Ch.1 Kagome bachelorette party

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Summary: kagome woken up in inuyasha arms while she's engaged to Kouga. Sorry Kouga & kagome lovers. It's an Inuyasha & Kagome fic!!!

(Kagome thinking)

{Inuyasha thinking}

Author point of view

Giggling was surrounded around the room. Girl was surrounded around the room including the bride of honor.

"So Kagome what do you think of Kouga as your husband?" said a jealous Ayame.

"I rally don't know what to think of Kouga is …." said Kagome.

"KAGOME!! Don't leave us hangin'!!!" said Ayame.

"I can't really tell you because I can't describe us in a way!" said Kagome.

"Then describe it to us! I can't wait for the suspense!!" said Eri.

As they were talking kikyo was walking towards them.

"Oh…uh… don't look now guy's kikyo walking towards us" said Yuki.

"Oh! Guys don't be so mean to her! I invited her in the bachelorette party" said Kagome.

"Oh! Kagome you didn't invited her in to your bachelorette party!" said Ayame.

"Yes! I did invite her in! Why is that such a crime?" said Kagome.

"YES! It is a crime! Because you saw her and former fiancée in the bedroom fucking each other brains out!!!" Whisper Eri. Kikyo walked closer to the talking girls.

"Kagome I'm sorry for interrupting your conversation with your friends!" said Kikyo.

"It's alright Kikyo!" said Kagome.

"I think I'm going to leave Kagome said kikyo.

"What! Why are you leaving? It's still early kikyo!" said Kagome. She felt a pitching (which she ignored) in her arm while she was talking with kikyo.

"It's late Kagome and I called Inuyasha to pick me up. He's coming here just about now to pick me up" said kikyo.

Inuyasha has came in and looked around to find Kikyo and Kagome together in the process. Inuyasha rushed over there so both of them won't get into a cat fight.

"Kikyo what are you doing here! I told you not to come over here!" said Inuyasha.

"I know what you told me Inuyasha! I came here because Kagome invited me over here okay!" said kikyo.

Inuyasha turn around to look at Kagome.

"Look Kagome I appreciated that you invited kikyo to your bachelorette party. But I don't like it when you play game's with kikyo head okay!" said Inuyasha

Kagome licked her lips.

"Look Inuyasha! I'm not playing with kikyo head okay! I'm trying to be nice to her and make friends with her okay! She has no friends around her! "said Kagome.

"She doesn't need friend's okay--" Kikyo interrupted Inuyasha.


"Thanks alot Kagome!" said an angry hanyou.

"What did I do? I didn't do anything your the one who said that SHE doesn't need any friends!!" said Kagome.

"You invited her in the first place!! Besides she told me in her cell that nobody was talking to her and that you were avoiding her!" said Inuyasha.

"I was not avoiding her Inuyasha!! My friends around me were keeping me busy!" said a now very angry miko.

(Oh kami! please don't get me madder that it is!)

"Look Kagome! Don't play stupid! I know you like the back of my hand! You were avoiding her! You just want to punish her for what me and her done a year ago!" said an angry Inuyasha.

"Oh please Inuyasha I wasn't jealous your bi--" Inuyasha interrupted Kagome

"Yea that's what I thought Kagome you were going to say bitch!!! Told you I knew you like the back of my feet!" everyone gasp at Inuyasha comment.

Kagome slapped Inuyasha in the face.


(Oh kami! I think I'm going to faint!)

{Oh kami! I think I've made her so mad she's going to faint any minute}

Inuyasha left the bachelorette party. Kagome was crying silently while Inuyasha lefted. She couldn't handle it anymore. So she had drunk some beer and some wine. She couldn't handle it she had to get some anger of her chest. She needed to talk to Inuyasha alone without the girls to see.

"I need to be alone for a while" said a drunken Kagome.

~~~~meanwhile across town~~~~

"Yahooo!! Get it on cowgirl!!" said Kouga.

As Kouga was yelling the girl who was paid for the night came over to Kouga and danced in front of him.

The exotic cowgirl whispered to Kouga ear.

"Let's go somewhere private to ourselves" said the exotic dancer.

"Sure" said Kouga.

~~~~~back where we left our famous couple~~~~~

Kagome ran after Inuyasha as fast as she can before she fainted on the sight. While she was running she felt woozy. Then all of a sudden she blackens out. Inuyasha caught her in a nick of time. Then he left in his car with Kagome beside him. As he drove in his car they were getting close to his mansion. Inuyasha looked over the coast of Tokyo.

(A/N: sorry couldn't think of anything. I don't know Tokyo very much)

As they approached a drunken Kagome has woken up. A drunken Kagome looked around and found Inuyasha in the driver seat.

"Hello handsome" as Kagome made her way to the driver seat.

Kagome point of view

As I wake up I felt arms around my waist I look up and saw that I didn't imagine. I saw my worst nightmare. I saw my former fiancée. I tried to move around, his arms tighten and my legs were so sore. I looked down between my legs and I saw blood between my thighs. I gave my virginity to my ex-fiancée. How can I explain to my current fiancée that there is no virgin barrier? When we go to our honeymoon! Oh god what have I done! I tried to remember what happened before I woke up. I must have gotten drunk during my bachelorette party. During the party my ex-fiancée must have came in the party and talked to me before I had married to the one I loved. I must have drunk some more beer after he left the house. My heart broken when he left I guessed that I went after him. But I can't remember what happen next. I must have fainted when I was running after him. I waited awhile when he woke up. I looked up and I saw that he was smiling as a sheer cat!!!! I can't believe him!! The nerve of him!! He is smiling like an idiot!

"How did I get here Inuyasha?" said Kagome.

"By car!" said Inuyasha.

"NO! I mean how did appear in your bed naked and I'm not a VIRGIN!!!!" said Kagome.

"After you ran after me you fainted all of a sudden and I caught you when I was near you. We both left in my car and came here in my apartment. Then I waited when you woke up and you attacked me like an animal in heat!!" said Inuyasha. "That's how we got to my bed!"

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