Santa Hordak
A Master's Christmas Story
(all of the Charters, places, etc belong to Mattel, MYP, and Filmation)

By Jeff McKissock (aka General Stingrad and Hordak's Pupil)

Information needed to clarify the Story: I made some assumptions about things.

1. Hordak has been freed from Despondos

2. Although in the new show Marlena is not from Earth in the New show, I took that element from the old show, so that I could explain how the Eternians know about Christmas)

3. When Hordak was freed he sent King Hsss to Despondos and Rattlor and Tung Lashor are feigning Loyalty to Hordak for better explanation of that read my post "Rattlor, Tung Lashor and Kobra Khan "in the new cartoon forum) and instead of killing Skeletor Hordak decided to show thta he is merciful for making Skeletor one of his lackeys

Chapter I: The Calm before the Storm

It was a bleak winter's day on the Planet Eternia, but everyone was in a good mood, because Christmas was coming. Marlena, had when she landed on Eternia introduced the king to this festive time, he loved so much that he proclaimed a holiday on Eternia. This Christmas was special, because it was just last year at this that King Hsss had been banished to Despondos, and that put everyone at ease. "What a blessed Christmas," Randor said as he looked out. Hee thougt of how grateful he was to have such a loving wife and son. He went back and to his throne and saw the Queen writing something down on paper. "What is that my dear?" he said trying to look at it. "It's my letter to Santa Claus, so he knows what I want for Christmas," she said. Randor was confused, and so she explained to him about Santa:

"Every Christmas Eve, Saint Nicholas, or, as he is more commonly known as, Santa Claus, comes to visit you and bring you gifts. He travels all over the world on his sleigh guided by his reindeer. However you only get gifts if you are good, if you're bad you get a lump of coal. He comes down the Chimney to enter your house and you traditionally lave him Milk and cookies for him and carrots for his reindeer," she told him with a smile.

Randor looked at Marlena and said, "How does he do it one night?" Marlena answered him "Christmas Magic," then they left the room.