called Mr. Dickenson earlier and he paid for our trip there." "We're gonna go help kids to beyblade!" Nikki said, "And then we're train ourselves to become even stronger!" Tekken shook Tyson's hand and said, "Good-bye, Tyson!"

As they left, Tyson shouted, "Hey! If you guys come back, try to stop by!"

Moments later, The Firearms were gone.

Still waving his hand in the air, Tyson smiled as his new friends left.


Narrator: The Bit-Beasts Chronicles has ended. The Bladebreakers' new friends, the Firearms, now leave after their mission was complete. Now, they can rest in peace.......................

...for now...


Beyblade: The Bit-Beasts Chronicles Special Ending- Look Alike

On a Sunday, riding my bike
I notice, I notice, different things that look alike.
On a Sunday, riding my bike
I notice, I notice, different things that look alike.

Ice & water. Steak & cow.
Autumn this year & last year.
Spark & burn. Rain & cloud.
A, B, C, D

Tuesday, Wenesday, so is Friday
How 'bout moons & headlights?
What I say & what I think.

Cause you're on the go ( 'cause you're on the go)
I was born (I was born)
In the Memorai (in the memory)
By the flat of names.

On this planet, drinking my coffee
I notice, I notice, different things that are alike
On this planet, driking my coffee
I notice, I notice, many many things that are alike.


Ice & water. Steak & cow.
Autumn this year & last year.
Spark & burn. Rain & cloud.
A, B, C, D

Tuesday, Wednesday, so is Friday
How 'bout moons & headlights?
What I say & what I think.

Cause you're on the go ( 'cause you're on the go)
I was born (I was born)
At a busy night (At a busy night)
Making tons of names.

On a sunday, riding my bike
I notice, I notice, different things are alike
On a Sunday, riding my bike
I notice, I notice, many many -look alike.

On this planet, drinking my coffee
I notice, I notice, different things that are alike
On this planet, drinking my coffee
I notice, I notice, many many things that are alike.


Everything is born from this planet
a number, a TV, even thoughts that entertain.
Everything is out of this planet
a boyfriend, a pencil, even you new videos.
& everything is..........

On this planet, riding my bike
I notice, I notice, different things that are alike.
On this planet, riding my bike
I notice, I notice, many many -look alike.

On this planet, riding my bike
I notice, I notice different things that are alike.
On this planet, riding my bike
I notice, I notice, new & universal look alikes.



???: What happened?

???: Someone has stolen..........

A group of mysterious people has stolen an ancient artifact, to resurrect.................


???: Make sure that they don't find nothing!

Now, in order to defeat this new foe........the heroes must..........


New Enemies, New Beyblades, New Skills, and.....


???: We have to stop them!

Christmas will soon be here, but on December 31st, get ready for



Beyblade Revelations

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