Chapter VI: An Eternian Christmas

. "He-man!" Teela cried "Teela," He-Man replied, "We found Santa Claus come help us open the door, he ran to his friend's side and pulled off the door. "Thank you kind people for freeing me from that awful demon" Santa said, "it was our pleasure, I am he-Man and these are my friends Teela and her father Man-At-Arms" He-Man said has Santa shook Duncan's hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you all", he said as he bowed before Teela, "Oh my!" he said, as he took out his pocket watch, "it's already midnight Christmas Eve, How will I be able to deliver the presents now," He-Man looked at his friends and said "we'll do it," Santa looked at them at said "The three of you won't be able to do it in the time that's left," he-man smiled and said, "Then free you're elves and come with us to the Royal Palace I have more friends who can help you."

Back at the Royal Palace, He-Man and the Masters were loading up bags of presents to deliver to the Children. Teela, Man-At-Arms, Buzz-Off and Stratos delivered the gifts; even Orko got into the fun and used his magic to teleport gifts to the children quicker than Santa could do it. By 6:00am Earth time they back on Eternia. "Thank you all for helping me, and now I have presents for all of you," He said as he gave each of the Masters A gift: He-Man got some polish for his shield, Teela got a new tiara, Duncan got a tool kit, Stratos got Sean Connery's latest book How to be me in three easy steps, Ram Man got a new axe, Buzz-Off got a jar of pollen, Man- E-Faces got a book on acting, Moss Man got some fertilizer, and the rest got gifts as well. Santa turned and smiled and said to He-Man "Give this one to the Sorceress and give these to your to you're friends Prince Adam and Cringer," He-Man smiled and whispered "Thank You," "Well I've got to get the North Pole, Mrs. Claus will be worried about me," Santa said. He-man contacted the Sorceress she opened a portal to take Santa and his elves back to Earth. The Masters of the Universe watched as Santa entered the portal and headed home they all wished him a safe journey and a Merry Christmas. "We've got work to do," Duncan said as he looked at the partially decorated palace. "We still have to continue our Christmas decorating."

The next morning on Orko was the first to get up, "WOW!" he said as he gazed at all the presents. He ran to the tree and began to use his magic to shake the presents in order to determine what they could be. His present shaking woke up Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms. "Orko!" the veteran warrior said as the Trollan stopped what he was doing "you know you're supposed to wait until everyone is up don't you?" "Well, um, uh," was all the little wizard could get out, while he was stammering his spell over the presents broke and they came down with a crash "ORKO!" Man-At-Arms screamed as went to ring Orko's neck but the little Trollan vanished into thin air. A few minutes later everyone was up and opening their gifts, Prince Adam opened his gift, it was a new fishing rod and a book entitled 101 excuses, Cringer got a large can of tuna fish. The Sorceress used a spell to teleport her gift to the castle. There in the bleak, dank walls of the ancient Castle Grayskull she a note was written on it:

Even though we cannot be together, my love is with you always

The warm note brought a tear to her eye as she wiped it off she looked at the picture smiled and whispered, "I love you too, Duncan." She then turned into Zoar and flew to another part of the castle.

Santa even visited Snake Mountain, there in the throne room were stockings for the Evil Warriors, but when they dumped them out all they founds was a lump of coal note that said:

Sorry, you have been naughty, better luck next year

Santa Claus

There was however one gift in Hordak's stocking, a CD Player when Hordak played it, Christmas music began, disgusted and revolted, the Ruthless Leader steamed off without a word, the only sound heard was Skeletor laughing at his 'teacher's' sufferings.

The End