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Next day

Kouga and Ayame are in a café talking about the wedding "Kagome disappeared out of nowhere," said Kouga.
"look Kouga I know that you loved her but she doesn't love you. I think she still carry a torch for Inuyasha," said Ayame.
"why do you say that Ayame!" said Kouga "because Inuyasha appear ---" Ayame was interrupted by Kouga "WHAT did you say! That the dog-turd came to the party!" said an angry Kouga.
"yeah" before Ayame could continue Kouga ran off to Inuyasha house 'shit' Ayame thought 'better stop him before he does anything rash!' "KOUGA! Stop please" while she said this she catch up to Kouga in this car. "Wait Kouga! Stop! If you go there something might happen over there!" said Ayame.
"why do you say that! Huh! Tell me!" said Kouga "because I know something will happen! And I don't want anything to happen to you!" said Ayame Kouga walked up to Ayame. Ayame was looking on the ground. Kouga touch Ayame chin and brought her face toward his and was shocked what was in her face. "why do you say that!" said kouga Ayame looked down, kouga brought her face toward his but more closer.
"because" Ayame whispered "because what" said kouga.
"BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!" yelled Ayame.
Kouga was shocked out of his mind. To him he thought of her as a little sister. But now he doesn't know what to think. He looked at Ayame.

A/N: Okay so I'm continuing the story. I think it's isn't fair for Ayame & kouga, especially what's going to happen to inu & kag. i know its kinda short.

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