Patients enslaved like animals. A poem of one such patient, his reflections
on before and after the incident at House on haunted hill.

Eternal Pain

Sturdy door
Thrown and locked
Twisting thrashing

Trapped and mocked.

Watching feeling
Searing pain
Anger rages
Screams in vein

Tied and left
A clever trap
Knowing fearing
Doctors slap

Open doors
Free enslaved
Walls of fire
Patients saved.

Never free
Never safe
Locked in sorrow
In chains that chafe

Look away
A tortured form
Trapped eternal
Vannacutts pawn

Trapped alone
Trapped afraid
Trapped in a flesh
The flesh he made

Freedom lurking
Beyond the door
Waiting hoping
Pain no more.

Disclaimer. I do not own any characters in the poem. Dark Castle owns them,
and House on Haunted hill. I will write the next one soon.. Talking about
after 1999.